5 Easy Tips for Clearer Looking Skin (Advice)

Hi everybody, how are you all?

In my recent YouTube video I spoke about how I have obtained ‘clearer skin’ firstly I want to point out that I’m not a dermatologist.. some of my tips may work for some people but not others and I’m not saying that you HAVE to do what I do. I just wanted to get out to people how I’ve got clearer skin and kept it that way… so… let’s go.


  1. Water

Now water has only recently come into my life quite recently (I’d say within the last year), I try and drink 2 litres of water a day, sometimes I don’t because I either forget or just don’t want any or I’m not thirsty. I knew that water was very good for the body but I didn’t really think about my skin. I have Oily/Combination skin type and personally… nothing was going to help and reduce the oil.

However, since drink 1-2 litres of water per day, I’ve noticed that I’m feeling good (no headaches etc) and that my skin was becoming a lot clearer – this may also be due to my age and getting old, but I still get spots and my skin type is still Oily/Combination.. I’ve just notice since changing to more water that I’m not getting as many spots and my skin isn’t as oily as it was.. Its a perfect way to start your clearer skin boost!

2. Diet

As most people know I have been Vegetarian (just turned Pescatarian) for a while now, I’m not going to talk about how being vegetarian has transformed my skin and made it perfectly clear and glowing.

What I have found though is eating healthier, more fruit and veg more wholesome foods and less rubbish – junk food.. so not so many take aways, chocolate or crisps.. I try to substitute the foods that I love for slightly healthier options.. for example if I fancy some chocolate I would have dark chocolate instead of milk.. crisps I would have low salt/low fat ones instead of those giant packs that feeds 4 (yes I used to eat those.. especially the salt and vinegar chip sticks – they are amazing!!) When I fancy a chinese, I’ll try to recreate my own slightly healthier version.. same with fish and chips and chicken (obviously I use quorn for that)

I have found changing my diet and eating slightly healthier and cutting out all the junk, that not only have I felt better in myself.. but also that my skin has started to clear also. Don’t get me wrong though… there are times when I like to stuff my face with dairy milk and eat packets and packets of crisps.. and murder all of the vegetable spring rolls from our local take away… we are just human after all.. however most of the time I try and stick to the healthier options

.healthy food

3. Make up

So… Makeup! Now I’m not a makeup Artist and I’m not here again to talk to you about how and what make up to apply. Again this is only very recently (I’d say in the last few months really) I’ve been trying to wear less makeup.. this is been exciting and frightening for me all at the same time!

When I was younger, I was picked on quite a lot for my skin – It wasn’t very clear.. in fact I had a few too many spots and wasn’t great in covering them up. My mum very kindly got me some Clinque products to try (my first ever skin care routine) however at the age I was I didn’t really understand and I kept forgetting to use them and still carried on using face wipes (if you use face wipes and have no issue with them.. I’m not telling you to stop!)

I always used to hide behind layers of makeup to cover up my bad skin.. and would hate it if people noticed a spot and pointed it out.. I got called ugly quite a lot by some of the boys!

So thinking now about reducing the amount of make up I wore was quite a challenge.. even with friends telling me that my skin was good and that I didn’t need any makeup.. I just couldn’t quite believe them.. until recently.. I went to a friends birthday party a couple of years ago and decided that I was going to wear… NO FOUNDATION!! This was a huge step for me as this was my first time!! As I ventured to the party I had sweaty palms and could feel myself getting more and more anxious in case people could give me negative comments… or point out that I had a spot. However, nobody did.. in fact they were all telling me how lovely my skin was looking.. and that I was looking radiant and glowing!! I had NEVER heard this in my whole life!!! I was so happy that I finally said to myself that I was going to reduce my foundation quantity by a lot!

I now only wear either concealer, BB cream or a tiny bit of foundation if I’m having a bad skin day.. and I have found it to have really cleared my skin and help the pores from getting clogged up! (if you have the confidence to do it.. then go for it!! Beauty is always skin deep and not what’s on the surface!) I believe anyone can do it and will still look beautiful! Below is a pic of me when I used to wear a lot of foundation (no fringe/bangs) and a pic of me before the party a couple of years ago (blue dress and fringe/bangs) with NO FOUNDATION!!

hannah no make vs makeup

4. Skin Care Routine

Skin care itself.. I have become a massive fan of having a skin care regime over the years.. I’ve used my different things all of which have worked, however there have been the occasional few items that haven’t worked for me.

I’ve come to learn that you don’t need the very expensive high end beauty ranges to help your skin.. many high street/drug store items have been wonders too! The main thing that I have found that works wonder is… ROUTINE!! Having a good skin care routine really has helped me.. I cleanse, tone and moisturise day and night.. sometimes in the evening I do 2x cleanses to make sure all of my make up is off from that day. I also use a facial scrub once/twice a week and a face mask once a week – I’m using the Khiels deep pore cleansing facial mask at the moment and its a white clay one.. I find that clay masks really help to dry out any impurities! I’m also a massive Liz Earle fan.. I got some of their products for my birthday in May and have literally been in love!! They are such beautiful products and I’ve found they have really helped my skin a lot! I am running out though so I am going to have to get some more!!

I also wash my face with cool water in stead of warm as I have read somewhere and been told that cool water closes the pores instead of opening them – correct me if I’m doing that wrong.. but it works for me.

I’ve also been trying out the Boots Botantic’s Micellar water and Eye makeup remover… The micellar water is good, takes my makeup off (before I properly cleanse) and doesn’t burn my skin at all (I also suffer with very sensitive cheeks) so I would definitely give that a big thumbs up.. and for only £1-2.99 I think its a bargain! The eye makeup remover however I’m not too keen on.. Its in the oil type formation, like the Clarins one or the Nivea one that I have used and loved.. the Boots Botanics one stung my eyes and I felt wasn’t very successful in removing my eye makeup.. I found myself going through 3-4 cotton pads before my eyes were clean and after that they stung.. So I would not recommend that product to you… The Nivea one is my all time favourite on the high street and just suits me down to the gorund!!


5. Allow your skin to breathe

So my final little tip is… allowing your skin to breathe.. I try to make sure I give myself at least 2 rest days from makeup/foundation a week.. sometimes I can only manage one day but I have felt that allowing my skin to breathe without being clogged up with makeup has also really helped it to remain clear… that’s all I’m going to say on that tip lol.. if any of you go even just one day or half a day without makeup that’s brilliant and will allow your skin to breathe and will thank you for it in the long run 🙂

Thank you so much to whoever has read this blog post.. or reading my blog posts in general, I hope you are enjoying them!! I’m really getting into this writing business and I’m finding it all very relaxing!

I have done a YouTube video on this topic which is available to view now on my channel  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULh3p7x_TPw       So I would love it if you could check it out.. leave me a thumbs up if you liked it and any comments too.. And if you’re new to my channel and you’re enjoying my videos then please do hit that Subscribe button as I’d be ever so grateful 🙂

Thank You once again and I’ll see you all soon.. cheerio 🙂


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