An introduction to Hannah Eliza

Introduction to Hannah Eliza 

So I thought I’d start off my first post with an introduction. My name is Hannah, I’m 26 years old (I know my ‘about me’ says I’m 24 but I did start another blog back in 2014 and came to realise that I just didn’t like what I was writing about, and felt like I was writing for the sake of it! But now, I just want to post things that a) Come up in my head b) things that when I look back they can either help me and make me smile.) 

I have Multiple Sclerosis and was diagnosed in December 2014 and still can’t quite believe that this year I’ll have been diagnosed for 2 years!! That’s just mental.. time really does go by in an instant! I’m not on any treatment for my MS.. it won’t stop the symptoms that I suffer with.. treatment is just supposed to reduce the amount of relapses you have (I’ll do a proper blog post about MS) I’ve just decided that I don’t want to pump my body with too many chemicals and would rather just let things happen naturally.. if these are the cards that I have been dealt with.. then I’d better carry on playing! 

I LOVE food!! I am and will always be just a little bit fat ‘Bridget Jones reference!!’ but I’ve come to decide that eating a balanced diet, enjoying food without eating too much rubbish (A.K.A Takeaways lol) will make me a lot happier that trying to stick to a diet and get myself stressed about things that I can and cannot eat etc.. life is just too short and as long as you eat in moderation I think that’s the main thing. 

I’m a massive beauty, makeup and nail varnish lover as well.. I’m guaranteed when payday rolls around I’ll be buying yet another nail varnish and hunting down and trying lots of different beauty products! At the moment I’m really into discovering ‘Cruelty Free’ cosmetics.. So will be exploring that on here too

I have a boyfriend called George who I have been with for almost 6 years!! The best part about our relationship.. it still feels like our first year, I love him more than anything in the world (well Dominoes pizza is pretty high up there tbh) he’s always there for me and supportive and basically he’s my rock!

And finally.. There’s Arthur Hussey… Arthur is my 3 year old adopted cat.. We got him in February 2015, I remember the story well and again.. will write a separate entry about that and how we’ve become a right little family!

So there you go.. A little bit about me 🙂 I hope it didn’t drag on and you’re now bored lol.. I want to try and make this blog not only appealing to the eye.. but also easy to read… not reams and reams of writing but to be quite honest I can’t be bothered to read through loads of writing.. I do however love pictures.. so I shall also make sure to include some nice snaps 🙂 I hope you all enjoy my blog, please feel free to leave me any comments and I’ll try my very best to reply to you. Much Love Hannah Eliza xxx