All About Arthur – The Cat

All about Arthur

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The end of February 2015 George and I (a little more persuasion from me) decided to get a new addition to our family… A Cat!

 It all started when I was going through a little bit of a ‘downward spiral’ with my MS and just things in general.. I mean.. coming to terms with the fact that I had an incurable disease/disability was starting to become a little harder to deal with.. I was at my Aunt’s with my sister (her blog is fab too.. here is her link and they were talking to me about how I needed a distraction from MS… something to take my mind off things and something for me to focus on more… I play the piano, so I mentioned that I could start playing that more.. Their reply was… ‘No, you need something different….YOU NEED A CAT!’ 

 I’m a massive animal lover and have grown up with cats and dogs all my life, so the idea of having my very own cat to look after was rather exciting!! 

 The first thing I did however, was contact my landlady… George and I rent our gorgeous little home so quite rightly I needed my landlady’s permission before I dashed out and picked up the first cat I saw! To my surprise.. our landlady said YES to having a cat!! It felt so real.. I remember receiving a call from her down at my Aunt’s stable yard and when I told her and my sister we all jumped around with excitement! I had even told/asked George yet and we were already planning what sort of cat I’d like to have.. already MS was being pushed to one side and I had something else to focus on. 

 I ran George straight away to tell him the good news… Unfortunately he was a little more… shall we say… realistic lol.. started by saying that we couldn’t afford a cat etc… lets just keep this part short… I changed his mind and he eventually agreed for us to have a cat…this literally made my heart jump for joy! 

 My Aunt knew this charity that rescued abandoned cats, looked after them, nursed them back to health and then helped them find nice new homes.. They are called Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, I typed this into Google and the site came up (Cat Chat) where I started looking through the cats they had rescued and were looking to re-home, unfortunately there were quite a few but I’m sure they will all find lovely homes.

 The first cat I saw was called Mr Bond.. he was a big grey and white cat, I believe he was 3 years old and looked adorable. I showed a photo to George and we were almost about to email them to ask to reserve him….when…. Arthur appeared!! 

 This younger grey and white cat named Arthur.. he was 18 months old and had had a slightly rough little life.. they found him in a field I believe.. he was absolutely gorgeous in all the photos we were sent of him.. he looked so cheeky…. He was the one for us! 

 Now we had to wait a month before we could go and collect him but at the end of Feb 2015.. my Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother and I went to collect and see Arthur (I didn’t need to look at him first.. I knew he was the one) 

 Arriving at the cat rescue, the lovely ladies who were looking after Arthur took me to where he was staying.. I went inside and saw Mr Bond… He was Massive!! Much bigger than the photos, but still gorgeous.. in a way I’m a little glad we didn’t go for him as I think he would have been a little more work (my own personal opinion!!)

But looking across the room.. I saw a smaller grey and white cat and they introduced me to Arthur.. As soon as they opened his door he came trotting out to greet me! I picked him up and said ‘yes he’s mine’ 

Getting a pet for the first time is not only really exciting but also a little daunting as well.. I mean… I was now responsible for another life!! I have had hamsters and gerbils.. but I was living at home then.. Now I’m living on my own (Well just not with my mum anymore) so having my very own pet now made me feel very grown up! 

We put him in his cat box, to which he hated and decided to tell us how much he hated it all the way home by meowing as loud as he could.. I’d occasionally give him some treats through the holes of the cage. Finally however, we got him home… and I can happily say that George and myself feel complete now we have Arthur and yes… he is our…..Hairy Baby ‘quote from the film Big Hero 6’ If you haven’t seen this film… you MUST!! It’s amazing!! 

 Arthur really has changed our lives for the better.. We love every minute of fun and excitement that he brings to our lives every day.. and I do believe that he has helped a great deal and still helping me cope with my illness… I love him a lot! 

 So.. that is all about Arthur George Hussey — The Cat 🙂 


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