Hello everyone.. So as the title would suggest, this blog post is going to be all about ‘What’s in my Handbag’ I usually film video’s like this on my YouTube channel, however I thought I’d have a change and write a post on here about it.

I LOVE ‘What’s in my handbag’ videos and blog posts… mainly because I’m so nosy and I also love at how organised and unorganised some people can be.. it just fascinates me lol.. I also LOVE handbags and change my every week (mainly on a Sunday) and I love to organise it and choose which items will be going in it this week — I know some of you reading this might think that I’m really pathetic.. but I love it!! (I also could potentially have OCD and organising is something I have to do very rigidly)

So.. The Handbag… The one that I’m using at the moment is this gorgeous Cath Kidston bag that I got when a friend and I were in Centre parcsbag


I believe it cost ยฃ40.00 (I can’t find this particular bag on their website.. however Cath Kidston do have an amazing sale on at the moment so here is the link to have a look at their gorgeous things  https://www.cathkidston.com)

I absolutely LOVE this bag.. the only thing I think I would say is that its not the perfect size for everyday for me, this is only because I do carry around quite a lot of things, I know I could downsize and take out some of my things that I carry around but everything that is in there I use/need so… a slightly bigger handbag for me personally would be better. I thought this was a great size at the time and great for a ‘day out’ bag and still use it all the time!


My Purse

My purse that I’m loving at the moment is from TK Maxx. I’m pretty sure that the make is called ‘Golunski’ and I know its genuine leather.. here is a link to their website where they have all handbags and purses and other accesories on there http://www.golunski.co.uk/ – I love the fact that it’s brightly coloured and has a good number of compartments (I do LOVE compartments) and a card holder section too.. I will definitely try and hunt for a slightly smaller sized one as well so it can fit into my smaller handbags a little easier.

My Card Holder

I know I’ve mentioned that my purse contains some of my cards, however I saw this gorgeous little card holder at this beautiful little craft shop at a place called Stauton Harold http://www.stauntonharoldnurseries.co.uk there’s a lovely garden centre and the beautiful craft shops where I found this lovely card holder, it’s a lovely family outing as well.

It was the only one there.. I keep mainly my loyalty cards inside here but I love it and will keep it forever. ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe this is also genuine leather. 1642 card wallet – you can find these online too.. although I’m not too sure if you will be able to get this exact one.

‘Essentials Bag’

So, ‘Essentials Bag’ what do I exactly mean by that? Well… exactly that.. Essentials.. you know.. the items that you desperately need at that moment and then you think ‘damn I don’t have…’ Well this is why I carry this around everywhere with me! I got the little makeup bag from Superdrug (I believe it was ยฃ2.99) I just wanted something fairly small and see through.

Okay, inside I have all the painkillers known to mankind.. Headache, Stomach ache, tooth ache… you name the pain and I probably have to painkiller in this bag (I LOVE being prepared and organised) I also take some herbal teas with me too.. like chamomile and peppermint.. I can get a sensitive stomach and these teas are BRILLIANT for poorly tummies!!

I also carry around plasters (again all kind!) and keep them in my trust blister plaster pack so that they’re all together (I’m always lending them out to people in need lol)… Then there’s the Vick’s First Defence.. now I SWEAR by this stuff.. I was watching a Zoella video once and she mentioned it and said it was amazing.. and that girl is sure right! As soon as I feel like I’m getting a cold I IMMEDIATELY go for this and spray it up my nose (It’s horrid just to pre-warn you) 3 times a day and ‘touch wood’ it has worked! And finally my Bach’s rescue remedy.. I said in a YouTube video once that I’m suffering with anxiety at the moment.. and I have moments when I struggle to control it.. This stuff is AMAZING and really calms me down… you put 2-4 drops into your drink or a couple of drops onto your tongue and they’re supposed to help you calm down, which has worked for me.


Makeup, Makeup and more Makeup bag

I LOVE makeup, however I try not to carry too much around with me on a daily basis.. only the bare essentials really. I have my KIKO face powder to reduce any shine throughout the day (They are also CRUELTY FREE), my eyeliner which the pencil is from MUA ยฃ1.00 and the liquid eyeliner is a Collection range one ยฃ3-ยฃ4, I also have my two lovely KIKO matte lipsticks which I’m loving at the moment (I have done a video on my YouTube channel all about cruelty free makeup & Beauty products – link to my channel is at the top of my blog post)

I also have a couple of Tanya Burr’s lip glosses which are gorgeous and highly pigmented.. AND.. smell of vanilla which I LOVE! I also believe they are cruelty free too. I also carry around with me a Hair tie, lip balm and *TMI* a tampon.. you know.. for those times in need!! And finally I have my favourite scent at the moment (It’s by Clarin’s) and I store it in this little perfume dispenser ๐Ÿ™‚ I would highly recommend ALL of these products.. they serve me well on a daily basis, reasonably affordable (some slightly more expensive) and make me feel confident all day!


My trusty Diary

As you all know (If you are a subscriber on my YouTube channel) that I am creating my very own Bullet Journal (I’m going to do a separate blog post about The Bullet Journal as well) And soon I won’t be relying on my gorgeous diary as much but I will definitely still keep it.

My diary is from PaperChase and it’s in the style of a FiloFax and I absolutely LOVED the colour and the gorgeous quote on the front ‘Make It Happen Today’ I just thought that was really positive and sets you up for the day ahead! Now in here I literally just keep bits and bobs (Day’s off, hospital appointments, birthdays etc) It has a few compartments and good sections within.. If you LOVE FiloFax’s but don’t want to pay that scary price.. then this diary is perfect for you costing only ยฃ10.00 ( I can’t find it on their website unfortunately.. I purchased this from my local store)


Everyday items

Hand Sanitizer – Now any hand sanitizer will be fine I mean I used to have a Soap and Glory one that smelt amazing! But now the Cuticura one is just as good and still smells nice. I use it pretty much everywhere I go, especially when public transport is involved! I’d highly recommend it as its great when you’re unable to wash your hands.

Soap and Glory Hand Food – Well I don’t have much to say about this other than its amazing!! I love it and again use it all the time (the sanitizer can make my hands really dry!) The only thing I think I’d say is that it can be a little greasy if you use too much (talking from experience lol) another fabulous product however.

Portable charger and cable – Since these portable chargers were invented I think they are just amazing! A funny story about mine.. George bought it for me because one night I was stranded in a village near my house.. it was dark and I had almost run out charge on my phone… I started panicking and getting really anxious.. I finally made it home but that was when George decided to get my a portable charger, which also has a torch! I think he got it from Amazon and I tell you something.. I wouldn’t be without it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Keys – Okay, so I think all of us would be lost without these! quite self explanatory lol.. the key ring of the pink camper van (I LOVE camper van’s) I was given as a gift and I absolutely love it! Also because I do suffer with anxiety my lovely sister bought me little worry doll key ring, so whenever I am anxious or worried.. the worry doll helps me through it ๐Ÿ™‚


And that my lovelies is ‘What’s In My Handbag’ I hope you enjoyed reading this little blog just as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please leave me any comments and I’ll be sure to reply and please share this with your friends, I’d really appreciate it.

Love and hugs xx


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