Cruelty Free Beauty & Makeup (Affordable)

Hey everyone me again!!

So, last year in December my friend was talking to me about going ‘Cruelty Free’ with her Beauty and Makeup – she said that because she still loved eating meat, cheese etc.. she didn’t want to go full vegetarian/vegan.. however changing her makeup to cruelty free products was definitely more of an easier jump to make… that’s when I thought exactly the same!! (She has some amazing ideas!)

I was vegetarian for a rather long time actually, I even tried cutting out as much diary product that I could as well.. (apart from cheese.. I LOVE cheese!!) however it just wasn’t for me at this moment of my life.. I try to eat veggie and sometimes try vegan food where I can.. and maybe one day I’ll make the transition.. but not today.

Makeup on the other hand… Makeup and Beauty… I could change and quite easily may I add.. I love trying out new products and thought that this could be my own little experiment.. I love watching other YouTubers showing their cruelty free products, however I never seem to see anyone sharing AFFORDABLE beauty products or makeup… so that was going to be my mission!!

All the products I’m going to be talking about are ALL Cruelty Free.. I’ve either asked the company outright, looked on the PETA website or actually looked on the packages too. That’s what I am looking for.. Beauty and Makeup products NOT tested on animals! Here’s what I found…

*Small Disclaimer – All these products I purchased with my own money.. I am not sponsored by any company mentioned and these are all my own genuine thoughts*


SuperDrug is a Drugstore here in the United Kingdom, I’m not too sure if they’re based anywhere in the world, but they sell drugstore items mainly.. they also have their own range and I managed to find some Beauty Products created by Superdrug that DO NOT test on animals.. I tried them out.. and here’s what I thought.

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The ‘Naturally Radiant’ range by Superdrug was the option that I went for, in the particular store I visited it was the only range I could find that had a serum,  day cream and night cream in it. All packaging on the back state that they do not test on animals and that these products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.. The brightening serum is lovely! It’s like a light moisturiser and you honestly don’t need much at all (I accidentally put too much on once and it made my skin really shiny!!) it made my skin look nice and glowing I couldn’t tell if it did any difference to my makeup but it certainly made my skin beforehand feel lovely – I wouldn’t recommend this product for oily skin types.

The ‘Naturally Radiant’ Day and night cream…Again a little like the serum the Day Cream was quite light in texture, not too thick or heavy and when applied to the skin gave a nice natural glow.. I would definitely recommend this product if you feel that your skin is quite ‘dull’ or ‘lifeless’ I wanted to give my skin a bit of glow and I just wanted to look healthy really and this definitely for me made me feel like that. The Night Cream is a lot thicker and slightly heavier than the Day Cream, when I first started using it, it made my skin quite oily and almost as though my skin didn’t agree to it – I have combination/normal skin. However, I have recently been on steroids which has made my skin really dry and in some parts flaky.. This is where this cream performed wonders – well I say wonders, it was just lovely and my skin really absorbed the moisture.. I use the night cream even during the day at the moment, because the medication just made my skin so dry and tight.. I would definitely recommend this product for people who suffer with dry skin. Also these product has a lovely light scent to them as well.. an almost berry scent which I liked, however it wasn’t over-powering. Love these products!!



So… Origins… I have wanted to try Origins for such a long time. Again all the Youtubers have made me really want to try this brand, however unfortunately it just wasn’t in my price range.. but, walking past my local John Lewis store I noticed that the Origins counter had a sale!! Not just any Sale… A Christmas Box Set Sale!! I went in headed straight for the counter and said ‘Excuse me, but does Origins test on animals’ I wasn’t 100% sure so I thought I’d better ask a professional.. When she said yes my eyes lit up.. I told her my skin type and she showed me the *above* gift set.. down from £54 to £21 now that was a bargain!! She recommended me these products for my skin type so I purchased it… I couldn’t wait to try it! In the gift set I had the famous ‘GinZing Scrub Cleanser and Moisturiser’ which smelt of orange deliciousness and I also got ‘Origins Original Skin’ Serum and face mask (the face mask turned into like a scrub consistency once you washed it off) and they smelt of roses (not the chocolates lol)

I started using these products straight away (yes the superdrug ones went to one side temporarily!) I fell in love with the GinZing facial cleanser, I loved the smell and how it made my skin look (a kind of tight look if that look even exists lol) The GinZing moisturiser too I loved as that seemed to make my skin feel matte and fresh – However I few weeks into using these two products, my skin started to feel really tight.. then when I was using it one morning, it actually burned slightly when I was using the facial cleanser.. I stopped using those two products because even the moisturiser was making my skin feel tight (Remember my skin type is Combination/Normal NOT Dry) I decided that these two products weren’t really for me and I needed something a little more gentle, I don’t think I’ll be re-purchasing these items again.

The Serum was lovely, it gave a velvet like feel to my skin and again I felt ‘glowing’ I think this was my favourite product in the collection, unfortunately the mask in the gift set I didn’t really like either.. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED it at first and couldn’t wait to try it.. but I’d say after the fourth time using it, it again made my skin feel really tight and sore so again I have stopped using this product.

My overall personal opinion of Origins is perhaps I wasn’t advised the right products for my skin type? Maybe on this first incidence I was just a little unlucky? However these products are rather expensive to purchase alone and I’m more hesitant to repurchase after how they made my skin feel.. I think I’d maybe go back one day, but for now.. I’ll stick to other more gentle brands.


Liz Earle


Liz Earle is definitely my personal FAVOURITE beauty brand out there!! I had a look on the PETA website and as far as I’m aware, Liz Earle DO NOT test on animals!! Liz Earle I would say is in between drugstore and High end in the beauty industry.. The products are so luxurious and affordable, you might need to save a little bit but they are definitely worth it!! I always try and save for Liz Earle and when I Can afford to buy it, its like my little treat for me! I can’t rave about them enough but if you’re looking for a cruelty free relatively affordable brand.. go with this!!

This is one of my most favourites… ‘Superskin Eye Cream’ I got it in a set a while ago for around £30.00 along with two other products (which sadly I have finished!!) This however is still going.. I’ve had it for about 4-5 months now and I’m honestly in love!! You only need a tiny amount, not even the size of a 5p and it still goes on beautifully. It comes in a pump bottle and you apply a little onto your ring finger and then gently either tap it around the eye area or as I like to do, glide it over your eyes (I call it.. giving yourself a little eye massage lol) After using it for awhile I found that my eyes just seemed a little brighter, they didn’t feel a ‘puffy’ and I even had compliments at how good I looked and how well I looked (I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis and sometimes I feel that I can look quite… knackered lol) All in all I definitely recommend this product and will definitely be repurchasing again soon.



Barry M – Flawless Matte Finish Foundation & Flawless Brightening Primer


Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer *for dull skin, pore minimising, smoothing* When looking online for a new cruelty free primer and found that Barry M are cruelty free I was really intrigued! Then when I read the reviews of this primer I was definitely intrigued to try it for myself! I’ve been using it daily before I apply my foundation and I absolutely LOVE it!! It glides onto the skin, again it leaves a kind of velvet finish and I’ve noticed that it definitely slightly brightens my skin.. I’ve also found that my foundation and makeup in general lasts so much better once I’d applied this primer.. It was so affordable as well and I shall definitely be re-purchasing once I’ve used this one (All prices of products will be at the bottom of this blog entry along with links to the sites to purchase them from)

Barry M Flawless Matte Finish oil free Foundation *hydrating formula* Same thing applies to this foundation.. you know its funny, I’d never thought about purchasing a Barry M Foundation… I LOVE their nail varnishes and think I have one of each colour now but I never considered their actual makeup range… and I must say… I LOVE it!! The foundation is great!! The only slightly negative thing that I will mention is that it doesn’t really go on matte.. I’d say has a very slight glow to it,however once you’ve applied a powder it goes matte.. and honestly throughout the day I haven’t need to top up or retouch my face at all, which I must add is quite rare for me.. because I usually always have to use a blotting paper or something to reduce shine throughout the day.. but not with this foundation!! The only other small thing I’d say is that sometimes I have found it difficult to blend.. (Maybe I’m just impatient lol) I use a Real Techniques brush to apply and blend in.. so maybe a beauty blender might be slightly better? Other than that this is a great, affordable foundation and again.. I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this product again!


Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer


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Along with the foundation and primer, I also picked up this concealer.. I wanted something that was going to brighten under my eyes that was obviously cruelty free as well and came across Barry M’s Flawless Light Reflecting concealer.. Again I have been using this under my eyes before applying the foundation (And if I look particularly tired lol I’d use it after I’ve applied foundation too..) I like the applicator, however I tend to use my ring finger to gently blend it in around the eye area.. I’d say that it definitely makes the eyes look brighter, it’s not overly thick like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer that I’ve used in the past (I do love that one but I don’t know if they test on animals or now!) I do like that the Barry M concealer isn’t overly thick, I would definitely only recommend this product for around the eye are only because it doesn’t have a massively good coverage and because it’s light reflecting I think if you were it put it on imperfections, it would show them up more. Other than that, this is a great highlighting concealer at a great affordable price that DOESN’T TEST ON ANIMALS! 🙂



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Kiko Milano makeup, I only discovered this makeup in December 2016 when my friend had told me that she was going cruelty free with her makeup and skin care… she told me about Kiko and that they had a store in London, which is where we were for the day… AND… They were affordable and had a sale!!! ‘Billy Bonus!!’ So venturing in everything looked amazing.. It was also really crowded!! I decided to get a new concealer (This one was for main redness and imperfections) a lovely assistant advised me to get the ‘Full Coverage’ concealer and she even tested it on my skin… I loved it and still love it now! It has a very high coverage and also blends well too.. Say goodbye to imperfections.. Its not a liquid formulation more like a cream kind of one.. but very good and I use it every day.. And I shall be repurchasing too!!

The other thing that I got from Kiko was this *see above pic* gorgeous eye shadow called ‘water eye shadow in colour 208’ It’s called water eye shadow because you can blend a little with a little water to get a more vibrant colour.. It’s so gorgeous and I actually noticed it on an assistant who was wearing it as a highlighter.. It really caught me attention, when she told me that it was an eye shadow I was amazing and purchased it at once… I loved the fact that it could be used for both purposes.. I still love this eye shadow and use it as both eye shadow and as a highlighter and I’ve even had comments from people asking me if this was the Anastasia highlighter lol.. I said nope… it’s KIKO!!


Urban Decay Naked 3

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And last but certainly not least.. It’s the only high end cruelty free makeup that I own and that is my Urban Decay Naked 3 Eye Shadow pallet.. I got this for my birthday last year when my sister took me to Norwich for a make over with Urban Decay.. I’ve always wanted one of these pallets but could never justify buying one because they were just too expensive!! (£38 for this is ridiculous) However.. I do love it… the colours are beautifully pigmented and they blend well too.. there’s nothing that I don’t dislike about this pallet.. Also it’s lasted almost a year so… Yes it’s expensive.. but it does last a really long time so you can kind of justify for that and I think I will be repurchasing this again once this one has run out!!

Well, I’m sorry that this entry has been a little long lol.. and I also hope you enjoyed reading it. Please leave me any comments and I’ll be sure to reply to them and also I made a video about my Cruelty Free makeup and Beauty over on my YouTube channel and I’d be so grateful if you could check that out 🙂  My YouTube channel is:-

Here are all the product prices below and where to find them:


Super Drug Naturally Radiant range – £2.99 – £5.99

Origins – from £25.00 upwards –

Liz Earle Superskin Eyecream – £35-


Barry M –

KIKO Cosmetics –

Urban Decay – Naked Pallet – £38.50


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