Going through an MS Relapse & Helping Myself

Hello everyone,

So I was going to put up a ‘What I eat in a day’ blog post, however I haven’t really eaten properly/much for the last couple of weeks.

As most/all of you know I have Multiple Sclerosis, I was diagnosed in December 2014 at the ripe age of 24! I’m not here to talk about my MS story today, however if anyone is interested on reading about that (How I got diagnosed, symptoms, how it’s affecting me etc) Then please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to do a blog post on that.

I have had a recent relapse and slowly on the recovery road, it’s been very difficult at times.. but I have been trying to keep myself positive and strong every day and I guess I’d like to tell you…any of you who are struggling or finding things hard, just some of the things that I’m trying to do to keep myself well and get myself better.

I’ve really been focused on feeling like this and wanting to really change how I’m living my life ever since someone I knew sadly left this world fairly suddenly (I’m not going into details because it’s not my place) it really affected me for a while and then it hit me…. Life really is too short!! You have to live.. Keep well.. do things for you and look out for you and your loved ones.. because when it’s your time… there’s no reset button.. no ‘restart’ level lol.. So I’m now going to dedicate on taking the time to really look after myself and enjoy my life… Yes I’m liveing with this disease/disability/invisible illness.. but these are the cards that I have been dealt with and I’m going to try and concentrate on taking better care of myself.

I’m currently not on any medication for my MS, some people may think that’s silly because there’s a lot out there to potentially prolong the illness from getting worse etc.. However, you know your own body and whilst my Neurologist at the moment is happy for me to keep going on without any meds, I am going to focused on helping my situation naturally.. So… Lets dive into it!!

Things I’m Changing to Help Myself


If any of you haven’t had the chance to head on over to my Instagram Page (I believe its linked in the home page of my blog, however my name is simply — hannaheliza_1990) feel free to have a little look… my account is set to private but if it interests you then I’ll be more than happy to accept you as a follower and be Insta-friends… This is where I post majority of my food pics!!

However, since before I had this relapse I was so dedicated to cooking meals and making nice lunches etc that I just was just ‘burning out’, every night when I got home from work (about 6:30pm) I would be straight in the kitchen cooking dinner, preparing lunches and breakfast for the following day and sometimes I wouldn’t sit down and rest until around 9pm!! So starting the day at 7am and then charging right through until 9pm I’ve only recently come to realise that I need to just plan things a little better and relax more!! ( It’s been very hard for me to just ‘chill’ and to let things go.. but I’m trying slowly to get there)

Cooking delicious food is a passion of mine and I love creating different recipes, however what I’m now going to change is that during the working week prepare simple, easy, healthy lunches – batch cook quinoa, pasta and rice for the week to save time and instead of cooking a massive full on meal when I get home from work, have something easy… for example I LOVE the Slimming World ready meals — Picture inserted from Google Images


They have such a wide range of meals, soups, sauces and other things to make life just a little easier for you and to eat healthily! I used to follow the Slimming World plan, however unfortunately I had to stop because I could only get to the late sessions after work and they just went on too late for me.. But I still buy these delicious meals from Iceland Supermarket – They also deliver in some places too.. and honestly they are so easy and delicious! I’m also going to do things like Jacket potatoes or soup as well.. especially in our slow cooker we got for Christmas!!

Also Breakfast… Again another thing I’ve recently noticed that I ‘faffed’ over.. I LOVE porridge and making it taste really nice, but again… I’d spend a good 15 minutes a night getting all that prepared etc and then actually cooking it at work!!.. for me I can’t function without a good hearty breakfast in the mornings and I always eat them at work because I can’t eat early in the mornings..so I have to take them with me. I was finding that A) I was spending too much time preparing the porridge for the following day.. and B).. taking WAY too many containers to work as well!! So here’s another thing I’m changing… Laying my ingredients out in the evening before bed… putting my oats ready in a little pan for the morning.. and making my porridge at home in the morning before I go to work — this will be a trial and error thing to see how it goes but hopefully it will make things easier and I won’t have to cook breakfast at work!

Also I LOVE Niomi Smart’s Eat Smart Cook Book. It’s a Plant Based cookery book and has some really delicious recipes inside and a whole section on breakfast!! Recently I’ve been making her chocolate and coconut granola and storing it in an air-tight mason jar to prolong it.. so I’m going to start taking that for breakfast’s with some Almond Milk instead.. and some fruit.. to save all this ‘faffing’!! Because at the end of the day.. I need to break my time down in the evenings and make sure I’m resting more when I get home from work instead of pushing myself to the max!!


And finally on the subject of ‘Food’ I LOVE lunch boxes (Anyone else the same out there?) I have a whole cupboard filled with different containers/lunch boxes… However.. For when I go back to work after this relapse.. I wanted to STOP taking so many containers… there’s that word again… ‘Faffing!!’ So I found this great ‘Bento Box’ type lunch box on Amazon and purchased that! It’s an ‘All In One’ and even comes with a gel freezer pack to keep everything super fresh.. I love the fact that there are so many individual parts so that I can add my whole lunch and snacks into the same container for work!! I can’t wait to start using it!

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Amazon link to this lunch box is:-


Taking more time to RELAX when I get home

So, like I’ve spoken about a minute ago.. I’ve been finding myself most nights coming straight in from work and just cooking straight away.. not sitting down with a cup of tea like a normal person.. but just ploughing on through — this all because with my illness my main symptom is ‘FATIGUE’ that horrid word that most people just put down to ‘A bit tired’ or ‘You just need a good nights sleep’.. Again I’m not going to go into Fatigue today.. But in recent times I’ve been so focused to getting all this food prepped and sort by a certain time of night that instead of helping myself, I’ve just been churning myself further into the ground… This is where that has to stop people.. So here is a list of things that I’m going to do to help RELAX for a little when I get home from work..

  1. When I get home I’m going to take the time to make a cup of tea – I don’t usually do this but this is step one!

  2. Secondly, instead of standing in my work uniform cooking dinner.. I’m going to take my cup of tea upstairs and get changed into something comfortable – Pyjama’s is always a winner and do my skin care routine whilst watching a YouTube Video

  3. Thirdly, Once I’m all clean and ready to relax I shall then come downstairs and sort dinner out (I’m going to try going the Slimming World meals – in the over.. done!)

  4. Fourthly, whilst dinner is cooking I want to try and just sit… Yep.. sit on the sofa with one of my favourite magazines and just relax a little and regain some energymagazines

  5. And after giving myself a little time to relax.. that is when either I or my lovely partner will help and prepare lunches that I am aiming to plan and prepare majority of it anyway. I like to start settling down to sleep at around 10pm.

Getting more organised and PLANNING

Okay, so for me the only way I can relax my mind is if everything is organised and I have a little plan… Now once again I have become very rigid in this plan and I need to start ‘chilling’ out and just not worrying too much — Yes I am a worrier!!

Food wise I’ve been loving this lady I’ve recently subscribed to on YouTube her link is


Now she is vegan/plant based and even though I’m not currently — still not 100% certain on the whole veganism thing yet.. but I’m very willing to have a little experiment.. I have found her recipe videos delicious and easy!! She has done a couple of videos about easy lunch ideas for school/work and honestly she’s made them look so easy and actually shown me to prepare things like quinoa, rice and pasta in bulk so that its spread out throughout the whole week – why didn’t I think of this before!! So anyway with her help I’m already trying to prepare and plan my meals better.

I also LOVE writing and planning in my Bullet Journal and have started to plan meals, and also weekly logs like a time table so I can look and see when I need to get things done etc… Again this is a trial and error and we shall see if anything needs to be improved.. to be honest I think I will change things up slightly.. but at least this is a start and it will help me focus and keep on a less rigid plan and hopefully allow me to relax more.


Winding down in the evenings!!

LOl again… surprise, surprise.. another thing I’m struggling with… ‘winding down’ and shutting my brain off at night.. So below I have come up with another little plan to help me to just shut down and hopefully enable me to get a good restful nights sleep.

  1. Having a little pamper session or doing something that I enjoy i.e Bullet Journal, watching YouTube or painting my nails something relaxing to help me chill out

  2. Turning off Social Media at 9pm and putting phone on charge at the other side of the room!! Now this is  big one, which I have been practising recently and have come to find that it’s really been helping me to sleep better when my phone hasn’t been on charge on my bedside table.. It just means that after 9pm once my phone is on charge, I would have to physically get out of my nice cosy bed just to look at it!

  3. Doing 15 minutes of colouring in my Adult Relaxing colouring book – depending on how tired I am I would like to try and do this and turn off anything that I’m watching so that I can focus my mind onto other things

  4. Playing a short meditation video on YouTube and Spraying my pillow with my Relaxing Mist Spray — Again I have spoken about this before — I got my Lavender relaxing mist spray from Holland and Barrett, you can get so many, however I love this one because its natural and its just the one that I prefer

  5. Having a relaxing night time tea before bed with some of my rescue remedy relaxing drops – So I always try and have a nice soothing drink before bed.. mainly either chamomile, soothing ginger or peppermint tea.. and with this I have some BACH’s rescue remedy drops to help with anxiety that I put into my tea, which I’ve found is great at relaxing me.

  6. And finally.. I can’t just turn the lights off and go to sleep in silence.. my mind just wanders and then I start thinking and then.. I’m awake!! So what I like to do is to put a nice film on in the background on my Ipad – I turn the brightness right down and the volume on low.. not a hectic film either lol.. I mainly put on a Disney film lol.. but they always seem to help me drift off to sleep — I sued to try audio books… but for me i need a visual.. I need to have something physically on in the background to help me relax properly.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

     Right so these are some of the things that I would like to try and do every night to just help me to relax and not run myself over into the ground.. I know this might seem a lot for some people but I hope some of these things have helped in some way 🙂

I may do another blog post or YouTube video in a month to let you all know how I’m getting on etc and if I’m managing to stick to this new little regime!! I’m going to try really try with this so that I can start to ENJOY my life again properly!

Sorry it’s been a long blog post, I’d really appreciate any comments, thoughts etc and thank you so much for taking the time to read all my ‘waffle’ lol.. I’m actually going to cook a Slimming World Meal for dinner tonight (it’s Saturday night) and Let’s see what I have – remember to head on over to my Instagram Page.

Much Love

Hannah Eliza XX


6 thoughts on “Going through an MS Relapse & Helping Myself

  1. Miss B Blogz Thingz Over.. says:

    Hey Girl!
    I just read your post, girl!♡I admire your strength and mindset! And i’m so sorry that you have to deal with this ilness…I really am.😦

    It’s indeed very important to eat healthy and to take good care of ourselves! That lunchbox is awesome! ThnQ for sharing this with us!
    I realy liked the way you make your own personal planner with handlettering i’m making my own planner also and I Love to do handlettering! 😍

    🌹I wish you a wonderful week, Dear!🌹 I look forward to read your next post!💯
    Hugz and Kisses,

    Miss B.💋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Natalie | Surviving life's hurdles says:

    Hi Hannah, MS makes achieving everything that we want to so much harder and I get so frustrated with this. I think it’s fantastic that you are focusing on adapting to your situation and have set yourself some goals to help and it’s also great to find someone who knows what it’s like to live with MS. I’m really looking forward to following your blog. Natalie x

    Liked by 1 person

    • hannahelizasite says:

      Aww hey lovely, I absolutely loved your blog post, I think it was about surviving diagnosis.. you and me a similar I think lol 🙂 we can support each other through this.. I get annoyed that people just think “oh you’ve had steroids so you’re better now right?” Lol or when people ask you how you are and you have to say “I’m okay” when you feel like shit cause they don’t understand.. so having people there who do understand means a lot to me 🙂 when I’m better I’m gonna do a YouTube video about helping myself and then recap on it in a month or so.. do you live in the UK? (Just out of interest lol) I’m following your blog now xx


  3. Invisibly Me says:

    What a brilliant post; honest, encouraging and positive! It’s hard to remember sometimes to look after yourself and be gentle with yourself, especially when you’re not well, but it’s so important. Thank you for writing this and it’s great to see how you’re taking steps to help yourself. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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