The Perfect Mini Spa Day

Barnsdale Hall Spa Rutland

*The first thing I’d like to mention is that the images produced in this blog post are from Google Images, I was unable to take photos myself, however they are genuine and I tried to look for the most recent photos*


Hey everyone,

So last week my mum thought we needed a little relaxation treat, I’ve not long got back to work after having an MS relapse and we both thought that having a little treatment/pamper session might help with things.

I managed to find a great deal on Virgin Experiences website where it was a spa day and afternoon tea for two for just £39.00!! There were other spa facilities available to choose from, however because we live fairly local to Rutland we chose Barnsdale Spa.

We called up the Spa and arranged a treatment for us both to have… mum had the ESPA Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £26.00 (prices may change) and I had a Floatation Therapy experience £30.00 for 30 minutes (prices may change). We were able to book our treatments to be done at the same time, which was great.

I had a little look at some of the reviews online (I always do this) and yes there were some good ones and some not so good.. The only thing that stuck out to me was that they said that Robes & Slippers were not provided — Now we didn’t mine too much about this cause we had flip-flops, but this was specified as a ‘Spa Day’ so I would assume if that is what is being advertised then I think robes & slippers should be provided. The only other thing I noticed was that a couple of people said the towels were great, that they weren’t long enough and were hard.. so I packed our own towels from home as I like to be organised and prepared.

When we arrived we were greeted at reception by a friendly member of staff who gave us our towels (I’m glad I took my own as there were a little hard and not overly long enough) and a couple of tokens to get into the changing rooms. She explained to us that the pool area would be close between 1-2pm for maintenance/cleaning, which was fine with us because we would be having our treatments then. She took us into the little restaurant area and that was nice a spacious where we would be having our afternoon tea, asked if we needed anything or if we had any questions at which point we said no.. and then left us to enjoy our day.

We were quite hungry so decided to have maybe a pastry of some type and a cup of tea before heading into the pool area and just settle for a little.. I noticed that there was only one member of staff serving drinks etc and I felt that there could of been more to help him out.. We had a look at the menu and there was only lunch items available (Sandwiches etc) so I went up to the bar and asked if they did any breakfast type things to which he replied that unfortunately they didn’t and just showed us a few cookies they had on the counter… We reconvened and decided to go for a smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese (I love this anyway!) It came out beautifully presented and had a small salad garnish and a small (bucket/tub) of french fries lightly salted.. it was delicious, extremely filling so we definitely decided not to swim lol and by the time we had finished and relaxed it was 11:45am anyway, so we went to get changed.

The changing rooms were small but nice, luckily when we went they weren’t overly crowded as I can imagine it could get quite busy at certain times, they had 4-5 private changing rooms and then an open changing area with lockers, 2 toilets and showers, everything was clean and tidy.

The Pool Area -Photos taken from Google Images but this is what it was like!


So, we headed into the pool area and it looked nice, just a standard pool with an additional side pool, a Jacuzzi, steam room and a sauna. I would definitely call this a ‘leisure pool’ I wouldn’t call it a ‘spa’ if you’re look for a proper spa where there’s more rooms more relaxation places etc then I have a great suggestion which I may do another post about. However this was fine for us just for our little day and the price was so good we couldn’t complain.. apart from a couple of things! They only had 6 lounger chairs which were in use so we couldn’t go and sit down to relax.. They had a couple of bench type areas but didn’t really want to relax on those.. but the most important thing that I wasn’t happy about was the Health and Safety of the floor around the pool.. as you can see in the pictures above they have tiled flooring.. no problem? However there was a lot of water around which made surfaces slippery (I know what do you expect from a pool lol) however I think they need to have some sort of safety flooring etc because I have Multiple Sclerosis and I slipped on the floor a couple of times whilst walking around — I’m not walking fast at the moment and have to steady myself a little.. so I definitely feel that this should be addressed. Other than that, the pool area was fine, I loved the jacuzzi because it was nice and big lol.. and really helped my back — soon though it was time for us to get out and head up for our treatments 🙂

The Spa/Beauty Treatment Area – (Image from Google Images – I couldn’t take my own photos today but this is a genuine image)


When we got upstairs to the beauty room we were greeted by more friendly staff who got us booked in for our treatments and went through health and safety, they also provided us with robes and slippers!! This is why the two areas — leisure pool and the spa treatment area are different.. this is why I wouldn’t class the whole thing as a spa. However the robes were fine and slippers too.. We mentioned that because the pool was out of use from 1-2pm if there was any chance we could have a shape and polish of out nails after our treatments? They were very accommodating and arrange the dairy I believe so that mum and I could have our nails done straight after our treatments.. It was all very nice and relaxing.

My Floatation Therapy Experience

Now I haven’t uploaded a photo of the floatation area because like I keep mentioning I didn’t take any photos of it as I wanted to relax, however there are a couple of images on Google if you type in Barnsdale Spa floatation therapy and click on images, there’s a couple and that’s what it looks like.

So I went in, the room smelt very relaxing and calming, they had a candle on and dim lighting there was also a little shower are with shampoo/conditioner and body was provided for after the floatation, which was nice. I then got into the pool and literally I just felt weightless.. it was such a strange yet amazing feeling, I had a little head pillow and the therapist turned the lights right down and closed the door allowing me to float gently into relaxation.. I saw somewhere it mentioned you could gaze up onto a star lit ceiling, however the ceiling was just dark and to be honest I closed my eyes and drifted away!

It was such a lovely experience, the water wasn’t too warm and the room wasn’t too cold.. it was just perfect for me and I felt really helped me, as like I said at the beginning a couple of weeks ago I went through an MS relapse and my family and even doctor thought this would be a nice experience to have once I had recovered.

The Benefits of the Floatation therapy are:

*Relieving Stress

*Easing Arthritis

*Improving the condition of the skin and hair

*Detox the system

*Increasing circulation and energy levels (To be honest I felt more rested the energised)

*Improving concentration

*Regulating sleep patterns (One float stimulates 4 hours of sleep)

*Relief from old injuries and much more

There are Contra-indications on the online brochure so do have a read of those before booking a float, in some cases you may need to consult your GP just to make sure it’s okay for you.

I would definitely recommend this and I will be booked back into having another float in the not so distant future – *Be Warned, the floatation therapy gets booked up very quickly so make sure you book in advance* You can also go in as a couple, however I felt that it would be a lot more of a relaxing experience if you were a lone (That’s just my personal preference)

Mum had an amazing massage and she actually said it was the best massage she’s ever had! She came out feeling stress free and relaxed and she even look so rested also and just happy she will definitely be booking that back in as well. We then had a lovely shape and polish on our nails and they did such an amazing job and we loved the colours so much that we purchased them.. they were called ‘Jessica’.

We were allowed to relax while out nails dried and then we made our way to the front desk.. we were then told that we could keep our robes for rest of the day whilst we had our afternoon tea, which was lovely.

The one other thing that was slightly annoying was that every time we needed to get into the changing rooms we had to go upstairs to reception to get tokens, which I wasn’t overly impressed with because it was just quite tiring going up and down the stairs etc.

Afternoon Tea

After we got changed we went back into the restaurant and were seated in the conservatory room overlook the beautiful Rutland lake, the sun was coming out and it was all very calming.

We had one sandwich each of each selection (ham& mustard, cheese and pickle, smoked salmon& cream cheese and Egg) they were delicious, we only managed a scone between us because we were full and I only had one slice of cake that we had, there was banana loaf, lemon, carrot (I think) and a flapjack I believe.. We waited for a while to see if anyone would come and see if we were okay or needed anything else, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough staff.. I only saw two members of staff and they were serving the bar area and us for our tea.. No-one came to see us and there was no one around to ask if we could take the cakes home as we hadn’t been able to finish the.. In the end we just decided to leave them and went to get our stuff together (Which involved going back upstairs to get another token) and then we made our way home.

Personally I really enjoyed myself, it all went smoothly we were able to relax as much as possible.. I would just like stress highly about the pool flooring and the health and safety, but my mum and I had a lovely time and for the price that we paid, which was fantastic we couldn’t really complain… Would I call it a spa… No.. I would call it a lovely little Beauticians with an added leisure centre, I feel that this needs to be addressed as I feel for some people who aren’t used to spa’s and expect more that what there is, they’ll be more disappointed.

I will definitely be back again for a treatment for sure as that was the most enjoyable and relaxing part of the day.

I’m sorry this blog entry doesn’t have many pictures and that its a little bit long… but this is my honest review, these are all my honest opinions of Barnsdale Spa.


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