February Favourites


Hello everyone, how are you all?

So in today’s blog post I’m going to be talking about some of the things I’ve been loving throughout the month of February. I’ve also done a YouTube video on this topic as well so feel free to go and check that out… my YouTube channel link is http://www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj – The video will be up and ready for viewing at the same time as this blog post.

Right, because I’ve filmed a video on my monthly favourites… I’m not going to talk about all of the products on here too, only because this blog post will be extremely long!! So  are a few of the products I’ve been loving through this month.. Enjoy and let me know what you all think.


As you all know if you follow me on Instagram (Instagram Account hannaheliza_1990) that I’m a massive ‘foodie’ I love food, eating and cooking it lol.. however since going through my MS relapse I’ve decided to relax a little and not feel that I’ve got to cook lavish meals every night, but I also need to make sure my meals are relatively healthy… this is where the #slimmingworld ready meals come in!

Slimming World is a weight loss/ lifestyle change plan based here in the UK. Its extremely well know and has recently developed ready meals from the plan to help keep customers on the weight loss track… when I was on the plan I used to love these meals, however it wasn’t just ready meals that they do, they also do sauces, soups, burgers, sausages and now more!! You can get all of these delicious products at Iceland supermarket and they’re £3.00 per meal (the ready meals) and they’re also quite a big portion so they really fill you up.

Even though I’m not on the Slimming World plan anymore, I have been buying these meals again for the simple fact that they are so good and help me so much… I don’t have to stand in the kitchen for ages in the evenings anymore after work.. which is when my fatigue gets quite bad… with these healthy ready meals, I can just pop them in the oven and then add some salad of veg of choice and its as simple as that!!

I’d highly recommend if you’re struggling in the evenings or suffer with any type of illness and just need to make life a little easier.. check the Slimming World meals out.. or try looking in your local grocery store for Healthy ready meals, make sure you check the ingredients to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients (by the way i AM NOT a nutritionist)


My Bullet Journal

I have been writing in my bullet journal since January 2017… A friend introduced me to it and since then I have become obsessed.. I’d definitely been a monthly favourite over the last couple of months already and I’m sure that will continue.

If you’re unsure what a bullet journal is I’d highly recommend that you check out Ryder Carroll who is the creator of The Bullet Journal (I’m not very good at explaining things lol) but basically It’s been my personal little diary, food log, journal and somewhere where I can just escape when I’m feeling low or down.. I also keep a log of MS symptoms, appointment discussions and things like ‘The Gratitude Log’ and I’ve created a new page recently called ‘The Achievement Log’ and this is where I write down one thing everyday that I have achieved.. it can be MS related or anything related.. if you have achieved one thing (which I’m sure you have) then write it down as it will help you keep a positive outlook.

I’m also very artistic and love colouring etc, so I make my bullet journal very colourful so that when I look through it, it just makes me happy.. however if I want to write a journal entry if I’m having a bad day (Which I’d definitely recommend to you all because we all have horrid days and to allow us to forget about them you just need to let it out!) Then that journal entry might be coloured in colours of my emotions at the time, however I then cover it with a coloured sheet of paper and then its *gone away* sort of thing.

If you’re artistic, organised and like structures.. then I’d recommend creating and starting your own bullet journal.. even if its to help you with anything that your going through as its really helped me!

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Beauty and Makeup that I’ve been loving in February… well all of it really!! Makeup wise I’ve been loving my Barry M Foundation.. its cruelty free, which I think I mentioned in a previous blog post and its really affordable at £5.99 in the drugstore UK (That’s in Superdrug UK)

I find that it goes on my skin really nicely, however I also find that if I apply too much then it doesn’t sit right on my skin and looks ‘cakey’ so make sure if you get this product to only use little amounts, its also build-able so you can use more if needed… It lasts the whole day again which I love and makes me feel flawless without needing to layer a lot of it onto my face!

I’ve also been loving the matching concealer (Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer) I mainly use this under my eyes, to combat those dark circles ladies! it’s not a thick consistency, in fact I’d say its actually quite watery.. I’m used to using the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but I don’t think they’re cruelty free.. However this concealer for under the eyes is perfect for me.. I wouldn’t use it on blemishes because I don’t think it would give the desired effect..but I’m still using it and loving it… AND… will be repurchasing another one soon!!


So now moving onto my favourite lip-gloss I’ve been loving at the moment… that’s the Tanya Burr lip-gloss in colour ‘Lunch Date’

I had stopped using her glosses for a while because I fell out of love with them (I don’t know why) but have now rediscovered them again and this particular shade is my favourite! It looks perfect over a nude lipstick and the best part about it…. ITS NOT STICKY!! I hate a lip gloss that makes your lips stick together… Tanya’s ones don’t, they also make your lips feel quite moisturized too.. well mine anyway.. the gloss also lasts a nice length of time before reapplying.. I usually reapply at lunchtime and that’s it.. of course if I have a drink I reapply too lol… You can get these lip glosses I believe online and in Superdrug.. I hope they still sell them because they are my favourite and I’m running out!! Thank You Tanya!


And the final thing I’m going to talk about it a perfume I’ve been loving.. I got this for Christmas (No I don’t think it’s cruelty free but I got this as a gift so..) It’s the Clarins Eau De Jardin perfume.. its just got such a lovely light floral scent and reminds me of spring/summer time.. I love it and wear it most days.. I also get comments on it and it lasts really well too.. I also purchased a little travel perfume dispenser (Best invention EVER!!) and I also put a little bit of that inside too when I’m on the go or at work… it’s £33.00 for 100ml which I don’t think is that bad considering other perfumes out there.. if you like a light floral scent, go and give this a try.. I love it and I’m sure you will too 🙂


And that everyone is my ‘February Favourites’… I know I haven’t spoken about much or that this blog post is a little shorter than usual.. but I’ve mentioned a lot more products over on my YouTube channel and I’d be so grateful if you could check that out too.. the link is at the top of this blog post.


I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and I hope you’re all as well as you can be and I shall see you next week for another post.

Much Love

Hannah xx


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