What I Eat In A Day – 2

Hey everyone!!

In my most recent YouTube video I filmed a ‘What I Eat In A Day’ video… I’ve had some requests to film this and since I’ve been meal planning again to help a) Lose some weight and b) help me manage my MS I thought I would get back into filming those videos.. and here is the blog post to go along side it… My YouTube channel link is http://www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj

bullet journal food plan


Breakfast for me really is THE most important meal of my day… I find that if I don’t eat breakfast then fatigue really affects me throughout the day.. even if I don’t have a decent breakfast either.. I remember on the Slimming World weight loss/lifestyle change plan there would be people who would only eat a small little Slimming World bar and a piece of fruit for their breakfast… or just fruit and yogurt… I mean each to their own.. but I need a hearty breakfast to ensure I won’t snack on those biscuits that are sitting round the corner at work..

Porridge with strawberries & Raspberries

I have porridge virtually everyday for my breakfast, I find it so filling and I always like to make it delicious too.. I love looking on different YouTube videos to find delicious ways to make porridge healthier.. there’s one YouTuber that I follow and her name is Liezel Jayne and her channel is amazing.. I love her ‘What I Eat In A Day’ videos and they inspire me to have a go at making the delicious recipes.. the link to her channel is http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK2d_KfjVPwh9gqoczQ9sSw/videos

Right.. getting back to my porridge and the recipe – Majority of the ingredients used for this was from Lizel Jayne’s videos

1/2 cup porridge oats

1 cup water

1/4tsp cinnamon, 1 flat tsp pure maple syrup and 1flat tsp coconut oil

(Once the porridge is cooked – mix in the above ingredients)


4x strawberries chopped up

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

1tsp almond butter

A light splash of almond milk

This breakfast is so delicious and literally fills me up until lunch time without the need of snacks!!



So for my lunch I try to prepare and make it all the night before (There’s nothing worse than waking up in the mornings and  realizing that your don’t have lunch!!) Now because my evening meals I’m keeping really really simple.. it gives me enough energy to be a little more creative with lunch… but still keeping things simple.. we don’t wanna be burning precious energy on a massive lunch do we?

For lunch today I had mad myself a ‘Falafel Salad’.. I had bought some falafel balls from my local supermarket and created a delicious filling salad with it.. trust me once I had eaten it I was totally full!!

Also in my Bullet Journal food diary I had allowed myself some snacks:- these snacks are healthy (ish) ones and stop me from eating all of the crisps and chocolates!! Today my snacks were:- some fresh mango, 1 babybell light cheese and 2x oreo biscuits (that was my naughty snack)

Falafel Salad

3x falafel balls chopped up

1 1/2 tbsp reduced fat hummus

green salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, beetroot and sweet corn


No added sugar Caprisun, 2x oreo biscuits, 1/2 fresh mango and 1x light babybell cheese


Afternoon tea

Before anyone says anything I DIDN’T have actual afternoon tea lol.. around 3:15pm I made myself a three mint tea by Pukka.. I LOVE these tea, its so refreshing and if my stomach is bloated then it just reduces that, which is great.. IMG_20170307_151452


It’s come to that time… DINNER!! In the evenings my fatigue is the worst so I like to make sure that my evening meals are as simple as possible but also healthy too.. This is where I’ve found the Slimming World ready meals so useful and helpful to me, I can just get home from work and choose a delicious meal.. put it in the oven or even microwave and in little time you have a meal all ready for you! I do like to add veggies and either potatoes or rice with mine as well because George and I share the meals between us.

Tonight I have had the Chicken in Black Bean sauce for dinner and because George is having let over Chinese (birthday part two lol) I’ve given him some of the Slimming World meal for his lunch the following day. I also added a Tilda Microwavable rice bag to the meal and some steamed broccoli (Remember I halved all of these things with George) I’m also trying to dish things up onto a smaller plate to try and control my portions sizes, which seems to be working well too at the moment… The meal itself was absolutely delicious and very filling.. I did however have a little desert of 1x Apple with reduced fat peanut butter and 1x banana with 2tbsp nutella and that was the cherry on top of the cake as I felt satisfied and I ate until I was full! I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day and after my final meal I actually went and brushed my teeth so therefore I wouldn’t want anything to it lol.

Lol I know my plate in this picture does look large, but if you head on over to my channel and watch the video of this blog post.. I actually compare the plate to my hand and it is actually a small/medium plate… not one of my larger ones lol.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post.. Please let me know what you thought to it and leave me any comments to which I’ll be sure to answer.. I hope you’re all well and have had a good weekend.

Big Hugs and Love

Hannah xx


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