Things to help manage Fatigue

Hey everyone how are you all? 

So… This weeks blog post is going to be different to my YouTube video… I felt that my audience on my blog would benefit more from this post than the video I’ve uploaded.. you can check out my latest video on and if you’d like me to write about it then please let me know 😊

So…Back into the post for this week… As you all know by now, I’m learning to live with Multiple Sclerosis… One of my main symptoms that i suffer with on a daily basis is…FATIGUE!! So I’ve decided to focus on ways to help manage it because i know there aren’t any treatments to stop it. 

Below you will find some of this thing sthat really help me to manage Fatigue.. but don’t get me wrong, sometimes these things don’t help and all I need is rest.. sometimes that’s all your body needs in order to recover fully. 

1) Having a filling, healthy breakfast 

As you can see i mainly have porridge for my breakfast.. I find it’s the most filling breakfast to have.. it’s also a slow energy releaser, which means i have energy throughout the morning — I usually start feeling the affects of fatigue around 11ish so that’s when I know I need to rest. 

2) Having regular rest breaks and pacing

With this one I myself need to start doing more!! I’m getting better at knowing when I can and can’t do things and when I know that I need to rest, but sometimes when I’m having a “good day” I feel normal and this is when I over do it and then suffer for a few days afterwards… I’m trying really hard to make sure I rest regularly, even if that’s just sitting down to cook a meal or asking my partner to take over so i can sit.. I’m learning to ask for help a little more now.

I work a full time job (on reduced hours at the moment) and i have split breaks which really so benefit me!! I’ve also been keeping a “Fatigue log” in my bullet journal for work so we can see if theres a pattern when my energy levels drop etc.. 

I definitely think k that pushing yourself through fatigue is the wrong thing to do.. i don’t actually know how people do it? Because when fatigue hits me..Properly.. i just lose the use of everything in my body and the only thing that I can do is sit and rest… It’s very frustrating and annoying especially at the age that i am (26) and having to go to bed on a Saturday night at 10pm lol… But i feel so much better on Sunday and I can do more things! 

Your body will thank you so much when you allow it to rest and relax! Try it!! 

3) Meal Planning

The last few weeks I’ve started Meal Planning.. when I say meal planning I mean that I’ve been breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.. i want to try and lose a little weight but this is mainly so that I don’t have to constantly think “what are we having for dinner” etc, because that alone i found was stressing me out and taking up energy mentally.. i cant decide whether mental energy is more draining or physical energy lol… But I’ve found that planning all my meals has helped me tremendously! It’s like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it’s one less thing to think about… I know what I’m having for lunch, dinner and everything else so i don’t have to think about it.. also my partner helps me too, if I’m having a bad day he can prepare the meals cause they’re all in my bullet journal.. i also write down and create different recipes and ideas of what to eat too.. which helps me and of course my shopping bills isn’t as expensive too!! I’d thoroughly give this a try and see how it makes you feel.. 

4) Planning small daily tasks when I get home from work 

I also found that when I used to get home from work, I’d be straight in the kitchen sorting dinner out, lunches etc.. not asking for any help and basically exhausting myself! Whilst going through my recent relapse I decided that I need to come up with daily tasks to help me relax more when i got home from work.. this is when I came up with the “Daily Tasks” idea in my bullet journal.. these tasks and not mamouth ones.. just ones to help me chill out in the evening.. so for example when i get home from work I now go and out the kettle on and make a cup of tea before I even consider cooking dinner.. I then go upstairs and take off my makeup and get changed… Next I REST for 1/2 an hour.. and then move onto dinner, which I now make sure are simple quick meals like the Slimming World ready meals etc which I’ve spoken about before…

Completing these tasks have really helped me and it’s like I’m ticking off little daily goals too! If you’re struggling to relax and chill.. try coming up with some of your own goals and see if they help you? 

5) Getting things ready the night before!

This one mainly aims for when I am working… I always make sure I have everything ready the night before eg. Bag packed, clothes cleaned and hung up, lunches prepared etc because if I feel exhausted in the morning then I’ll be able to have aottle more rest instead of getting up straight away and having to sort everything out! I’ve been doing this for a while and once again I’ve found it’s made a massive difference for me! 

6) Try doing a small amount of exercise daily

I know what you’re all thinking about this one!! And trust me i feel the same… I hate exercise the thought of running or the gym just makes me want to stay in my bed longer lol!! But exercise doesn’t have to be running or a full HIT work out at the gym… 

Doing some house chores like hoovering or cleaning etc is classed as exercise, doing a short home DVD work out is too.. even going for a little walk around the block is classed as exercise too!! 

After a recent meeting with my MS nurse she told me that i needed to do 30mins exercise that raised my heart beat 3 times a week… I thought to myself that i could do that.. then when i got home and really thought about it.. i realised something… I’m on my feet majority of the day at work, I’m always rushing about and walking about.. I also walk to and from work.. so really I exercise on a DAILY basis!! Yes my heart beat my not be raised all of the time but this is what I can handle.. i try and go for a longer walk on my days off but what i think is that you MUST listen to your body.. don’t push yourself..If you’re feeling particularly unwell or fatigued one day, then do exactly what you want to do… 

I’ve also heard people with MS say to me that exercise helps their fstigue and i think that’s amazing and I don’t doubt it for a second…Bit remember.. that’s THEM… Not YOU!! We are ALL different and what works for one.. doesn’t mean it works for us all!! 

7) Do something you like and enjoy every night

I LOVE this one!! Give yourself something to look forward to every night.. think of it as a little reward.. whether it be to have a nice relaxing bath, watch your favourite TV programme undisturbed or read your favourite book.. finding something you enjoy doing every evening really makes a difference one your mood.. 

I LOVE painting my nails and creating new pages in my bullet journal.. I’ll also always watch YouTube videos or a film too.. it just helps you to unwind and relax for the evening 😊

And that everyone is my 7 things to help manage Fatigue! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on this topic in the comment section below.. i hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and remember… Keep smiling.. 

Love and Big hugs

Hannah xx


2 thoughts on “Things to help manage Fatigue

  1. Natalie | Surviving life's hurdles says:

    This post is fantastic! You have so many great strategies in place to help manage your fatigue and I was agreeing with all of them as I read through! I know I need to give myself more time to relax and do things just for me, especially in the evening after my toddler has gone to bed. I absolutely love your bullet journal, it’s so pretty and organised, I would make one myself but I know I’d end up being too much of a perfectionist about it! Thanks for sharing and I’m sure there are loads of other people who know the ‘joy’ of fatigue who will benefit from reading this article also. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • hannahelizasite says:

      Hey lovely, aww thanks for your lovely comment.. i need to check out your blog this evening.. how are you? It’s to nice to talk to someone who just “understands” lol.. aww yes your should.. even if it’s something small that helps you to relax like watching your favourite TV programme 🙂
      Aww yes i hope other people get to see it and i hope it helps them too 😊 xx


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