March Favourites

Hello everyone 😊 how are you all? 

So this blog post is going to be about everything I have been loving throughout the month of March! (It’s all mainly Beauty related this time lol) 

I’ve also done a YouTube video on this too, so if you’d like to have a look at that then the link to the video is —

Right….Let’s get started!! 


GinZing Moisturiser

In a previous post, I mentioned that I’m trying to go “Cruelty Free” with my skincare and makeup… I’m slowly but surely doing this. 

I picked up a Christmas gift set from Origins on Boxing Day last year (seems so long ago now!) And it contained two of the items I’m talking about.. one of them being GinZing Moisturiser… 

I was very excited to try this as I had heard so much about it. I did start using almost immediately and then for some strange reason I stopped.. it was the beginning of this month that i went back to it and wondered why I had ever stopped!! I LOVE it!! The delicious “Orangey” scent and how it’s so light, yet Moisturising! I use it morning and night and have seen lovely improvements with my skin since.. if you’re looking for a nice, lightweight yet moisturising moisturiser lol.. then this is the one for you.. it is however in the high-end range so best to save up for it and have it as a treat. 

Origins Original Skin Serum 30ml

This is the other product that i got in the gift set last year.. and again I stopped using it then came back to it end of last month and have been using it ever since.. it’s such a lovely product with I’d say a “velvet” feel to it when applied.

It says to apply to serum mkr information and night, however I only apply it in the evening as I have a morning serum that keeps my skin from getting too shiny/oily throughout the day. Although I love this serum and I would recommend it for anyone (definitely speak to a Origins consultant before you purchase to check you skin type) 

Origins “Out of Trouble” face mask

This is the main and newest item out of the range that I have been loving this month!! I had a sample of it at the beginning of the month as the consultant said it would help with any breakouts and my oily T-zone… She was 100% right and I have been using it 1-2 times a weeks and have definitely noticed a difference!! It has a month scent and leaves your skin feeling fresh and a little tight.. but not too bad.

I will DEFINITELY be building up my Origins skincare range this year. 😊 

Lorreal Skin Active “Wash, Scrub and Mask All In One” 

Now I know before you all say.. Lorreal isn’t “Cruelty Free” I purchased this at the begining of the month as I needed all three products at the best value for money, which this was. 

I have been using it religiously for the last 4 weeks and have definitely noticed a difference in my skin.. less oily and my skin seems clearer!! I’ve heard a lot of talk about this product and how much people liked it . I shall be joining them for the time being until I can build up my Origins range. 😊 

Elemis Balancing Toner

Now I’ve had this Toner since my birthday last year!! I have just recently started using it again to use it up.. but i still LOVE it!! I use it morning and night.. it has Lavender in it… So… At night it’s soothing and relaxing and in the morning it’s refreshing and cooling (perfect combination to me!!) It also helped my skin to stay Matte as well… Now the packaging does say to “spray onto a cotton pad the wipe of a cleansed face” however I literally spray it directly onto my cleansed face and that’s how I prefer 😊 

My Bullet Journal!! 

Now most of you all know how much I LOVE my Bullet Journal… It helps me with everything!! Staying positive, MS, planning and food.. 

I have been using this since the beginning of the year and still LOVING it now, so I thought I’d mention it in this month’s Favourites 😊

I have seriously noticed my stress levels have dramatically reduced since writing things and planning things in my journal… It just keeps me on track and i just LOVE “Ticking” things off once they’re completed!! 

To any of my MS friends out there, if you’re struggling with things at the moment, I’d highly recommend to start a Bullet Journal.. it’s been the best thing I’ve every done 😊 

And the rest of my Monthly Favorites you’ll have to check out over on my YouTube channel if you’re interested to see what else I talk about… I hope you enjoyed this post and if it’s given anyone any ideas for beauty then I’d love to hear from you? 
Once again thank you for reading.. i hope you all have had a great weekend. 

Much Love 

Hannah xx



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