April Favourites

Hello everyone.. Wow!! Where has April gone??!! And also isn’t it cold??!! What’s the weather like with you guys? 

So.. It’s Monthly Favourites time again and I have been loving a lot of things this month!! If any of you would like to see the video version of this blog post then head on over to my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj) as I’ve done a video too.

*DISCLAIMER* The products that I speak about are all my own genuine opinions… I have not been sponsored for my video or blog post.  

So let’s get started!! 


Now recently I purchased a new Skin Care regime set from SuperDrug (SuperDrug is a Drugstore based in the UK) and it was a set by Garnier.. it’s in the *Skin Active* range and what attracted me to this so much was the fact that all of these products contain *NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES AND NO ARTICIAL COLOURANTS* 

Immediately I was drawn to that.. I still love my Origins skin care but at the moment I need some a bit more affordable.. and I tell you something.. I got this whole range for under Β£15.00!! What a bargain!!! 

It comes in I believe 3 different ranges:- Normal/Combination skin, Sensitive/Dry skin and Very Dry — I went for Normal/Combination skin and I got cleanser, micellar water, toner and moisturiser.. they also do face wipes too! 

So far I have been loving this range and will definitely be purchasing again once I run out! I don’t use the moisturiser during the day as it can be quite ‘oily’ for me.. but I definitely use it at night and I makes me skin so so soft πŸ™‚ 


I’m sure I’ve spoken about this in a previous blog post/video but I am so in love with the Avon Makeup Setting Spray!! It just holds my makeup in place all day long and I haven’t found another one so far that just does the job for me!! It’s such an affordable price too (when it’s on offer especially at Β£3.00 per bottle.. usually Β£6.00) I’d highly recommend this product if your after something that just holds your makeup in place all day long!! The only negative I have to say about this product is that when you spray it, it does feel a little like hair spray lol as it starts off a bit stickybut soon drys. 

Avon Sleep Spray

Now I absolutely LOVE sleep sprays.. I used to use one from Holland and Barrett.. but my lovely partner found this one on Amazon and it was a set of three for just under Β£10.00! It’s got that lovely lavender scent and I kid you not as soon as I spray this I’m asleep within 10 minutes… Personally for me it relaxes me so much that I very easily drift off to sleep… I know you have these special pillow sprays you see in John Lewis but I find the *Avon* one to be just as good for me and at a fraction of the price! I hope anyone out there looking for a sleep pillow spray gives this one a go πŸ™‚ 

Hask shampoo & conditioner

This has been a fairly recent purchase.. I’ve been loving anything “coconut” scented and I just happened to see these in again SuperDrug lol.. I was drawn to them because they said “coconut oil” and smelt divine.. but when I got home, I noticed that they also didn’t contain *PARABENS OR SULFATES* which I thought was an added bonus! They are quite pricey at Β£6.99 each.. however it’s highly worth it cause my hair feels and smells amazing once I’ve used them! 

Barry M Daylight Curing Top Coat

I always love to make sure I have nicely manicured nails.. I love painting them but I also like them to have the salon look… I have been using the Barry M Daylight Curing topcoat for ages now and I also get comments that my nails look like gel nails.. I use any nail colour and then just add this top coat… It’s amazing and last for at least 5 days and I have quite a busy lifestyle so ithink five days with the same nail varnish is great! 

Next Perfume – Summer Sun (New for 2017)

I absolutely LOVE Next perfumes.. in fact I think I almost have their entire collection!! It was my sister who discovered their latest scent and I absolutely loved it!! It smells just like you’re on holiday (granted it might not be for everyone) it’s like this tropical scent with a hint of coconut and just smells divine! The best part is…. 100ml is only Β£12!!! I’d definitely recommend you popping into your local Next store and trying a sample of this fragrance πŸ™‚ 


Finally a little Stationary favourite.. it has to be my amazing Papermatr felt flair pens.. they come in such amazing colours and they are so vibrant and make my Bullet Journal look amazing and colourful! I brought these from Amazon for Β£5.99 for a set of 16 pens! I have a slight obsession and want ALL of the stationary.. but my birthday is coming up soon so we shall have to see what else I get! But if you’re looking for good felt pens.. then these are just simply fab! 

TV & Film 


Omg who watch BroadChurch??!! What did you all think to it?? I was drawn in right from the first season and so sad that it’s now over! David Tennant and Olivia Colman were fantastic together.. not to mention the entire cast! I was hooked from day one and March/April saw the story of Trish Winderman (I’m not going to say anymore, you’ll just have to watch it!) But I absolutely loved this series so much! 

Secret Life Of Pets

Now this is my inner child coming out!! A friend and I went to see this in the cinema and it was so hilarious! If any of you have pets then you simply MUST watch this!! They’ve captured pets so well and it’s such a wonderful family film to watch.. I’ve literally been watching it continuosly since it’s come out on DVD.. it’s just fab and the cat reminds me of my cat Arthur lol! 

And that my lovelies is all I have been loving throughout the Month of April! I hope you enjoyed this blog post.. please check out my video over on my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj) 

Love you all loads and I’ll see you next week 😊😊 

Hannah xx


Bullet Journal Flip Through – March

Hello everyone how are you all? I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ 

My YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj

So this weeks entry is going to be a Bullet Journal one (obviously from the title!!) As you all know I am borderline obsessed with my Bullet Journal and it has helped me tremendously with managing and coping with Multiple Sclerosis. 

When I started my Bullet Journal I didn’t really know what sort of direction or plan I was going to take.. I didn’t really have any ideas of my own at the time.. I was heavily inspired by BoHo Berry (If you’re starting a Journal I’d highly recommend checking her out) 

My Bullet Journal has changed a lot Id say since March.. I’ve found a little routine and pattern and use it to help me manage my Multiple Sclerosis on a daily basis.. I also find it so therapeutic because I’m creative.. so creating pages and colouring is a great relaxer. 

So… Let’s get on with the Flip Through of my Bullet Journal.. March entry…

The lens that I use are the Paper Mate Flair Original Felt Pens, The Stabilo 88 fine liners and the Staedler (sorry if misspelt) TriPlus Fine liners… I use have a couple of plain black ball point pens that I got from The Works.. and these are great! 

I have been doing a “Gratitude Log” now since Jan 2017 when I started my Bullet Journal.. I think it’s great and really gets you to appreciate the smaller things in life… Similar to my new invention “MS Achievement Log” when I had my relapse in Jan I felt quite low and just a bit depressed by it all really… I’m a positive person and wanted to turn this negativity around.. and that’s when I created the “MS Achievement Log”, this is where I write down one thing every day what I have achieved throughout the day.. this couple be anything and so small too.. so when i look back it will make me feel more positive about my current and ongoing health situation. 

I won’t chat much about this section because most of you know that I absolutely LOVE meal planning! It’s helped me out so much even if I’m not eating super healthily.. just knowing what I’m having makes a massive difference to my stress levels and it’s so much cheaper too.. 

My YouTube & Blog post scheduler I’ve been doing since March, one of my goals this year was that I wanted to grow my YouTube channel and Blog and I’ve found writing down ideas has been great and kept me on track and to a schedule too.. even if I decide that I don’t want to do a video or a blog post on a certain topic then I just cross it out πŸ™‚ 

  So.. this page is a little different to usual.. on the left side is an actually diary entry.. it’s when I was feeling particularly low and i just decided to write down everything and write down exactly how I was feeling and I then decided to put this colourful card over the top as that was me saying “that’s finished now, you can move on” and then the other side is my “Monthly Tracker or Habbit Tracker” even though it’s every day things mainly it’s just all helped me keep on the straight and narrow really and I do this every month. 

Every other month or so I like to create some different recipes to try for lunches (dinners are quite and easy and try to be healthy too) and I love writing down and researching delicious recipes.. and then trying them.. it just gives me inspiration to continue to eat healthier. 

Exercise programme time! Things have changed now because Im doing a 30 day Yoga challenge for beginners so I don’t really do a exercise programme anymore.. but through the month of March I really stuck to this and found that I could really understand my body and learn what exercises I could and couldn’t do (e.g couldn’t go walking after work.. but I could do 20mins Yoga) 

Now this page was specially made for March… I properly came back to work after my relapse in March and I decided to create this log to see what points during the day at work that fatigue would set in.. to be honest though I hadn’t fully recovered from my relapse and zi found that there was really a pattern to my fatigue at that point.. whereas now I find that in the mornings before Breakfast and in the evenings is where Fatigue hits the most…However myself and my manager have come up with a lovely little routine so that helps a lot with my Fatigue πŸ™‚ 

Dailies, Dailies, Dailies.. there’s not much I can say about my Daily page apart from that you have them in all diaries and I like to make them as colourful as poss.. i just write down things that need completing or doing etc and then to k them off once they’re done πŸ™‚ that’s pretty much it really πŸ™‚ 

Now this part is a new addition for March.. it’s a log to “Help With Fatigue After Work” I think I may have spoken about this briefly before in a post.. but I have created little daily tasks to follow to help relax me in the evenings.. before getting the bullet journal I would panic and rush around to get everything done and even before getting changed out of my work clothes.. where as now… The first thing I do is make a nice cup of tea before I do anything else when I get it.. I just needed a little reminder that I need to relax after work not push myself further! 

And finally we come into April… I’m going to end my blog post here this week. If you would like to see a video of April in my Bullet Journal then please comment or like this post and I shall do another one… Please remember to check out my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj) where the video version of this post will be and I shall see you all next week! 

Love you all lots and I hope you had a great weekend 

Hannah xx

Going Back To Work – Full Time!Β 

Hi everyone…How are you all doing!? I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend? 

So…As you’re reading this it will have been my first week back at work full time!! 

This feels like such a massive achievement for me as there have been times when I have felt that I wouldnt get back to “Normal”… But then I thought… I will never be “normal” but.. what is normal? So then I turned it on its head…. “Look how far I’ve come!! I went through a pretty bad relapse, which took a lot out of me and I’m now going back to work full time…” 

So I’ve thrown this “wanting to be normal..” Feeling out the window.. I’m going to work WITH my illness and learn to embrace it..And I am so proud of myself on how far I’ve come. 

So… carry on reading to find out how my first week is going… 

Monday 10th April

Well I woke up this morning feeling quite good.. i had got everything ready the night before so all i need to do this morning is get ready.. when I was on reduced hours I would try and get up early each day in preparation for going back to work full time…So I’m kind of already used to it. 

I feel a bit tired but I think that’s just normal… I don’t feel fatigued.. also my new breaks at work are really helping me.. (1/2hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon) so i think I’m gonna be okay 😊… It’s just strange I guess I’ve been on reduced ours for quite a while lol.. so it’s all about getting back into the swing of things… Right… Time to go! I’ll check in this evening to let you know how I feel on my first day…

Well it’s about 9pm and I’ll soon be putting my phone out of the way and getting ready to go to sleep… I am exhausted but also feel great at the same time.. I did it! I achieved my first day back.. I am so grateful because a colleavue is giving my lift home to help me out. I started getting the fatigued symptoms a lot at around 3:45pm… But managed to perk up a little towards the end of the day (coffee helped!!) 

It is a long day and I know it’s going to take time to get back into the swing of things… But I completed my first day! So… *Thumbs up* for that! 

Tuesday 11th April

Right guys… This is my second day. I’m actually on my second break at the moment just resting before I go back! 

Starting to drop in energy levels at the moment so it might be time for that little caffeine hit to get me through the last bit… I am still enjoying it though so that’s a positive.. and I’m also sticking to my little daily tasks when i get home to help myself too.. (see my previous blog posts on “Managing Fatigue” to find out more on this) 

When i get home tonight I’m just going to put a Slimming World ready meal in the oven and then my lovely George is sorting lunches out for tomorrow.. I did prep some stuff this morning to help him too… It’s all about planning!! I LOVE planning!! 

Right… I feel myself dropping off now…Definitely need that coffee!! 

So…I made it through my second day lol..And that coffee really did help as it just gave me that little push through the last part of the day.. 

Something has been getting on my nerves lately.. someone keeps saying to me “I’m so knackered… I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next two days…” Yes i know everyone is allowed to be tired.. but to hear this moaning constantly and then for then to turn around to me and say.. “I’m going out Thursday and Saturday night now for a night out”….Like seriously!!?? Complaoning that you’re so exhausted and that you don’t know how you’re going to get through the next few days and then to turn around and say that you’re going on nights out…TWICE this week?? Whereas I can barely stay away past 9:30pm every night cause being back full time has most certainly taken a lot out of me.. but i don’t moan at all… The fact that i cant go out on nights out because I’m exhausted lol..

With this like this i just have to smile to myself and think “you have no idea what true exhaustion actually feels like!” Anyway rant over (sorry i just needed to get that out)

Anyway i got home from work had a nice cup of tea and a good rest…Then i prepared lunches for the next day (a lot of it I had already prepared) and then made dinner (Slimming World sweet potato curry ready meal with rice) and then went to bed. 

Wednesday 12th April

Good Morning everyone, it’s my third day today and i think I’m starting to feel a bit more tired than usual.. but not too bad.. I’ve stuck to my weekly “relaxing tasks” and have been doing some yoga here and there and also been getting home from work a little earlier than normal and I think that’s all really helped me 😊 so I’m not feeling as bad! 

Right.. I must get ready for work now (7:15am) so I’ll catch you all later.. have a good day 😊

Ooh.. it’s a lot later now (it’s in fact Thursday lol) the rest of yesterday was fine and I didn’t need as many coffees as I thought I would of needed lol… I had a lovely evening with my sister afterwards… We didn’t do much just have food etc. 

I feel like I’m doing well… Planning is the ultimate key in all of this and I really thinking planning food and tasks etc really helps me to control my fatigue and keep it at bay.. I’ve also been learning to rest when needed and relax on my lunch breaks which really helps. 

Thursday 11th April

So today is my day off.. and last night I actually had food poisoning lol!! So I have spent pretty much all day in bed… It has really helped me and I knew that if I hadn’t fully rested then tomorrow will be so much harder! So I’m slowly learning to “PACE” with this condition…But don’t get me wrong… It’s hard to manage it because sometimes i don’t feel like I’m sick and that’s when it bites you in the bum! 

Two more days of work and that will complete my first week back “full time” hehe.. so I’ll see you all tomorrow 😊

Friday 14th April 

Friday! It has come… Although I work Saturdays I still have that Friday feeling.. I feel like I’m getting used to being back full time now.. it’s a good feeling, however i do need to take my time and make sure I rest, which I have been doing and have found that has really helped.. also when I get home and stick to my little plan really helps too.. i know I sound like a broken record.. but it’s true.. planning really does help me! 

I do feel particularly tired today… But I think with the food poisoning early hours of Thursday morning has just knocked me back a little.. i have been really careful today and I’ll be getting a lift home so at least i wont be home late and dinner tonight is something easy and George has offered to help and prepare which I’m forever grateful for… He truly is amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without him! 

Last day of my first week tomorrow… Let’s see how that goes..But all in all… It’s been good! πŸ™‚ 

Saturday 15th April 

I’ve made it!! My final day back to work full time.. and it was absolutely fine.. i feel like I have had a good and I’m learning to manage my MS every single day! 

I’m currently writing this on Easter Sunday at my Aunt’s and we’ve just had a picnic and an Easter egg hunt, which was wonderful! Now sat in the front room with the log burner going waiting for a lovely Sinmel cake 😊

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it.. let me know what you thought to it. 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and bank holoday. 

Love Hannah xx

What I Eat In A Day – 3 – Sunday Edition

Hey everyone… Me again! I hope you’ve all had a great week and weekend!? Let me know what youve been up to 😊

As the title would suggest, this is another “What I eat in a day” post… I think my last posts got a few hits, so I’ll continue to write them. 

Now this “What I eat in a day” is going to based around Sunday… This is my normal day off work and Sundays is a day of slight indulgence for us.. as well as still trying to keep on the healthy side too.. 

I’ve also filmed a YouTube video on this topic too.. so if you’d like to visualise this post then click on this link below… http://www.YouTube.com/hannahsmithswj

Right… Let’s get onto the meals…

Breakfast – Traditional English Fry Up

We very rarely have this but a classic English Fry up is just so comforting and delicious!! There’s not much to say about how i cooked this as it’s quite self explanatory and a lot of people like to cook fried breakfasts differently than others.. here are the things that I used to make my fried breakfast a little more healthier. 

Fry light cooking spray (1 calorie spray – no oil!!)

Bacon Medallions – contains virtually no fat

Baked beans

Tesco lighter sausages

1 slice toast (from 400g loaf of bread)

2x eggs

If any of you reading this follow the Slimming World plan.. I’m pretty sure that this breakfast would be quite low in syns, which even though I don’t follow the plan anymore, Still try maintain what i learnt on the Slimming World plan. 

Lunch – Buddah Bowl (Vegan)

Now this recipe is not only vegan, delicious and super filling.. but also so quick and easy to make! George and I absolutely love this recipe ever since we found it on “Myvirginkitchen” YouTube channel…Barry Lewis made this delicious vegan recipe requested from one of his subscribers I believe and once George and I saw it.. we wanted to create it ourselves!! 

You can find the recipe on the My Virgin Kitchen Website which is http://www.myvirginkitchen.com and also on his YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/Myvirginkitchen 

Here’s what we used – 

Red and yellow pepper

Coconut fry light


Coconut oil (only oil we use) 

Chick peas

Mild curry powder

1 red onion


Sweet chilli sauce

Seasame seeds

I definitely think you guys should give this a go.. i absolutely loved it and I’m all about quick and easy meals at the moment 😊 this gets a massive *thumbs up* from me lol.

Dinner – WeightWatchers beef hotpot with steamed veggies and mashed potato

Dinner time!! Now this is the time when my fatigue starts to kick in.. especially if I’ve been at work all day or been busy, which is why i like to make sure that my evening meals are not only healthy but quick and easy too.. 

When I say “quick and easy” I also mean as little effort as possible… I’m not a massive “ready meal” fan, however when i do eat them I make sure I chose wisely and make sure their healthy ones..Eg Slimming World ready meals are my favourite. 

So tonight we had a “Weight Watchers” ready meal each (they’re quite small portions) and this one was the beef hotpot… I’m not a massive fan of the weight watchers meals, but this one happens to be my favourite. 

With this I added some steamed veggies and I made my delicious creamy mashed potato.. NO BUTTER used!! Here’s how I made my mashed potato “creamy”

I added 1tbsp semi skimmed milk and then…. 1 egg! Yes 1 raw egg to the potato.. this is a Slimming World secret lol.. well i learnt this in group one time.. and by mixing in 1 egg it just turns the potato into an absolutely perfect creamy consistency and you don’t taste the egg at all! 

It was such a “hassle-free” meal to prepare so if you’re struggling with fatigue or anything and would like a quick, easy meal then I would definitely recommend this.. chose the right ready meals and they aren’t as bad as you think (obviously have in moderation)

And that everyone is my 3rd “What I eat in a day”… I hope you all enjoyed reading this.. and don’t forget to have a little look at my YouTube channel for the video version of this 😊 I also pre-made my breakfast for Monday too from Niomi Smart’s “Eat Smart” recipe book.. which is in my video. 

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and have a great week ahead and I’ll see you all next week. 

Much Love

Hannah xx

“Being Normal”Β 

Hey everyone I hope you’re all okay? 

Firstly sorry if this is a bit of a ranty blog post.. i just wanted to get everything out there of how I’m feeling sometimes. Also this isn’t this weeks main blog post.. I just wanted to post this to get things off my mind. 

So… Like most post people with chronic illnesses you have good days and bad days… We try to thrive on the good days and just cope with the bad ones.. 

The main thing is that we ALL want to try and live life as “Normally” as possible.. that’s what I hear and say myself all the time… “I just want to live my life as Normally as possible” trying everyday to manage and deal with the fact that I have an invisible illness that sometimes doesnt give me any symptoms so therefore I have the split second of feeling normality, which in turn makes me feel great and so I push myself a bit……That’s the mistake I make constantly….Because when I do this… I then suffer for it the following day! 

Then there’s the other thing… I’ve had a few people say to me recently.. “I don’t want you to be ill”….Hmmm…. You know what… I don’t particularly want to be ill at the ripe age of 26 (diagnosed at 24) either!! Funny that isn’t it?! I think that’s what’s been bothering me the most of late…That phrase from people.. sometimes I want to turn around and shout at them “How do you think I feel? Do you think i want to be ill too?… Do you think I want to be in bed by 9:30 most nights just to ensure I get enough rest for the following day? Do you think I want to have to plan every little trip I do to ensure I don’t waste energy or become fatigued? Do you think I want to turn down nights out or meals out because I’m too knackered and just want to go home?!……NO….All I want is to be normal!!” 

But then thinking about all this got me thinking (lol)…. What is normal?! Who is normal? I don’t think anyone leads a “normal’ life.. everyone’s life is unique and different in some way.. the word normal.. suggests that you just exsist… Whereas living a “Unique Life”… Now that sounds better… I was able to think about this whilst practicing my Yoga routine (Yoga is amazing I’d definitely recommend it!!) 

I thought… I don’t live a “Normal life”… I live a “Unique Life”… Where yes I have to go to bed early so that I can embrace the following day… Yes I have to plan trips right down the last detail so that I can fully enjoy them and have a great time… Yes i turn down going in the evenings if I’ve had a particularly busy day and need the rest… I DO NOT push myself.. I’m learning that resting when you need to and taking your time is far more important as you get to enjoy life’s little moments! 

So this blog post is to help anyone out there who is struggling or finding it difficult to accept things… Whatever they may be… Do not let other people tell you how you feel.. if anyone tells you that you just need to try and live your life as “Normally” as possible… You say to them NO! I will live a unique life, one that allows me to enjoy all aspects of life… If someone tells you that “they don’t want you to be ill” you say to them… Well no… I don’t want to be ill either.. but I am.. nothings going to change and we must embrace it and work with it. 

Stand up for your illness… Dont shut it out or hide it away.. and also don’t hide yourself away either.. embrace your unique life and work with your illness so you can enjoy your life as much and humanly possible.. however that may be! 

So… That is all I have to say about that lol.. I know it’s a little “rant” but I do try to turn things from negatives​ into positives.. so hopefully this has helped someone.. 

I’ll see you all in tomorrow’s post and i hope you’re having a good weekend! 

Much Love

Hannah xx

Stress-Free Morning Routine 2017

Hello Everyone, so as the title would suggest… This is going to be my “Stress Free Morning Routine 2017″… Now because I work 5 days a week.. this morning routine is going to be on a day that I’m getting ready for work… Unfortunately there won’t be any pics in this blog post… So I made a video on my YouTube channel of this exact same routine and you can check that out if you click on this link-: http://www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj

Right.. lets begin…

6:30am – Alarm goes off (George’s alarm or Arthur wakes me up!!) 

So I usually lay in bed for a few minutes before I get up, I’ve been putting my phone out of the way lately at night and sometimes I even turn it off before bed and it’s made a huge difference when i go to sleep..I seem to be a lot more relaxed and in the morning I don’t grab my phone straight away either… I allow my body to wake up before I get my phone. 


This is the time when I usually get up, I always need the toilet before anything else lol and then I head on downstairs. 

I always make sure before any beverages i drink 1 tall glass of cold water.. again this has been great in helping me to wake up in the mornings.. the colder the water I drink, the more awake I feel! Once I’ve had that I then usually have either a small tea/coffee — I’m obsessed with this coffee by Nescafe.. it’s called Azera and the Americano one is so smooth and fully of flavour! 

Whilst the kettle is boiling I have to give Arthur his breakfast.. he’s always demanding around 6:30am for his breakfast but I make him wait until about 7:00am (Arthur is my cat to any of you who aren’t aware)… I also make sure his litter box is clean and he has enough water. 

Also whilst the kettle is boiling (yes it takes an age lol!!) I quickly prepare my breakfast.. as you all know I usually have porridge in the mornings, so I measure out how much I’d like and combine with water, and get all the fixings to go with it.. just so when I come back down once I’m ready, I don’t have to do this!

Once my beverage of choice is made.. I then head back on upstairs and it’s time to get ready! 


This is the time when I get ready, I usually leave the house around 7:50am.. so I make sure that getting ready especially my makeup takes up as little time as possible… I’ve now got my makeup down to doing in 10mins which is fab for me lol It used to take at least 20mins!!… But now what I’ve found is that I use less products… If you’d like I may write a blog post on “My Everyday Makeup Routine” please let me know, if anyone is interested? 

So, I head into the bathroom and wash my face with Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 face wash.. and my body with Radox shower gel.. I then go back into the bedroom and complete my skincare & makeup routine.

Right at the end of my makeup whilst i let my mascara dry.. I go and brush my teeth! I know some people brush their teeth the minute they get up, but I have either tea or coffee in the mornings, so I like to have that first. Once I’ve brushed my teeth I then sort out my hair (if you’ve not seen my video/blog post “Back To Work Evening Routine” then click on the link at the top of this post and you will see that I actually style my hair (straighten) it in the evenings!!) It’s saved me such a lot of time styling my hair in the evenings as some days all i have to do is brush it and it’s good to go!! 

Once I’m dressed and sorted my life out, it’s time to head downstairs for breakfast! (Usually I would have breakfast at work because I leave the house at 7:50… But at the moment I’m still on reduced hours, so I have my breakfast at home.) 


Once I’m downstairs I make a start on breakfast.. this doesn’t take me long at all either because I had already prepared this earlier.. whilst my oats are cooking I get out my lunch things and pack them into my bag.

Before I dig into my breakfast I always make sure I take my vitamins (I’m taking Ferraglobin– it’s expensive but I think I’m noticing a difference on the FATIGUE front) and I also have a Berrocca/alternative, then I take my breakfast into the front room (remember to take a pic for Instsgram?!!??) And I catch up on Social Media (INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT — hannaheliza_1990 & TWITTER ACCOUNT — HannahEliza1) and my YouTube subscriptions until I’m finished. 

I then make sure the kitchen is nice and tidy before I leave as I like coming home to a neat and tidy kitchen. (Less mess = Less Stress!!) 


It has come to that time where I gather my things together and head out of the door to work… I know what I’ve spoken about seems a lot to do in the mornings and sometimes depending on my fatigue levels, I find it quite difficult.. however I try and maintain this routine every working day as it does get me going and keeps me focused too!! Same as my Evening Routine, which I may film & write a post if you’re all interested??! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.. I love writing entries on my blog.. I feel likes it’s an escape from the real world for a little bit!

I hope you’ve all have a lovely weekend.. catch you all next week! 

Much Love

Hannah xx