Stress-Free Morning Routine 2017

Hello Everyone, so as the title would suggest… This is going to be my “Stress Free Morning Routine 2017″… Now because I work 5 days a week.. this morning routine is going to be on a day that I’m getting ready for work… Unfortunately there won’t be any pics in this blog post… So I made a video on my YouTube channel of this exact same routine and you can check that out if you click on this link-:

Right.. lets begin…

6:30am – Alarm goes off (George’s alarm or Arthur wakes me up!!) 

So I usually lay in bed for a few minutes before I get up, I’ve been putting my phone out of the way lately at night and sometimes I even turn it off before bed and it’s made a huge difference when i go to sleep..I seem to be a lot more relaxed and in the morning I don’t grab my phone straight away either… I allow my body to wake up before I get my phone. 


This is the time when I usually get up, I always need the toilet before anything else lol and then I head on downstairs. 

I always make sure before any beverages i drink 1 tall glass of cold water.. again this has been great in helping me to wake up in the mornings.. the colder the water I drink, the more awake I feel! Once I’ve had that I then usually have either a small tea/coffee — I’m obsessed with this coffee by Nescafe.. it’s called Azera and the Americano one is so smooth and fully of flavour! 

Whilst the kettle is boiling I have to give Arthur his breakfast.. he’s always demanding around 6:30am for his breakfast but I make him wait until about 7:00am (Arthur is my cat to any of you who aren’t aware)… I also make sure his litter box is clean and he has enough water. 

Also whilst the kettle is boiling (yes it takes an age lol!!) I quickly prepare my breakfast.. as you all know I usually have porridge in the mornings, so I measure out how much I’d like and combine with water, and get all the fixings to go with it.. just so when I come back down once I’m ready, I don’t have to do this!

Once my beverage of choice is made.. I then head back on upstairs and it’s time to get ready! 


This is the time when I get ready, I usually leave the house around 7:50am.. so I make sure that getting ready especially my makeup takes up as little time as possible… I’ve now got my makeup down to doing in 10mins which is fab for me lol It used to take at least 20mins!!… But now what I’ve found is that I use less products… If you’d like I may write a blog post on “My Everyday Makeup Routine” please let me know, if anyone is interested? 

So, I head into the bathroom and wash my face with Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 face wash.. and my body with Radox shower gel.. I then go back into the bedroom and complete my skincare & makeup routine.

Right at the end of my makeup whilst i let my mascara dry.. I go and brush my teeth! I know some people brush their teeth the minute they get up, but I have either tea or coffee in the mornings, so I like to have that first. Once I’ve brushed my teeth I then sort out my hair (if you’ve not seen my video/blog post “Back To Work Evening Routine” then click on the link at the top of this post and you will see that I actually style my hair (straighten) it in the evenings!!) It’s saved me such a lot of time styling my hair in the evenings as some days all i have to do is brush it and it’s good to go!! 

Once I’m dressed and sorted my life out, it’s time to head downstairs for breakfast! (Usually I would have breakfast at work because I leave the house at 7:50… But at the moment I’m still on reduced hours, so I have my breakfast at home.) 


Once I’m downstairs I make a start on breakfast.. this doesn’t take me long at all either because I had already prepared this earlier.. whilst my oats are cooking I get out my lunch things and pack them into my bag.

Before I dig into my breakfast I always make sure I take my vitamins (I’m taking Ferraglobin– it’s expensive but I think I’m noticing a difference on the FATIGUE front) and I also have a Berrocca/alternative, then I take my breakfast into the front room (remember to take a pic for Instsgram?!!??) And I catch up on Social Media (INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT — hannaheliza_1990 & TWITTER ACCOUNT — HannahEliza1) and my YouTube subscriptions until I’m finished. 

I then make sure the kitchen is nice and tidy before I leave as I like coming home to a neat and tidy kitchen. (Less mess = Less Stress!!) 


It has come to that time where I gather my things together and head out of the door to work… I know what I’ve spoken about seems a lot to do in the mornings and sometimes depending on my fatigue levels, I find it quite difficult.. however I try and maintain this routine every working day as it does get me going and keeps me focused too!! Same as my Evening Routine, which I may film & write a post if you’re all interested??! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.. I love writing entries on my blog.. I feel likes it’s an escape from the real world for a little bit!

I hope you’ve all have a lovely weekend.. catch you all next week! 

Much Love

Hannah xx


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