Going Back To Work – Full Time! 

Hi everyone…How are you all doing!? I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend? 

So…As you’re reading this it will have been my first week back at work full time!! 

This feels like such a massive achievement for me as there have been times when I have felt that I wouldnt get back to “Normal”… But then I thought… I will never be “normal” but.. what is normal? So then I turned it on its head…. “Look how far I’ve come!! I went through a pretty bad relapse, which took a lot out of me and I’m now going back to work full time…” 

So I’ve thrown this “wanting to be normal..” Feeling out the window.. I’m going to work WITH my illness and learn to embrace it..And I am so proud of myself on how far I’ve come. 

So… carry on reading to find out how my first week is going… 

Monday 10th April

Well I woke up this morning feeling quite good.. i had got everything ready the night before so all i need to do this morning is get ready.. when I was on reduced hours I would try and get up early each day in preparation for going back to work full time…So I’m kind of already used to it. 

I feel a bit tired but I think that’s just normal… I don’t feel fatigued.. also my new breaks at work are really helping me.. (1/2hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon) so i think I’m gonna be okay 😊… It’s just strange I guess I’ve been on reduced ours for quite a while lol.. so it’s all about getting back into the swing of things… Right… Time to go! I’ll check in this evening to let you know how I feel on my first day…

Well it’s about 9pm and I’ll soon be putting my phone out of the way and getting ready to go to sleep… I am exhausted but also feel great at the same time.. I did it! I achieved my first day back.. I am so grateful because a colleavue is giving my lift home to help me out. I started getting the fatigued symptoms a lot at around 3:45pm… But managed to perk up a little towards the end of the day (coffee helped!!) 

It is a long day and I know it’s going to take time to get back into the swing of things… But I completed my first day! So… *Thumbs up* for that! 

Tuesday 11th April

Right guys… This is my second day. I’m actually on my second break at the moment just resting before I go back! 

Starting to drop in energy levels at the moment so it might be time for that little caffeine hit to get me through the last bit… I am still enjoying it though so that’s a positive.. and I’m also sticking to my little daily tasks when i get home to help myself too.. (see my previous blog posts on “Managing Fatigue” to find out more on this) 

When i get home tonight I’m just going to put a Slimming World ready meal in the oven and then my lovely George is sorting lunches out for tomorrow.. I did prep some stuff this morning to help him too… It’s all about planning!! I LOVE planning!! 

Right… I feel myself dropping off now…Definitely need that coffee!! 

So…I made it through my second day lol..And that coffee really did help as it just gave me that little push through the last part of the day.. 

Something has been getting on my nerves lately.. someone keeps saying to me “I’m so knackered… I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next two days…” Yes i know everyone is allowed to be tired.. but to hear this moaning constantly and then for then to turn around to me and say.. “I’m going out Thursday and Saturday night now for a night out”….Like seriously!!?? Complaoning that you’re so exhausted and that you don’t know how you’re going to get through the next few days and then to turn around and say that you’re going on nights out…TWICE this week?? Whereas I can barely stay away past 9:30pm every night cause being back full time has most certainly taken a lot out of me.. but i don’t moan at all… The fact that i cant go out on nights out because I’m exhausted lol..

With this like this i just have to smile to myself and think “you have no idea what true exhaustion actually feels like!” Anyway rant over (sorry i just needed to get that out)

Anyway i got home from work had a nice cup of tea and a good rest…Then i prepared lunches for the next day (a lot of it I had already prepared) and then made dinner (Slimming World sweet potato curry ready meal with rice) and then went to bed. 

Wednesday 12th April

Good Morning everyone, it’s my third day today and i think I’m starting to feel a bit more tired than usual.. but not too bad.. I’ve stuck to my weekly “relaxing tasks” and have been doing some yoga here and there and also been getting home from work a little earlier than normal and I think that’s all really helped me 😊 so I’m not feeling as bad! 

Right.. I must get ready for work now (7:15am) so I’ll catch you all later.. have a good day 😊

Ooh.. it’s a lot later now (it’s in fact Thursday lol) the rest of yesterday was fine and I didn’t need as many coffees as I thought I would of needed lol… I had a lovely evening with my sister afterwards… We didn’t do much just have food etc. 

I feel like I’m doing well… Planning is the ultimate key in all of this and I really thinking planning food and tasks etc really helps me to control my fatigue and keep it at bay.. I’ve also been learning to rest when needed and relax on my lunch breaks which really helps. 

Thursday 11th April

So today is my day off.. and last night I actually had food poisoning lol!! So I have spent pretty much all day in bed… It has really helped me and I knew that if I hadn’t fully rested then tomorrow will be so much harder! So I’m slowly learning to “PACE” with this condition…But don’t get me wrong… It’s hard to manage it because sometimes i don’t feel like I’m sick and that’s when it bites you in the bum! 

Two more days of work and that will complete my first week back “full time” hehe.. so I’ll see you all tomorrow 😊

Friday 14th April 

Friday! It has come… Although I work Saturdays I still have that Friday feeling.. I feel like I’m getting used to being back full time now.. it’s a good feeling, however i do need to take my time and make sure I rest, which I have been doing and have found that has really helped.. also when I get home and stick to my little plan really helps too.. i know I sound like a broken record.. but it’s true.. planning really does help me! 

I do feel particularly tired today… But I think with the food poisoning early hours of Thursday morning has just knocked me back a little.. i have been really careful today and I’ll be getting a lift home so at least i wont be home late and dinner tonight is something easy and George has offered to help and prepare which I’m forever grateful for… He truly is amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without him! 

Last day of my first week tomorrow… Let’s see how that goes..But all in all… It’s been good! 🙂 

Saturday 15th April 

I’ve made it!! My final day back to work full time.. and it was absolutely fine.. i feel like I have had a good and I’m learning to manage my MS every single day! 

I’m currently writing this on Easter Sunday at my Aunt’s and we’ve just had a picnic and an Easter egg hunt, which was wonderful! Now sat in the front room with the log burner going waiting for a lovely Sinmel cake 😊

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it.. let me know what you thought to it. 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and bank holoday. 

Love Hannah xx


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