Bullet Journal Flip Through – March

Hello everyone how are you all? I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend 🙂 

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So this weeks entry is going to be a Bullet Journal one (obviously from the title!!) As you all know I am borderline obsessed with my Bullet Journal and it has helped me tremendously with managing and coping with Multiple Sclerosis. 

When I started my Bullet Journal I didn’t really know what sort of direction or plan I was going to take.. I didn’t really have any ideas of my own at the time.. I was heavily inspired by BoHo Berry (If you’re starting a Journal I’d highly recommend checking her out) 

My Bullet Journal has changed a lot Id say since March.. I’ve found a little routine and pattern and use it to help me manage my Multiple Sclerosis on a daily basis.. I also find it so therapeutic because I’m creative.. so creating pages and colouring is a great relaxer. 

So… Let’s get on with the Flip Through of my Bullet Journal.. March entry…

The lens that I use are the Paper Mate Flair Original Felt Pens, The Stabilo 88 fine liners and the Staedler (sorry if misspelt) TriPlus Fine liners… I use have a couple of plain black ball point pens that I got from The Works.. and these are great! 

I have been doing a “Gratitude Log” now since Jan 2017 when I started my Bullet Journal.. I think it’s great and really gets you to appreciate the smaller things in life… Similar to my new invention “MS Achievement Log” when I had my relapse in Jan I felt quite low and just a bit depressed by it all really… I’m a positive person and wanted to turn this negativity around.. and that’s when I created the “MS Achievement Log”, this is where I write down one thing every day what I have achieved throughout the day.. this couple be anything and so small too.. so when i look back it will make me feel more positive about my current and ongoing health situation. 

I won’t chat much about this section because most of you know that I absolutely LOVE meal planning! It’s helped me out so much even if I’m not eating super healthily.. just knowing what I’m having makes a massive difference to my stress levels and it’s so much cheaper too.. 

My YouTube & Blog post scheduler I’ve been doing since March, one of my goals this year was that I wanted to grow my YouTube channel and Blog and I’ve found writing down ideas has been great and kept me on track and to a schedule too.. even if I decide that I don’t want to do a video or a blog post on a certain topic then I just cross it out 🙂 

  So.. this page is a little different to usual.. on the left side is an actually diary entry.. it’s when I was feeling particularly low and i just decided to write down everything and write down exactly how I was feeling and I then decided to put this colourful card over the top as that was me saying “that’s finished now, you can move on” and then the other side is my “Monthly Tracker or Habbit Tracker” even though it’s every day things mainly it’s just all helped me keep on the straight and narrow really and I do this every month. 

Every other month or so I like to create some different recipes to try for lunches (dinners are quite and easy and try to be healthy too) and I love writing down and researching delicious recipes.. and then trying them.. it just gives me inspiration to continue to eat healthier. 

Exercise programme time! Things have changed now because Im doing a 30 day Yoga challenge for beginners so I don’t really do a exercise programme anymore.. but through the month of March I really stuck to this and found that I could really understand my body and learn what exercises I could and couldn’t do (e.g couldn’t go walking after work.. but I could do 20mins Yoga) 

Now this page was specially made for March… I properly came back to work after my relapse in March and I decided to create this log to see what points during the day at work that fatigue would set in.. to be honest though I hadn’t fully recovered from my relapse and zi found that there was really a pattern to my fatigue at that point.. whereas now I find that in the mornings before Breakfast and in the evenings is where Fatigue hits the most…However myself and my manager have come up with a lovely little routine so that helps a lot with my Fatigue 🙂 

Dailies, Dailies, Dailies.. there’s not much I can say about my Daily page apart from that you have them in all diaries and I like to make them as colourful as poss.. i just write down things that need completing or doing etc and then to k them off once they’re done 🙂 that’s pretty much it really 🙂 

Now this part is a new addition for March.. it’s a log to “Help With Fatigue After Work” I think I may have spoken about this briefly before in a post.. but I have created little daily tasks to follow to help relax me in the evenings.. before getting the bullet journal I would panic and rush around to get everything done and even before getting changed out of my work clothes.. where as now… The first thing I do is make a nice cup of tea before I do anything else when I get it.. I just needed a little reminder that I need to relax after work not push myself further! 

And finally we come into April… I’m going to end my blog post here this week. If you would like to see a video of April in my Bullet Journal then please comment or like this post and I shall do another one… Please remember to check out my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj) where the video version of this post will be and I shall see you all next week! 

Love you all lots and I hope you had a great weekend 

Hannah xx


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