April Favourites

Hello everyone.. Wow!! Where has April gone??!! And also isn’t it cold??!! What’s the weather like with you guys? 

So.. It’s Monthly Favourites time again and I have been loving a lot of things this month!! If any of you would like to see the video version of this blog post then head on over to my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj) as I’ve done a video too.

*DISCLAIMER* The products that I speak about are all my own genuine opinions… I have not been sponsored for my video or blog post.  

So let’s get started!! 


Now recently I purchased a new Skin Care regime set from SuperDrug (SuperDrug is a Drugstore based in the UK) and it was a set by Garnier.. it’s in the *Skin Active* range and what attracted me to this so much was the fact that all of these products contain *NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES AND NO ARTICIAL COLOURANTS* 

Immediately I was drawn to that.. I still love my Origins skin care but at the moment I need some a bit more affordable.. and I tell you something.. I got this whole range for under £15.00!! What a bargain!!! 

It comes in I believe 3 different ranges:- Normal/Combination skin, Sensitive/Dry skin and Very Dry — I went for Normal/Combination skin and I got cleanser, micellar water, toner and moisturiser.. they also do face wipes too! 

So far I have been loving this range and will definitely be purchasing again once I run out! I don’t use the moisturiser during the day as it can be quite ‘oily’ for me.. but I definitely use it at night and I makes me skin so so soft 🙂 


I’m sure I’ve spoken about this in a previous blog post/video but I am so in love with the Avon Makeup Setting Spray!! It just holds my makeup in place all day long and I haven’t found another one so far that just does the job for me!! It’s such an affordable price too (when it’s on offer especially at £3.00 per bottle.. usually £6.00) I’d highly recommend this product if your after something that just holds your makeup in place all day long!! The only negative I have to say about this product is that when you spray it, it does feel a little like hair spray lol as it starts off a bit stickybut soon drys. 

Avon Sleep Spray

Now I absolutely LOVE sleep sprays.. I used to use one from Holland and Barrett.. but my lovely partner found this one on Amazon and it was a set of three for just under £10.00! It’s got that lovely lavender scent and I kid you not as soon as I spray this I’m asleep within 10 minutes… Personally for me it relaxes me so much that I very easily drift off to sleep… I know you have these special pillow sprays you see in John Lewis but I find the *Avon* one to be just as good for me and at a fraction of the price! I hope anyone out there looking for a sleep pillow spray gives this one a go 🙂 

Hask shampoo & conditioner

This has been a fairly recent purchase.. I’ve been loving anything “coconut” scented and I just happened to see these in again SuperDrug lol.. I was drawn to them because they said “coconut oil” and smelt divine.. but when I got home, I noticed that they also didn’t contain *PARABENS OR SULFATES* which I thought was an added bonus! They are quite pricey at £6.99 each.. however it’s highly worth it cause my hair feels and smells amazing once I’ve used them! 

Barry M Daylight Curing Top Coat

I always love to make sure I have nicely manicured nails.. I love painting them but I also like them to have the salon look… I have been using the Barry M Daylight Curing topcoat for ages now and I also get comments that my nails look like gel nails.. I use any nail colour and then just add this top coat… It’s amazing and last for at least 5 days and I have quite a busy lifestyle so ithink five days with the same nail varnish is great! 

Next Perfume – Summer Sun (New for 2017)

I absolutely LOVE Next perfumes.. in fact I think I almost have their entire collection!! It was my sister who discovered their latest scent and I absolutely loved it!! It smells just like you’re on holiday (granted it might not be for everyone) it’s like this tropical scent with a hint of coconut and just smells divine! The best part is…. 100ml is only £12!!! I’d definitely recommend you popping into your local Next store and trying a sample of this fragrance 🙂 


Finally a little Stationary favourite.. it has to be my amazing Papermatr felt flair pens.. they come in such amazing colours and they are so vibrant and make my Bullet Journal look amazing and colourful! I brought these from Amazon for £5.99 for a set of 16 pens! I have a slight obsession and want ALL of the stationary.. but my birthday is coming up soon so we shall have to see what else I get! But if you’re looking for good felt pens.. then these are just simply fab! 

TV & Film 


Omg who watch BroadChurch??!! What did you all think to it?? I was drawn in right from the first season and so sad that it’s now over! David Tennant and Olivia Colman were fantastic together.. not to mention the entire cast! I was hooked from day one and March/April saw the story of Trish Winderman (I’m not going to say anymore, you’ll just have to watch it!) But I absolutely loved this series so much! 

Secret Life Of Pets

Now this is my inner child coming out!! A friend and I went to see this in the cinema and it was so hilarious! If any of you have pets then you simply MUST watch this!! They’ve captured pets so well and it’s such a wonderful family film to watch.. I’ve literally been watching it continuosly since it’s come out on DVD.. it’s just fab and the cat reminds me of my cat Arthur lol! 

And that my lovelies is all I have been loving throughout the Month of April! I hope you enjoyed this blog post.. please check out my video over on my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/hannahsmithswj) 

Love you all loads and I’ll see you next week 😊😊 

Hannah xx


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