What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Hey everyone,

I know right?! Long time no speak! Well I’ve had a birthday recently AND been poorly so I’ve had a little break from blogging to give myself time to recover… I’m feeling much better now and ready to get my teeth back into blogging! 

I was going to film a video about what I got for my birthday, however the things that I got.. I can’t really show on video (nothing rude before you start thinking lol!!) They’re just not physical objects… 

So I thought I’d write a blog post about them instead 🙂 I hope you enjoy the read, leave me any comments and I’ll be sure to reply…okay… Let’s get started! 

Driving Lessons

I had decided at the beginning of the year that 2017 was the year that I would learn to drive… I know I’m 27 and still don’t drive, however where I live doesn’t really require much driving… I can get to work and to my mum’s via public transport, I can walk to the shops if I need anything essential or do an online delivery shop and I can get into town easily too… 

The main reason of learning to drive is so that George and I have more freedom… We don’t have to rely on others to take us to places. Also if my MS is particularly bad one morning before work then I can have more rest in bed and drive into work that day… I’d also love to say to George one day.. “Hey, let’s go out!” It will be so much better!! 

So for my birthday my main present was money to go towards driving lessons.. my sister recommended her driving instructor and he is so lovely (I had my first lesson last week and LOVED it!!) He was really calm and funny and really made me feel at ease! 

I’m hoping in a few weeks to sit in for my theory test (I hate tests!!) So some of the money will go towards that too. 

YAY!! The other main present I asked for from George was a new Bullet Journal… The one I really wanted was a Leuchtturm 1917 dotter grid book and that is what he got for me… Also to go with it he got me some new washi tape and some colourful tabs! I absolutely love it and have already started in it! Maybe you’ll see a “Flip Through” soon 😊


Now my Aunt and I always like to “do something” for my birthday and make memories so this year she took me to London for afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Hyde Park! 

Once we got to London we obviously had to do the usual — Harrods, whenever we come to London we ALWAYS go to Harrods.. I mean.. it’s such lovely place we couldn’t possibly not go! We had a delicious lunch in the cafe upstairs, wandered around and admired all the gorgeous bedding! (I love bedding!!) And then had a look around the Harrods shop where I got a new water bottle and a Key Ring 😊

We then trotted off to the hotel for our afternoon tea, it’s currently having some renovation work done so we entered through the ballroom entrance.. it was gorgeous inside! Modern but yet beautifully elegant! The staff were absolutely outstanding and couldn’t do enough for us… When we arrived we were asked if we would like some water… THEN we were asked if we would like it “room temperature or chilled”!! That was the best part I think because I had never been asked anything like that before!! The waiters also came round a fluffed your cushions for you as you say down too which again… Impeccable service!! 

I opted for a gluten free afternoon tea because my stomach hadn’t been quite right.. and let me tell you! It was DELICIOUS! The sandwiches were lovely and moist, the scones and cakes were all delicious too.. ALL gluten free!! We couldn’t finish them all so the lovely waiter packaged up the rest and put it all in a gorgeous bag for us! We also bought some of the tea we had.. “White tea infuser with mango” it was delicious! 

All in all… This hotel is now our favourite.. we felt so relaxed and comfortable to just be ourselves here! We’ve been to The Savoy, Claridges and The Ritz… All amazing places, however Mandarin Oriental… I think tops them all!! We WILL be back!! We also went to the Ice Bar London.. and that was an amazing experience also! I’d highly recommend that to anyone 😊

(Check out my INSTSGRAM account to see more pics — hannaheliza_1990 :))


As well as driving lessons from my dad and step mum, my dad came down from where he lives in Yorkshire and took me out for a lovely lunch where I live.. we had a look around the shops and a cheeky drink before our meal.. then went to BILLS restaurant where I was greeted by a lovely bunch of flowers and a balloon on the table 😊 the food was delicious and the service was fab too! We then went back into the shopping centre and I got a lovely Superdry hoodie! I’ve always wanted something light that I could wear instead of my coat and this is perfect 😊 

My mum and step dad also gave me money for driving lessons, however my lovely mummy also gave me some vouchers for a spa that has recently opened near us and we are going to book a couple of treatments together.. I love anything spa related so I’m really looking forward to this 😊😊 

And finally my mum and sister got me this amazing Krispy Kreme doughnut cake and I absolutely LOVED IT!! I hope you enjoyed this blog post… Remember to leave me any comments and I’ll be sure to reply and I’ll see you all very soon 😊


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