Another MS relapse! 

Hey everyone..  well… We are here again!! Another MS relapse!

So.. how did it come about you’re all wondering?! Well with an MS relapse you never really know how they happen.. I suppose you’re more susceptible if you have an infection or have really over done things.. but this wasn’t the case this time. I’ve been feeling more fatigue lately and have had little twinges and things… But Tuesday night I went to bed with pretty severe nerve pain down my left side and in my legs.. I took 2 solpadol tablets and went to sleep.

Wednesday morning I woke up and still have a bit of pain and felt extreme exhaustion.. I continued to get ready for work etc, then George and I left for work. Whilst on the bus I came over even more fatigued to the point I started feeling almost faint! Then the feeling down my left side went!! I could feel my arm, face and leg! 

I grabbed George and he took my things and told me to get off the bus.. I went to stand up and just fell! It was so ebarrassing, George had to pull me up and drag me off the bus! Then comes the fear and emotions.. in tears at the bus stop I ring the hospital.. the receptionist told me to come straight to A&E.. here we go again then!

I get a call from my dad.. he was currently up north working (he also lives up there too) he immediately said “I can cancel my day, would you like me to come down?” And as soon as I said yes he was in the car and on his way! 

After getting to the hospital, having a ton of tests, George and my dad insisting the take photos to cheer me up.. the doctors said it was more than likely to be another MS relapse but we needed to wait to see if anything changed in 24-48 hours… So, I could go home! 

And here we are! I’ve been resting a lot and getting a lot of help from my lovely George.. I honestly don’t know where Id be without him! Hes having to do an awful lot for me at the moment.. dressing me and getting ready etc.. if you have someone who looks after you, hopefully youll understand how grateful I am to have him around. 

If anyone has any questions just let me know in the comments and I’d love to connect with you all! I hope you’re all having a good day and I’ll just try and get through this relapse… Again!! 

Love you all! 

Hannah xx


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