Going Through A Relapse

Hey everyone… How are you all? 

So it’s 25/06/17 and I’m still battling through this relapse.. I’m determined to make the tiniest of steps to improvement but at the moment my body just wants rest.. today in particular hasnt been too great. My anxiety has been quite high and I’ve been crying for no apparent reason (anyone else get that and no it’s not PMT lol) this morning in particular was bad.. crying every 5 mins and getting really anxious and things I couldn’t even explain. 

As the day has gone on however, I’ve pulled myself together and found things that have taken my mind off my anxiety and help me get through this day.. I’m going to go through what’s helped me and kept me focused. 

1) Crying is NOT a sign of weakness

Sometimes we just need a good cry, letting everything out really helps my anxiety and I feel when I hold back the tears thing just build up and up… Even if I can’t explain why I’m crying.. I sometimes say that I need to get it out and then I’ll be okay. 

2) Finding something to watch that takes your mind off things

For me these are Horror films mainly.. your all probably the thinking (why horror films, surely they’d make you more anxious?!) Well for me they don’t.. they really take my mind off the problems I’m having and I focus on what’s going on in the film.. especially if it’s a good suspense one! 

I also like to watch YouTube too.. some videos help me to escape.. some people have mentioned watching or listening to a meditation video… This is great and all very well and good.. but when you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack or you generally feel tense/emotional… Meditation doesn’t really help (well not for me) when I’m a bit calmer and not so teary then breathing exercises and mediation really helps – I often listen to this just before I go to sleep at night. 

3) Aroma Therapy oil diffuser

I have literally just bought one of these off Amazon today.. here is the link – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N6NOWRB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_z19tzbCS44S3K

I’ve heard so many positive things about these to help you relax so I’ll let you know how I get on with this 🙂 

4) My Bullet Journal

I’m not going to talk about this too much as I do talk about it alot! But I find my Bullet Journal such a comforter! I write anything in here and also plan things in it too 😊 

5) Connecting with Others

This has been such a massive help to me over the last week or two.. mainly through the Facebook group @survivinglifeshurdles and I set up it’s amazing and we all just chat together and ask each other all sorts of questions.. and I feel like we connect really well.. if anyone reading this would like to come and join us.. then here is the link for that too 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/groups/718223168361813/

6) Research and Exploring new diets (Veganism)

And finally for me taking my mind off things by exploring and researching new diets that could possibly help really takes my mind off feeling low and anxious etc..  exploring and researching the different foods we eat.. why and how they helps us. 

I’ve been doing a lot of researching and exploring “Veganism” and everytime I see something.. it’s always positive.. eg. Healthy hair, healthy nails, healthy skin, feeling more alert, more energy and generally feeling happy. Food is our drug and sometimes we pick the wrong kind and they become addictive… I’m going to try and ditch the rubbish food and indulge in foods that will hopefully be good for me. 

Now I need to finish what I have in the cupboards and fridge first (I hate wasting food) but once I have.. then I’m going to venture on into the Vegan world.. I’ve been vegetarian before and found it alright… To be honest I think I only went back to being a carnivore because I got lazy! Not this time I now need to pull my finger out and start looking after my body.. and heloing animals why I do that… Great! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post… I hope some people have found it helpful? And I’d love to hear your comments below! 

Much Love

Hannah xx


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