June Favourites 2017

Hey everyone, 

So I mentioned on Twitter recently that I’m not filming any videos at the moment due to going through an MS relapse.. however it’s not going to stop me from writing Blog Posts instead! 

What have I been loving this month??!! A little food, a lot of beauty and mainly sleep, rest and movies! Let’s get started… 


Since being off with this relapse I’ve been exploring different diets and foods and after a lot of research and thinking I’m going to make the slow transition to Veganism.. this is mainly to see if it helps my health condition.. my Doctor has said that as long as I make sure I get in all of my essential nutrients etc then she doesn’t have a problem with it… However since being off all I’ve wanted is comfort food.. quick and easy! 

If you’re thinking of changing your diet, please speak with your Doctor first.. I am NOT a dietician and I have consulted with my Doctor before fully changing. 

Ive already stopped drinking cows milk and drink mainly water, decaffeinated tea with almond milk and have been absolutely fine (haven’t been drinking cows milk for over a month) 

I’m eating what’s left in the fridge and freezer first but making small changes along the way.. 

Recently it’s all been about “quick and easy food” I’ve been too exhausted to be preparing meals everyday and sometimes I physically couldn’t make anything for myself! So.. it’s all about bulk cooking!!  

Making sure I have fruit pre-prepared and sandwiches pre-made.. that way I can I can just go to the fridge and literally pick out delicious healthy food to eat… I do the same with breakfast too.. I’ve bought this delicious granola from Tesco called Jordan’s oat and almond granola.. then a little soy yogurt and some fruit.. or pre-made smoothies.. where my partner helped chop up fruit and added all to a freezer bag with some spinach into the freezer.. so all I have to do is take it out and put it into the blender… 


Whilst I’ve been off work The Body Shop has been my vert good friend.. also if you have O2 Priorities sometimes they have offeres for The Body Shop.. so yes.. I purchased a few bits 😊

I got a Body Scrub, Body Butter, a gorgeous contour pallet, an eyeshadow palette, some conditioner and 2 brushes.. when I opened this it made me very happy and I’ve been loving them ever since and the other day I out some makeup on for the first time in 2 weeks!


About a week ago I purchased an Aroma Therapy oil diffuser on Amazon it has mood lighting and releases vapers of whatever oil scent you put into it. 

I have it on every night and it’s so relaxing and helps me to get to sleep.. I also try and meditate with it on too.. I bought the oils separately and just love them! Such great value also! 

A furry friend

My last favourite thing for this month has to be my cat Arthur!! He’s been just amazing whilst I’ve been off.. and I feel so grateful and lucky to have him in my life.. it definitely takes my mind off how I’m feeling because I’m looking after him too 😊 I think if you have a furry friend.. just give them a massive hug.. I do this to Arthur a lot.. even if he hates it lol! 

Thank you so much in taking the time to read my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. 

Please feel free to leave me any comments below and I’ll be sure to reply to you 🙂 

Much Love

Hannah xx


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