How to eat Healthy when Sick

Hey everyone.. so whilst being off work sick there have been times where actually preparing and cooking food have been really difficult and sometimes I physically can’t do it.. so I have put together a little meal plan to help me through the day at home alone.. 

All the food I’m mentioning I have mostly prepared with help from my partner on a Sunday so we have things for the week. 



As you can see in the above picture there’s a freezer bag with alsorts in.. on Sunday we chopped up some bananas and put them in a freezer bag combined with frozen fruit and some spinach, we did this 5 times social have smoothies for breakfast or snacks for the week. 

All I needed to do this morning was out the bag if frozen ingredients into my blender with some liquid and blend it up.. I also added a tbsp of ground flax seed mix. 


Granola with fruit and yogurt

I’ve had this meal for breakfast a lot whilst being off.. the fruit we normally prepare the night before as sometimes I’ve needed help so in the morning all I need to do is add my chosen yogurt (soy plain) and granola (Jordan’s raisin and Almond) 


Lunch we’ve been keeping very simple and easy.. I’ve been using up the ham and cheese we have in the fridge so again on Sundays we’d make sandwiches for the next 3 days and also chop up some carrot sticks, pepper and celery, some fruit usually melon, some crisps and a snack bar.. I out all this (apart from crisps and bar) into the fridge so then when I’m home alone I can just grab food put the fridge to eat that’s already prepared.. this has been great whilst I’ve been off poorly! 


So for dinner.. my partner has been cooking for me because I’m struggling to stand up for periods of time.. I do sit at the table and help prepare salad.. again we’ve been keeping this very simple.. we’ve been eating a lot of “bowl food” lol.. so rice, lots of salmon and veggies with usually a dash of sweet chilli sauce.. 

This is much better than heading for that take away which I’m not going to lie.. I have been to the take away a few times whilst I’ve been off poorly.. you just have to eat what you fancy but I’ve definitely felt an improvement on my health eating good wholesome foods. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, please leave me any comments in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to answer them 😊

Much love

Hannah xx


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