Beauty Haul

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and having a good day? Let me know what you’re up to. 

In my recent blog I mentioned that I went out with my mum to a little shopping centre for the first time since my MS relapse and bought myself some treats from Boots. I wanted to write a blog post about this because not only was it a massive achievement for me to do because of my anxiety attacks but also I bought things that have made me really happy.. and wanted to share this happiness with you all. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Rose & Lavender

I used to use Liz Earle products a while ago and I have no idea why I stopped.. I’m still LOVING The Body Shop products however there was just a couple of things I wanted to change & needed to replace and my cleaner was one of them! 

You can use this product to remover makeup as well as just to cleanse and I LOVE it as it’s so versatile and will make cleansing so enjoyable and easy (I know that sounds weird but I LOVE skin care!) 

This time I chose the Rose and Lavender Cleanse & Polish because I’ve read that’s it’s more suitable for sensitive skin.. my skin isn’t that sensitive but I get a lot of redness so hopefully this will calm it down.. I’ll write a review of it once I’ve been using it for 28 days as that’s the length of time you need for your skin to accept a new product (so I’ve been told) 

No 7 Skin Care & Makeup

Since hearing that No.7 is cruelty free I’ve also decided to try and couple of their products.. it’s things that needed replacing again.. Im trying not to buy things that I don’t need.. however I’m getting very low on my The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream and my Purify face mask. I had a little nosy online and found this products that looked interesting. 

My Vitamin E night cream I find that when I wake in the more there’s a lot of “grease/oil” build up in my skin from the night… So I found the No. 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Normal – Oily skin it claims to hydrate and mattify your skin for a healthy and radiant look… Again I’ll write a little review of this after giving it a chance to see what it’s like. I’ve still got my Body Shop moisturiser to use up, so once that’s finished then I’ll move into my new purchase 😊

No 7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask

Another product that needed replacing was my Body Shop purifying face mask and this is what I’ve found to replace it… Now I have used this before a while ago and I’m sure I loved it then so I’m looking forward to trying it again. 

It says it’s a Thermal deep cleansing to draw out impurities.. it also says you massaging into damp skin to work it into your skin then relax for 2 minutes then rinse with warm water… The thing I love most about this is that you only leave it in for 2 minutes cause let’s face it.. I get bored leaving a mask on for 10 minutes and never actually manage to last the whole 10 minutes anyway lol.. so this 2 minute miracle hopefully will be amazing! 

No 7 Powder Blusher – Peach Velvet

Now this was a little impulse buy.. I didn’t necessarily need this bluer, however I LOVED the colour online so I therefore needed it in my life.. it’s just such a gorgeous summery colour and I can’t wait to use it when I’m feeling better 😊

Nails, nails, nails

Barry M Sunlight Curing Topcoat

I LOVE nail varnish in fact as well as colouring pens I also have an obsession with nail varnish lol! 

This is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE top coat! It makes my nail polish last so much longer and give that beautiful glossy “gel nail” effect.. and it’s also affordable to save you getting your nails done professionally.. I do love a bargain! (£4.99) 

No 7 Gel Finish Nail Colour

No. 7 have some truly beautiful nail colours.. I could literally buy them all.. but I need to be good and buy 1 every so often.. I saw this colour and immediately fell in love with it.. it’s so girly and summery and I LOVED the name ‘Blissful’ so yes… That went straight into my basket… Oops! 

Eye Brow fix up! 

Rimmel Brow This Way – Brow Sculpting kit – Medium Brown

I’ve had my eye brow kit for absolute ages! It was the Makeup Revolution Brow kit and although it has been very well loved I have found since my hair has been light and especially if I don’t want to wear much makeup.. the colours are just a little too dark for me… So I picked up this little kit from Rimmel.

I love how it’s so compact and easy to pack in your makeup back.. it also comes with a little spooly (can’t spell) and brush which will be perfect for in the go.. although I do like to use my eyebrow brush as it’s larger.. but still perfect little set! 

All about Lips! 

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick – 04 Ruffle Trim

Whilst having a little look online at lipsticks I saw this one and really liked the look of it so whilst in Boots I swatched it on the back of my hand and still loved it.. so… You’ve guessed it… In my basket it went! I also tried it on when I was in the car with mum and it looked really night.. felt good too until it dried as it felt a little drying so I’m gonna try and just apply I tiny bit and see if that makes a difference.

Vitamins to potentially help my MS

Evening Primrose Oil tablets

I’ve heard so much about these vitamins.. not only to potentially help with MS but for other reasons too.. Obviously it depends purely in the person as we are all different but it can’t hurt to see if it has any effect with my MS.. 

“Evening primrose oil is a dietary supplement.  It contains high levels of the essential fatty acids gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid.  Essential fatty acids are needed for good health but are not made by the body and need to be part of your diet.”

(Above statement taken from

And that my lovelies is everything I got in my little Beauty Haul.. I hope you enjoyed reading this.. like I said I’ve been through a difficult time and still coming through it… I was proud that I managed to have a look around the shops without having an anxiety attack and these made me feel really happy and I wanted to share the happiness.. 😊

Lots of love guys,

Hannah xx


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