Setting some Recovery Goals

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well?

I had recently written a blog post about setting some recovery goals but for some reason it wouldn’t allow me to publish it… So here I am writing it again. 

Looking back on the goals that I set myself and thinking about going back to work made me think ‘what if I’m not ready to go back yet?’ There are some people who think that I’ve had enough time off now and that I’ve been sick for long enough and should go back to work… And do you want to know the funny thing… I WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK! Sometimes I want to say ‘do you think that I want to be like this? 27 years old and not being able to do the things that I normally do, May that be working or just doing stuff’ I want to get up and go to work and then come home like ‘normal’ people, but right now I can’t and I need to do things that I can do in my own time.

The previous goals that I set I now feel were a little to high… I know now that I need to set more realistic goals for the time that I’m going through now.

What are Recovery Goals?

For me, recovery goals are little accomplishments that are easy to achieve on a daily basis… They are also there to help build up my physical and emotional strength and allow me to gradually get back to a slight normality – the sensible way. These goals that I’m setting to ‘normal’ people will seem very basic and simple.. Some people may even think ‘oh you can do those straight away’ (do not listen to these comments – take as much time as you need to achieve these goals and then YOU will feel happy you’ve accomplished them. 

Okay… Here are my goals:-

1) Preparing breakfasts and lunches at the end of the week (Sunday) so that you have them for the next few days – I make smoothie bags for breakfast and sandwiches for lunches so this is what I shall do.

2) Get up in the mornings at 9am, get washed, dressed, makeup and hair so you’re ready to face the day – however long this takes to begin with make sure you get up and out of bed at 9am – tracking my progress in my Bullet Journal.

3) Practising the Piano once a day – When I was at my Aunts I played the piano every single day, I used to play when I was younger and then time just went on by – as it does! But since I’ve returned from her’s I’ve been getting back into playing the piano and learning some new pieces… it’s been knackering yes, but also so relaxing and calming.. Also it’s great to help keep my brain stimulated. 

4) Going for a walk every day – I need to make sure that I do this every day, not only to help with my physical health and getting me stronger, but to also help my mental health and get me out of the house! Even if it’s just a short walk at a time that’s something and it’s all building up.

5) Writing blog posts and interacting on social media – I know some people may laugh a little at this, however this is again so important for mental health – getting things down and feelings out there stop you from bottling things up and secondly interacting more on social media not only will help you gain some new friends, but will also make you feel less alone whilst being off sick. 

I’m going to leave the goals at these for now, I feel a lot happier about these and I feel that they are more achievable – I’m thinking of doing another ‘Goals’ post once I’ve accomplished these ones  you’ll have to let me know what you think to that idea?

I hope everyone is okay and having a good day.

Take acre

Love Hannah xx


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