July Favourites

So… The last few months haven’t been too great for me and to be honest I’ve been struggling to find things that I was just ‘loving’. However the last couple of weeks I’ve finally found things that have really made me happy and therefore I thought I’d share them with you all. 

Flowers in the garden

Whilst I’ve been off I’ve spent a lot of time (when it’s been sunny) in the garden, just sitting admiring my beautiful flowers and silver birch tree… Whether it’s having a ice cup of tea and cheeky slice of cake of a cloudy lemonade in my cocktail glass imagining I’m having a fabulous cocktail.

My Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother brought me some beautifully colour flowers and they really do brighten my day when I’m feeling a bit rubbish.. I just look out of the window and see colour! 

Having time for myself

Now that I can do more things without help (recovering finally) I’ve been enjoying just having some ‘me time’ whether it’s having a nice bubble bath, just spending a few extra hours in bed, writing in my Bullet Journal or having a girly set up – nail varnish, mocktail and episodes of Sex and The City.

It’s really been making me feel a lot more happier and upbeat whilst being off, a lot of us with chronic illnesses feel quite low and just a bit helpless.. But when we are able. To enjoy little things to make ourselves happy… Grab it with both hands! IT’s okay to enjoy little things from time to time.

Playing the piano

This is one thing I’ve really taken up over the last month and something that I’ve been truly loving… I have mostly daily internet lessons with my Aunt via FaceTime or Skype and I’ve FINALLY almost finished learning this piece called I Giorni by my favourite composer Ludivico Einaudi who I’ve loved for years.. his pieces are so relaxing and one day I will learn them all!

My piano sits in my front room next to the kitchen door and since I’ve decided to have the lid up its just been a lot more attractive and made the room look nicer too and when friends come to visit me they always notice the piano a lot more. Next piece is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

My cat Arthur

This comes at no surprise to some of you, I love my cat Arthur! We’ve had him for over 2 years and he’s really changed mine and George’s lives for the better. 

Since being off sick he’s really been there for me and a real comfort during the days when I’m home alone.. He’s such a character as well which always makes me smile. If you have a pet I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.. they all just give you unconditional love don’t they? I love him every month, however I thought I’d put him in this month’s favourite list. 

Making new friends

Since creating our Facebook page with the lovely Natalie from  Surviving Life’s Hurdles I feel like I’ve made some truly lovely new friends who actually understand exactly how I’m feeling! I’m incredibly lucky to have some genuinely lovely friends who are so supportive, however it’s lovely to meet people who are in the same situation as you. I love connecting with them all on our Facebook page it’s a lovely group and if any of you out there have just been diagnosed with MS then come along and join us šŸ™‚ http://www.facebook.com/groups/718223168361813/


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