2 Weeks into my Recoery Goals

Hello everyone how are you all? Leave me some comments below as I’d love to hear how you’re all doing. 

Last week I published a post telling you how I’d got on with my recovery goals a week on, well today I’m giving you all another update but this will be 2 weeks into my recovery goals. 

So like before here are the goals that I set myself:-

1) Preparing Breakfast and lunches at the end of the week (Sunday) – Well as I write this I’m currently away at my Aunts for my final little break before I go back to work.. So I haven’t been doing this goal much, however when I was at home last week I did make sure that lunches were prepped and ready to go for the week on Sunday night, which has been such a help! Breakfasts have been fairly easy, all I do is break up a ripe banana and put it in my smoothie maker along with some frozen fruit of choice, 2 cubes of frozen spinach, some cinnamon and ginger, 2 tbsp oats and some coconut sugar then fill half with almond milk and the rest with water and blend.. It takes me 5 mins and then that’s my breakfast sorted.

(breakfast at my Aunt’s house!) 

2) Getting up in the mornings at 9am, getting washed, dressed, makeup and hair done ready for the day – This has become a very good habit now, especially since George has been back off holiday and back to work himself it makes it a good routine. I’ve also been having an ice cold glass of water to drink along with a cup of lemon and ginger tea and then a decaf coffee if I want one and I’ve also been trying a little bit of Yoga too! My lovely friend Natalie from surviving life’s hurdles told me that Yoga with Arienne is brilliant and she does a sit down class of 10 minutes on YouTube, which I have found to be great and really helps me to take up ready for the day ahead!

3) Practice the piano once a day – Well this has been my favourite goal and one that I’ve been able to achieve well! In fact I practice at least twice a day when I feel like it and I have finally finished practicing and learning the piece that I’ve been learning for years right to the end now! I mentioned it in my last post… It’s by a composer called Ludivico Einaudi and the piece is called I Giorni. It’s such a beautiful piece and so relaxing to play, I feel so happy and proud of myself that I’ve managed to learn and play it right to the end!! That’s a separate goal that I set myself when I started playing again and I’ve achieved that!

4) Going for a walk every day –  I’m also doing really well at this now too, I’m making sure that I go out for a walk every day now, whether that be in the morning or afternoon. I always make sure I get out and since coming to my Aunt’s I’ve been able to do little steps WITHOUT my crutch around the house, which is fantastic!! Small steps lead to big mountains and I”m also trying to only use one crutch when we go out and about, again something I wouldn’t have done 2 weeks ago!

5) Writing Blog Posts and Interacting on social media – So my blog is continuing to grow,  which I am thrilled about and it’s also interesting to read other people’s blogs too and interact with others too. I’m still enjoying writing my blog too I suppose I just love talking to you all and writing down how I’m feeling and how I’m managing MS – It’s also enabled me to connecting with some larger groups too and share my stories, recently on Instagram I’ve been able to share my story and challenges with MS through the MS Societ, which again has been fantastic! I’m definitely going to continue to write on my blog and any offers for sharing my story or tips I’ll take with both hands.


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