My Final Break Away! 

Yes.. the title is correct.. this is my final little break away before………. Going back to work! I have been off work with this relapse for just over 8 weeks battling through and going through the recovery process. It’s definitely not all been plain sailing, in fact there have been some heavy storms throughout my recovery period.. however I can finally say that I’m starting to come into remission and feeling a lot stronger again. 

So I decided to take myself away again to my Aunt’s house to stay with her, my Nana and Uncle for a few days just to build strength further. 

I had a lovely time and was very well looked after… I also felt like I could achieve more and that I didn’t need to sit down and rest as much as I had done previously.. I was also starting to walk small distances without my crutch (in the house) and try and use it on small journeys outside the house, which was a huge step one that made me feel so happy! 

My anxiety is a lot better also, not being afraid to do nice things whilst on recovery has really calmed down and I started to enjoy things a lot more (just sitting in my Aunt’s field observing the wildlife was one main thing) we even went to a local store called Downtown and had a look around.. it was so nice to feel okay and not feel like I was being spied on etc.. I know all of my work colleagues are fully supporting me and have told me that I need to go out, which is a great reassurance.. I know I don’t have to justify myself to anyone… But us with invisible illness get judged constantly and it’s so wrong on so many levels so to feel un-judged was lovely. 

Enough rambling now lol.. I’m going to insert some pictures of what I got up to whilst away! 

Ive also really been getting back into playing the piano.. it’s really been helping my MS and helping me to relax… If you’d like to see a video on me playing then head on over to my YouTube account–


6 thoughts on “My Final Break Away! 

      • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

        Lol, I always tell myself it won’t last forever but after a few weeks I start getting fidgeting and wanting to get back to work. Glad your work colleagues are all really supportive! Dizzy week so just relaxing at home. Hope you’re having a good day. 🙂 xxx

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      • hannahelizasite says:

        Yeah I’m looking forward to going back to work just to do something now lol.. i just need to take things easy and not over do it.. although my doctor yesterday was banging on about doing more exercise lol.. that annoys me sometimes lol. Yeah they are now, my first relapse there they weren’t overly supportive but I don’t think they understood.. where as now the second relapse is like a smack in the face to them! Ah I’m okay thank you lovely, been doing a few house jobs cause I’ve got my step brothers wedding tomorrow (first major outting since this relapse) but I’m taking my crutches and everything else I need lol so it will be good.. and my sister is driving is there so will be okay xxx

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      • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

        Good luck tomorrow! I always want to get out and about again but then after a relapse I feel anxious about it for ages! Hope you have a lovely time tomorrow. 🙂 Never even been to a wedding but always think the cake looks good. 🙂 xxx

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      • hannahelizasite says:

        Haha yep I love the food 😂😂 thank you lovely.. oh I totally understand about the anxiety after/going through a relapse.. I went for ages not wanting to go out and feeling really anxious to go out.. I even wouldn’t put makeup on cause I would worry that people would think I was alright!! I saw a councillor for a while and she really helped me 😊😘 I hope you have a lovely day xxx

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