My Current Morning Routine

My current Morning Routine

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I hope you’ve all had a good start to the week. As always leave me a comment and then we can connect together 

Following on from my blog post about ‘5 ways to De-stress/Self – Care’ I thought I’d extend on it and write all about my current Morning Routine and hopefully it will encourage, inspire or just simply help you (if I looked back at this little routine I do a few months ago, I would believe it!) in case you haven’t had the chance to read my previous post, you can find it here:

So let’s get started..

George gets up for work around 6:30am so his alarm go off then, however Arthur normally wakes us up around 6am wanting his breakfast lol! George will go and feed him and get his own breakfast and I just rest for a little longer and wake up slowly – yes I usually look at my phone lol!

At around 7am I’ll head downstairs to make myself a refreshing herbal tea, recently I’ve been drinking Ginger and Lemon tea and it really helps to wake me up. I also fill my bottle with some really cold water from the fridge (I don’t buy bottled water, I just fill up a bottle and put it in the fridge) and then head upstairs ready to wake up properly.

That usually brings us to 7:15am and this is when I get all comfy, sit on my bed and do my morning meditation – As you all know I loved ‘Head Space’ to begin my meditation, once I’d completed the free trial I then used and app called ‘Calm’ and you get a 7 day free session too.. However I completed that also, so I now just look up YouTube videos ‘Guided Morning Meditation’ and it comes up with so many.

When I meditate I like to have the curtains open and the window open so I can breathe in the fresh air, if it’s a horrible cold day or raining then I switch on my diffuser and use my essential oils as they’re so relaxing.

After my meditation around 7:30am I just relax and drink my tea, normally until George has finished in the bathroom.

7:50am I get out of bed and make it so it’s all ready for the evening, I also feel like a made bed just gets you ready for the day also lol.. I then get changed into my yoga clothes (just some comfy joggers and a long sleeved t-shirt) and head downstairs to say goodbye to George and do my morning yoga.

8:00am I do 15 minutes of yoga, I find videos again on YouTube and generally just type in ‘Morning yoga for beginners’ and again there’s loads.. I’ve been loving Madeleine Shaw’s energising yoga routine but here are plenty of amazing ones too.

8:20am I make my breakfast which is always a smoothie that consists of frozen fruit (I have a different sort every day) banana, almond milk, water, ginger, cinnamon, a littler turmeric, coconut sugar and oats – I drink this slowly until about 9:30am and I can say that it keeps me full until around 12pm when I snack on some nuts at work.

Once my smoothies made and things are put away its around 8:30am and I head back upstairs and relax for about 20 minutes before getting ready, this is when I go through my Bullet Journal writing down my three grateful things, going through my tracker and write down things that I need to do during the day.

9am is when I get ready for work, I start with my cleansing routine and allow that to absorb into my skin, once that’s done I then move onto makeup and hair – for work I like a simple look, nothing too heavy and that I can do quickly.

This takes me to around 9:45am, which is when I’ll head downstairs and just make sure I’m ready to go to work.

And that is my current morning routine, even though I’m only working 11-2 at the moment, I don’t just stay in bed all morning (I used to but I needed to get into a routine and get used to getting up early) I have found that things are getting a little easier, however some days I still feel exhausted but do you know what… On those days.. I just take things steady and don’t rush things.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this read and I hope it’s helped any of you or given any of you some ideas  leave me a comment below of anything you do in the morning as a routine.

Love to you as always

Hannah xx


2 thoughts on “My Current Morning Routine

  1. says:

    Just trying to compute the word Routine ……………. Nah cant come up with an answer to that one. I actually got into the lift to come downstairs at 12:02 today but yesterday we were at the hospital before 10:00. I cannot get up without my wifes help. The day usually kicks with her putting the kettle on at 6.30 I drink my tea in bed take my meds but today Heather stripped the beds and put the washing on. And then when I actually got to the bathroom I was in there for two hours try to Poo all with no success!!!
    I then went into the shower as Heather Did another load of washing before she returned to dry me and wheel me to the sink to shave. 11:30 my mate Phil arrived and made more tea as Heather dressed me and I finally managed to get downstairs five and a bit hours today from first waking to sitting downstairs. Normally it takes two and a half hours but we had a go slow today. I just searched Youtube and found a few, I have started using it to find Wheelchair based Yoga which I now do most days. but as for Routine I cannot get two days the same anymore.

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    • hannahelizasite says:

      Ah thanks for sharing your morning though Don, your wife sounds like an absolute Jem! Oh yes all days are different.. I find that by doing these things everyday it just helps me to keep focused (just me) but yes some days I just cant manage some of the things that I do so I just do it another time. I’m glad you’ve been able to find some yoga on YouTube and I hope it helps you. 😊 Thank you for your comment

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