Adventures Whilst Going Through An MS Relapse

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? As always leave me a comment in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to reply 😊

So.. still going through this relapse… I think I’m going into week 3 now. I’m still remaining positive and a lot more calmer and less stressed out this time, which is much better for recovery. The worst symptom of this relapse is the fatigue.. it’s just horrid! I find I can do little bits and bobs around the house but the fatigue just hits me out of nowhere and have to just rest.

I have had thoughts going through my head (you know, those pesky negative ones) saying like “you need to be trying harder to do more” or “it’s not that bad you’re only tired!” When these thoughts crop up I have to try and fight them and tell them to go away – and remember that it’s not just “feeling tired” — I explained it well to a friend yesterday.. I feel like sometimes I have the flu and hungover at the same time 😂 

I managed to go out for a walk on Thursday just gone to Sainsburys down the road from us (about 5 mins walk) which was a fab achievement, when we got there George went around the shops getting things and I sat in the cafe and enjoyed a lovely orange juice while resting.. then we had a slow walk back. When I got home I felt good and proud, a bit tired so I just made sure I relaxed for an hour or two.

en Saturday just gone my lovely friend from work took me to our local garden centre for a little walk around and admired all the Christmas decorations (they were gorgeous and I bought 2 baubles) however, just walking around there for 10 mins was starting to tire me out, so we went to the cafe and had a lovely drink and sit down for about half an hour… The exhaustion was still creeping up on me and I knew it was time to leave soon. 

As we were leaving I could just feel myself getting worse and I knew I needed to just lie down and rest, my friend was amazing and drove me home and made sure I got to the front door okay 😊 then when I got in I went upstairs and had a lie down for a while before dinner.

Sunday (yesterday) I still felt a little rubbish so.. I changed it around.. I got the sofa bed out, made it all cosy, got my delicious green smoothie for breakfast and watched a lovely film on the Tele. 

My Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother also came to visit me, which was lovely.. when they got to me my Aunt said that they were going to take me back to the garden centre only this time they had spoken to someone and they said we could use one of their wheelchairs to help me get about more. 

This was good, sensible but I was terrified.. mainly about what others would think, especially having my grandmother walk beside me and me in the chair… As we approached the garden centre and my Aunt brought out the wheelchair I was feeling more and more anxious… But… I pushed through the anxiety and thought “sod it” “I AM going to have a lovely time” and I knew I shouldn’t care about what others thought.. so in the chair I got. 

I think my Aunt had more fun than me, she wanted to go fast and was having a great time.. so was I too.. we were able to go around all the other shops in the garden centre precinct (something I I wouldn’t have been able to walk to without becoming exhausted) we looked at clothes and shoes which were lovely. 

we then went into the garden centre and got some delicious lunch, I still felt good and the fatigue hadn’t hit me… I honestly felt good and was actually enjoying myself 😊
After lunch we went to the actual garden centre part (outside) and got some new flowers for my garden.. then a look around the Christmas Decor (I didn’t get anymore baubles) I got a lovely writing set though! 

By the time we got home I felt tired but I would say exhausted. I had a sit down and rest with my grandmother whilst my Aunt and Uncle sorted my garden out for me 😊 and because I had reserved energy I was able to make a delicious soup for mine and George’s dinner (Carrot & Sweet Potato Spiced Soup) and make cups of tea for everyone.. which was great. 

By the time everyone left I was feeling exhausted again, however I was much happier.. and I now think that having that wheelchair temporarily whilst going around the garden centre enabled me to spend longer there enjoying all the lovely things and didn’t take any energy away from me. 

Part of me felt that I was “too lazy” to be in the chair being pushed around.. but I just remembered back to Saturday, how walking around made me feel so much worse… And that having the chair made me actually feel better and have fun… So while I’m recovering if I do anything big like going out with family.. maybe having a wheelchair for those “just in case moments'” might be a good idea…?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.. sorry it’s been a long post lol. 

Sending you all lots of love and hugs

Hannah xx


October Link Up

Hey everyone, 

So on twitter there have been a couple of times where I’ve seen a post called October Link Up from Sheryl Chan at A Chronic Voice over on Twitter. 

She created these link ups for people with chronic illnesses to get together and write about various tooics, which I think is great. There are five topics to discuss every month and for October theyre:-

Inspiring, Dreaming, Reducing, Creating and Listening. 

If you’d like to see an overview of this think click the link above and it will take you to Sheryl’s blog where she explains everything. 

Okay… So here’s mine. 


I always would hear from other people how inspiring I was with the way I cope and deal with my illness. They’d always say “your so amazing and inspiring” and I’d always smile and say thank you, however I’ve been thinking over the past few days about this… Also how I should feel inspired by ME! I very rarely hear people say that ‘they inspire themselves’ (whether that’s possible or not who cares) 

I feel inspired to myself… The fact that I live with this chronic illness every single day and when other people say that I inspire them.. it’s usually when I’m hiding the pain or fatigue.. when I put on that smile we all do and just try and act as normal as we can… But what inspires me? 

The fact that I go through the dark times, the times where I’m crying at night and just feel generally low… These inspire me because I beat them! I break through and come through these hard times and that’s why I smile.. when people say I’m inspiring and amazing.. I’ve finally started to say to myself… Yes I am! And I think a lot of us should be amazed and inspired by simply themselves! We are all amazing! 


Ha! Well I do a lot of this and it’s mainly Day-Dreaming of what house I’d be in at Hogwarts (yes I’m a massive Harry Potter fan)

But on a serious note… I dream about my wedding to my amazing boyfriend (yes he still needs to propose to me but we’ve found a ring at least!) 

I dream about walking down the aisle with no crutches or sticks to help me, I dream about my amazing sparkling glittery converse trainers that I’ll be wearing underneath my dress instead of heals and I’ll be rocking them! 

I dream about eventually being able to have a lovely work – home balance lifestyle where I’m able to do more things when I can hopefully reduce hours at work slightly. 

I try not to dream about things too much as for me it whisks me up and takes me away from reality lol.. but being whisked away occasionally is definitely a nice thought.


STRESS!! I definitely feel that this is something I’m always trying to reduce stress even though sometimes stressful situations are inevitable. 

The things I do to help with my stress levels are:-

Simple meditation – nothing adventurous I love Madeleine Shaw her YouTube channel has some great mediation for beginners

HeadSpace – I rave about this app.. it’s free to begin with for the first 10 sessions I believe but then you need to subscribe (that’s up to you) 

Relaxing Baths – for me this is something I do most days lol.. lovely relaxing bubble baths, candles and my favourite film or series on my iPad.


Bullet Journalling

I started my Bullet Journal at the beginning of 2016 when a dear friend recommended it to me.. I didn’t realise how therapeutic and rewarding this could be. I completed one of my Bullet Journal in May 2017 and for my birthday I got a brand new one from my amazing boyfriend. 

I write in it everyday – some days are harder than others but I try and make a conscious effort to write in it. 

When I look back if I’m having a bad day, especially when I look back through my “MS Achievement Log” or my “Gratitude log” I feel happy and proud of what I have achieved. 


I think this is a great one.. and what I am trying to do is LISTEN to my body. Since going through this relapse I’ve been doing this more and more and I can honestly say how much I believe it’s helping with not only my recovery but my mental health too! 

I would always just push through things and ignore the warning signs because I stupidly thought that I was “fine”… And then I’d get upset, depressed and low when I’d fall off the band wagon. But now… I am stronger and more determined to HELP and LISTEN to my body recover from this relapse.. and I’ll be listening to it more from now on! 

I also love listening to Audio Books! Aaaannndddd can anyone guess what I’m listening to???? Yep… That’s right… Harry Potter! Read by Stephen Fry and I just love it!! It’s so relaxing and helps me to calm down when I need to. 

And these are my October Prompts I absolutely loved and I’d like to thank Sheryl from A Chronic Voice for deciding to to start these link ups. 

Love Always


Positivity, Recovery and Food

Hello everyone how are you all? I hope you’re having a good week. As always leave me a comment down below and we can have a good chat 🙂

Well if you haven’t seen my latest post I’m going through another MS Relapse. If you’d like to read that blog post entry and how it all came about then just click on the link here

It’s almost been a week since having this relapse confirmed and I have felt very differently this time to last – emotionally I mean. I feel a lot more positive and determined to do whatever I can to help boost my recovery, the chronic fatigue is the worst of all my current symptoms but I don’t try to fight it, I just let it roll… If I want to have a sleep then guess what, I’ll have a sleep! (I actually had my first day time nap yesterday lol that felt good and yet slightly strange at the same time because I’ve never really slept during the day.  

No one knows how long the recovery of a relapse will take, I always say it will take as long as it does, however that does not mean that I’m not going to do everything in my power to help boost things a long and I’d like to share with you all what I’ve been doing over the last few days/week to keep my spirits up, my positive mindset thriving and my recovery boosting.  

(Imagine taken from an Instagram account surviving_multiplesclerosis)

This might sound funny to some people but I honestly feel that the food in which I’m fuelling my body is really having a positive effect on my mental health. When I think back to my 2nd relapse of this year in June I was very emotional, suffering from anxiety and severe stress – I feel a lot more relaxed with things in general. Obviously I have periods where anxiety creeps out but I feel so much stronger and in control of that now. 


Since changing my eating habits to a vegan/plant based lifestyle I’ve really felt a positive improvement. It’s unfortunate that a relapse has occurred and there have been a few times where I’ve doubted the vegan lifestyle wondering if that caused my relapse, however like my wonderful partner said ‘You can’t select one route for the cause of an MS relapse/flare up, no one yet knows how they’re caused’ which filled me with determination to continue and adamant to treat this relapse with delicious whole foods and fingers crossed my recovery speeds up.  

For breakfast at the moment I consume a delicious super green smoothie every morning. Since this relapse I have been having this every morning no matter what and the ingredients in which I use are:- 

1x medium banana 

2 handfuls spinach

1x Apple

1 handful mango (frozen)

1tbsp ginger (ground)

1tsp cinnamon

1tbsp coconut sugar


Blend that up in my smoothie blender and apply to face.  

At around 10:30 ish I will have a snack… These can vary depending on the fatigue. Sometimes I’ll have half avocado on toast with tomato, or some Ryvitta crackers peanut butter and berries, some nuts or raw veggie sticks and hummus.  

Lunch – as you all know George and I Bach make these on a Sunday and Thursday so I’m very thankful that I don’t have to think about making those – If you’d like to see what I have in my sandwiches then check out my blog post about ‘Becoming Vegan’ 

Dinner has been challenging at the moment, mainly due to the chronic fatigue so I’ve been trying to keep is fairly simple and quick. The last could lead of nights I’ve made vegan Mac & Cheese (yes CHEESE!) haha… The recipe for the cheese sauce is:- 

1/5 cup of soaked cashew nuts (soak overnight or I sometimes use boiling water and leave for about ½ hour) 

2 jarred roasted red peppers

3 sun dried tomatoes

1 tbsp turmeric

2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast (this gives it the cheesy flavour) 

Honestly this is absolutely delicious and I love it!!  

I think the main thing I’ve been doing so far throughout this recovery is… REST and lots of it! Even sleeping during the day if my body wants to. I’ve basically been listening to my body for once and just doing whatever it wants to do – also watching ALL of the Harry Potter movies on repeat! The first one is definitely my favourite, it’s just so magical!  

We’ve got a sofa bed at home and I can honestly say that it’s been an absolutely godsend. It’s allowed me to come downstairs during the day because let’s face it when I’m in bed (upstairs) I generally feel worse! But when I’m downstairs on the sofa bed I’m able to sleep when I need to but also get up and move about too 🙂

I’ve had some lovely comments on my previous post so I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has written to me, I love all of your comments 🙂

Love to you all

Hannah xx

Another MS Flare Up/Relapse

Hello everyone how are you all doing? As always, leave me a comment below and we can connect together.  

Well as the title of this blog post suggests… I’m going through another MS flare up/episode/relapse! I know some of you may find this shocking as did I because I actually felt I was slowly getting better, yes the longer hours at work were a struggle but I was able to get through the day near enough… However when I do sit back and look at things I do feel that I was masking the struggle that I was actually facing and just trying to continuously push through them.  

Some days were a little more fast pace than others and I also found some days more stressful than others too. On some occasions I would find myself getting a taxi home because I just couldn’t face the bus at 3:30pm when all the school kids were going home too. I also had a couple of mini break downs because work was just getting a bit too much… Yes I mentioned it to my family and told them that I was struggling to which some of them said “Just break the day up… You work for 2 hours then get a break and then work for 2.5 hours and then go home” – however as all of us with chronic illness it isn’t as simple as just ‘going to work and working and then coming home’ is it?  

It’s “getting up in the morning earlier and getting ready” it’s then “getting to work and performing your job” having a break in between to rest and relax then comes the last couple of hours or working and then it’s time to go home… “Getting home, walking from the bus stop to the front door”… But no ones day stops there does it? You then get things ready for the next day, get things ready for dinner etc… So when I was told to “just break the work up” I don’t think they quite understood… So I just accepted that and found it to be fairly easier. 

I was still doing my yoga and meditation in the mornings and loved it! Food was already prepared ready for the weeks lunches, dinner was organised for when I came home.. I didn’t really go out with friends or family during the week – so you can imagine.. The shock of another attack/relapse came at quite a surprise.  

My mum took me to a spa for a massage Thursday just gone and it was such a lovely relaxing day. When I got home I was utterly exhausted and couldn’t actually do much in the sense of cooking dinner, my whole body was exhausted. I went to bed thinking that I just need “a good sleep” lol. I awoke on Friday just gone feeling dreadful, fatigue was at a whole new level.. I found myself very emotional not being able to hold back tears and not knowing why I was crying apart from the fact I was just simply and utterly exhausted – (a lot of people just put this down to depression but now I know that it’s full blown fatigue) 

I managed to pull myself together and get myself sorted and out the door to work. I was standing at the bus stop and already started feeling worse, my whole body felt really heavy and weak and it felt difficult to hold myself up. As I sat on the bus a felt my left leg dropping/falling off the foot rest where I was sitting.  

As I was walking to work my left leg was getting worse and I could feel it dragging behind me, the fatigue building up and up and by the time I’d reached the front doors of work my left arm had dropped too and I found it very difficult to hold my umbrella. 

Where I work there are a few little steps to go down (there is a ramp the other side but I felt that was too far away and I wouldn’t be able to pull the doors open to go through) so I attempted the stairs – thank goodness my work colleague was there and as I called out to her I felt myself go and fall down the last couple of steps, luckily she caught me and I just broke down completely my whole body just gave up.. She held me and my other colleagues got me a chair to sit on whilst we contacted the various people we needed to (my work friend called everyone for me as well as my assistant manager) my MS nurse only works 4 days a week so I couldn’t contact her and my Neurologist secretary advised me to contact my GP – I emailed her and unfortunately she wasn’t available to see either.  

Work got a wheelchair for me to help me get to my mums car and she and George took me home where I’ve been resting the entire weekend.  

I just wanted to add how grateful I am for all of my work colleagues.

Today is Monday and I’m going to ring around the various people that I need to, I still feel awful and even writing this blog post is tricky – my hands just feel like they don’t want to do anything lol. Everything feels weak and heavy and even though I’ve slept at least 8-9 hours I feel like I haven’t slept a wink.  

However… I WILL NOT LET THIS GET TO ME…. I WILL NOT LET THIS BEAT ME OR WIN… I will continue my Vegan/Plant based diet.. Fuelling my body full or good wholesome foods.. I will rest whenever my body tells me to rest and just ride this out… I read on a little Instagram pic “It never rains forever” this time even though I feel worse.. I also feeling more prepare, more organised and a bit stronger in my mind.  

The only thing that concerns me is if when I go out to places that I may need a wheelchair to help me, only because the thought of walking further than around my house isn’t worth it.  

Does anyone have any advice? I’d really appreciate it.. I’m cheery and positive and positivity it the key.. When I feel low.. I just try my hardest to turn things around and remember that this won’t last forever.  

Always sending lots of love and hugs to you all.  

Hannah xx 

Going Vegan!

Hey everyone, 

In my recent post (Insert Url) “Going Back To Work – Week 8” I mentioned that I am transitioning into Veganism with my diet (I’m changing my beauty products too) so I thought I’d write a little post about the “WHY” factor and seen as its been my first week eating as a Vegan I thought I’d include the foods that I’ve been eating every day too.  

When I decided to go down the Vegan route with my diet I had a lot of “Negative” reactions, people telling me that I need to be really careful, and it’s not good for me, that I wouldn’t get enough protein.. Also I got.. But you like meat, why are you doing this? You’ll go back to meat….. But NO!! Not only am I doing this because I LOVE animals but I’m also choosing to do this for my health.  

Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis my diet has been very “yo-yo” – It was only recently that I decided to try the Vegan lifestyle after watching a few Vegan YouTuber’s (Mainly Healthy Crazy Cool – Insert YouTube), reading the ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis’ book (even though that does say to eat egg whites and fish) and mainly watching the documentary ‘What The Health’ on Netflix.  

I’ve also researched what foods contains which vitamins and minerals that I need everyday, I also take Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Magnesium (If you don’t take magnesium you really should, it’s been a game changer) I’ve also watched a few conferences with Dr Neal Barnard who really is fascinating and tells us how it is with what we’re eating.  

I’m definitely not here to preach to any of you who aren’t Vegan to go Vegan (if that makes sense) this is my journey and if you find this interesting, motivating and want to try it.. Then hopefully I’ll be able to show that eating a Vegan diet is not only easy but cost effective too (My groceries has literally been so much more cheaper!) 

I haven’t changed my meal prepping techniques, I don’t spend hours in the kitchen preparing all this food.. Nothing has changed in that sense, I batch cook and make things on a Sunday and Thursday to make sure life still stays manageable. 

So… ‘What do you eat?!’ I hear you ask… Well I’m going to take you through my first week as a Vegan and show you what I eat from Monday to Friday – Week 1. 


Breakfast:- Peanut Butter on Toast with a chocolate banana smoothie – For the smoothie I used: 1 ripe banana, cacao powder, peanut butter, coconut sugar, ice cubes, spinach, cinnamon, ginger, almond milk and water – it’s absolutely delicious! 

Lunch:- Sandwich, Apple, soya chocolate yogurt and blueberries – For the Sandwich I used: 1 small whole meal roll filled with hummus, green salad leaves, tomato, avocado, spring onion, cucumber and sirracha – again such a delicious meal and filling too! I made a batch of these sandwiches for George and I to last until Wednesday and they were absolutely fine! (Insert Meal Prep) 

Dinner:- Sweet Potato Salad feast – For this I used: Sweet potato (Baked) butter beans and peas mixed with turmeric and pepper, corn on the cob, sugar snap peas, carrots, peppers, red cabbage, mashed avocado, hummus and lettuce leaf cups – this again was so delicious and filling and I pre-baked sweet potatoes for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night’s dinner. Tuesday 

Breakfast:- Smoothie – For this I used: bananas, spinach, frozen mango, almond milk, peanut butter, cinnamon, ginger, coconut sugar, oats, Beetroot, almond milk and water – the beetroot gave this a slightly off taste, I used it again in a berry smoothie and that was much better.  

Lunch:- This was the same as Monday 

Dinner:- This was the same as Tuesday – most of the ingredients already prepared.  


Breakfast:- Berry Smoothie – For this I used: banana, oats, almond milk, water, blueberries, raspberries (frozen) spinach, beetroot, ginger, cinnamon and coconut sugar.  

Lunch:- This was the same as Monday and Tuesday 

Dinner:- Pizza Hut!! Yes… Pizza Hut! (Not overly healthy but all Vegan) I ordered a veggie pizza with a bbq sauce base and requested no cheese, I also had a side of potato wedges and it was absolutely delicious!! Funnily enough I could actually TASTE the food instead of just tasting cheese/salt. 


Breakfast:- Green Super Smoothie and Pancakes – For the Smoothie I used: banana, 2 handfuls spinach, peanut butter, coconut sugar, ginger, cinnamon, almond milk. For the Pancakes I used: Buckwheat flour (any flour will be fine), baking powder and almond milk (normally I add a banana too but today I didn’t) I added blueberries and strawberries to this and a slight drizzle of Maple syrup.  

Lunch:- A Naught McDonalds but still Vegan!! Yep another fast food chain that can be adapted to vegan.. I had the Veggie deluxe burger without cheese or sauce (basically just burger, bread and salad) some chips and I got a side of sweet and sour sauce and put that on my burger and again… It was delicious!! 


Breakfast:- I started the morning with a green tea and fruit (mango and melon) and then I add another delicious berry smoother (same ingredients as Wednesday) 

Lunch:- Today’s Sandwich was a falafel salad sandwich with carrot and cucumber sticks, hummus, strawberries, bluberries and my chocolate soya yogurt. For the Sandwich I used: Falafel balls, hummus, carrot, green salad leaves and spring onions. 

Dinner:- Homemade Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash and Chick Pea curry – For this I used: Frozen Sweet Potatoes and Butternut squash, chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, turmeric, curry powder, cumin, pepper, coconut sugar and I added some brown rice with this dish too and topped with spinach – very delicious… I cooked it in our slow cooker so it was very very easy to make.  

And that concludes a week as a Vegan.. It’s been throughly enjoyable and I feel that I’ve been able to taste food so much better too. I also snack on various nuts – almonds, pecans, Brazil and Walnuts, fruit.. I also drink lots of water and green tea, ginger tea and if I want a ‘Normal’ cup of tea then I used Almond Breeze Almond milk (It’s the best!) 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my first week as a Vegan, please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think, as always I’ll reply.  

Thank you for reading 

Lots of love  

Hannah xx 

Back at Work – Week 8

Hello everyone how are you all doing? I hope you’ve all had a good week and looking forward to a lovely relaxing weekend? 

Well week 8!! These weeks seem to be flying by.. I don’t know if I should now call them by a different title? Because technically I’m ‘Back at work’… Let me know if you have any ideas of what I can call this little edition to my blog 🙂

This week has definitely been slightly easier than last, of course there have been some hiccups and I have felt stressed out or just over whelmed with exhaustion, however I managed to talk about it and voice how I felt to the right people… Talking about how you’re feeling even if nothing’s doing about it can stil make YOU feel so much better and much more at ease with the situation… I won’t go into mine in too much detail.  

Even on 5.5 hours a week I’m still able to complete my morning meditation and yoga – I make sure I do this every morning, last week I went through a negative moment and decided to turn that around (with the help from family) and I wrote on my mirror ‘I can do this…I WILL do this’ and I’m able to look at the positive affirmation every morning.  

I’m still finding 5.5 hours a day 5 days a week tiring, especially if I’ve had a busy day at work and the bus is jam packed full of children.. However on the days where I’ve not felt well and just needed to get home, I treated myself to a taxi home.. Or I try and look at it like this… I’m working 2.5 hours then get a half hour break and then working 3 hours then home time.. That is definitely helping me cope with it. I also still feel at the moment that I don’t want to increase my hours any further.. I’m finding these are manageable for now I shall continue them until I feel ready to increase. I do sometimes feel a very slight pressure to go back to work full time, I just feel that I can’t do that at the moment and I want to be able to balance and manage work life, home life and living with a chronic illness… However when I have these thoughts I try and shut them off because I know that this is the negativity creeping back out and I need to stop thinking like that and just remain as I am and remember that I’m doing really well!  

I’ve also recently changed my diet to a Vegan/Plant based diet.. I’ve been back and fourth with this, I used to be a vegetarian and I had considered the Vegan diet, however at the time I wasn’t ready to transition. Recently I have been watching videos from a YouTuber called Healthy Crazy Cool – he’s food just inspired me and looked so delicious, he’s also a registered Nutritionist and gives some great advice and it’s just very honesty. I also watched the Documentary called ‘What The Health’ on NetFlix and this is just mind blowing… The different foods we’re eating that are actually harmful???!!! Definitely worth a watch if you’re interested – I’m going to start another blog thread and perhaps call it “What I Eat on a Vegan Lifestyle” what do you all think?  

I Also had my first Neuro- Physio appointment on Thursday.. it was very good, mainly just the assessment so they can understand how they can help me.. she knew instantly that it was my left side that was affected by this relapse which I thought was very good.. I’ve been set a little exercise to do until I see her next and that’s to concentrate on my walking.. just making sure my leg doesn’t turn outwards, so far it’s going okay 😊

I also had a lovely time with my dad 😊 we popped into town in the morning to have a look around and I got a fab new coat (one of those ones that looks like a sleeping bag and that’s REALLY light weight), a beautiful scarf and some new PJ’s.. we also had a cheeky McDonalds and went to see my sister (yes I had Vegan McDonald’s!!) All in all it was a wonderful day! 

So today is Sunday and it’s my cleaning day, I like to clean the house properly on a Sunday so that I don’t need to do much throughout the week (I like things to be clean and tidy but doing it every day is a no no lol) Will be meal Prepping later ready for the week too.  

I’m also setting up a new Instagram account @an_ordinary_girl_with_ms where I’ll be posting pics of Self-Care ideas, food, and general things that help me cope with MS and make me happy 😊 I’ve only just set it up but feel free to follow me 😊

Let me know how your week has been, leave me a comment as always and I will reply.. Would any of you be interested in my new thread?  

As always I hope you’re all okay and sending you lots of love 

Hannah xx 

September Favourites

Hey everyone, this is going to be a post about al the things I’ve been loving throughout the month of September! It’s definitely been a funny old month but today is officially October and I don’t know about anyone else, but I just love the start of a new month – like a fresh start almost? And I definitely think Sunday’s are my favourite days! What about you? What’s your favourite day and do you like the start of a new month?

There’s actually not that many things that I’ve been loving this month, to be fair this month has been kind of blur and I’ve just got through it as best I could.. The first thing that I’ve been loving is a cleaning device and that is my Dyson wireless vacuum – it’s just been a total godsend! We invested in it I’d say a couple of months ago but I’ve only just properly mentioned about it, it really makes life so easy and I can actually Hoover most days and I don’t find it a chore anymore… My previous Hoover was just so difficult and cumbersome so I’m so happy we invested and it’s definitely worth it, we paid £189.99 (I believe) from where I work, however they price matched with Argos.

The next thing I’ve been loving it TEA!! My favourite teas this month have been: Lemon and Ginger tea from Aldi, Tetley Immune green Tea in tropical flavour and Matcha Green Tea by M&S. Every morning before I do my yoga I make myself a green tea, I then take it upstairs and relax whilst I drink it and I’m sure it gives me that little bit of energy to go and do my yoga – after that throughout the day and always try and opt for the lemon and ginger tea as I’ve read that ginger is a very good anti-inflammatory spice so I try and drink as much as possible, I sometimes do have a normal cup of tea with almond milk but I’d say only 1 cup of that a day and the tea that I drink is always decaf (apart from the green tea)

Beauty, Beauty, Beauty really is my favourite thing!! I would rather buy beauty items than clothes!! LOL!! I wouldn’t call myself fashionable, I just put clothes that are comfortable but beauty products on the other hand are totally different! My favourite products this month have been:-

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish – original – I’ve been loving this so much!! I actually bought another bottle today lol, only a slightly larger one which will hopefully last longer – I use this morning and night and I just love the way it makes me skin feel and also the scent is so relaxing, always reminds me a having a lovely spa treatment. Also Liz Earle’s products are Cruelty Free which is great so a massive thumbs up to her!! They’re also reasonably affordable, I wouldn’t put them in the high end category although the they feel and smell high end!

Pure Clear Blemish Rescue Mask – Loreal Now I know this face mask isn’t Cruelty Free and it’s one of the items that I have which isn’t, however I just love this face mask for dramatically reducing blemishes! I use it when I have a pesky spot forming and it makes my skin feel amazing! I have seen another face mask which I believe is cruelty free so once this one has finished I shall try that one and see if it’s just as good 

No. 7 Beautiful Skin Pore Minimising Serum – OMG!! This really has been a game changer for me!! This is relatively expensive (£16.00) however it has massively reduced my pores and I haven’t found ANYTHING that has done that!! I use it morning and night and within 28 days I could notice a difference, if you have enlarged pores I’d definitely give this beauty a go!

My super amazing cosy yoga trousers (I think k they’re just lounge wear but I wear them for yoga lol.. they’re from Apricot and I absolutely LOVE them! They are so soft and comfy and if I’m not in my pyjamas then I’m most likely in those lol! 

Spending time with friends – I may have mentioned in one of my previous blog posts (Going Back to work Week 5 or 6) that I went out to a friends fancy dress party, well I just have such a lovely time and it really made me feel great being surrounded by lovely friends and for once it made me forget about having a chronic illness/Multiple Sclerosis – I just had fun which is what we all need to do I think. I also love having girly nights with my sister (we are very close) and my best friend comes over some Saturday nights for a movie night which is always great too 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, how has your Sunday been? I hope you all have a wonder week and I’ll see you next week – I’m feeling so much better than I did the other day which is great and I’m still making sure I don’t over do it but enjoy life at the same time… Multiple Sclerosis is just one big emotional roller coaster right?

Love and big hugs to you always

Hannah xx