Bullet Journal Flip Through November 2017

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? As always leave me a comment below and let me know how your week has been! 

So. I’ve been Bullet Journalling for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love it! I’m quite and artistic person and love the fact of designing your own journal (if I could do this for a living I totally would!) 

Ryder Carroll was the main Bullet Journal creator and he came up with the idea and you can watch his video explaining how the Bullet Journal works on his YouTube video The Bullet Journal (how it works). Obviously you don’t have to follow his every step, it’s your journal! You create it how you want it! I find loads of inspiration on Pinterest and also a YouTube called Boho Berry has amazing videos and creative ideas. 

I started my Bullet Journal to help me manage my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and plan things out so I would find life easier — I suffer with brain fog at times so having the journal to make sure I know what I’m doing is great! I also use it to track symptoms, write things down in which I’m grateful for and to also write down what in achieving with MS. Especially if I’m going through a relapse. 

The main thing I love is literally all the pens and stationary you can get (I’m obsessed as you’ll see in a minute!) But I literally have all of the colours of the rainbow and possible more! I just love colouring in 😊

My Bullet Journals have helped me so much to be more organised and to not stress out and if you are similar to me and like being creative.. then I’d highly recommend starting a Bullet Journal 😊 

Here are some pics of my latest Journal and throughout the month of November what I’ve been doing in it.. I hope you enjoy it 😊

I absolutely love my Bullet Journal and I hope you’ve liked it too 😊 let me know if you’d like to see more blog posts like this 😊 

Love Hannah xx


8 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Flip Through November 2017

  1. Natalie | Surviving life's hurdles says:

    I always love your bullet journal pages Hannah, you are so creative! I’ll share this over on my Facebook. Your vegan meal ideas and MS achievements are great! I’d love to do a bullet journal but I know what I’m like and I’d just end up being too much of a perfectionist and not enjoying it, I just use a really fun and detailed planner instead!. I’m so glad your bullet journal is helping you and I’d definitely like to see more posts on it. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • hannahelizasite says:

      Hey 😊 aw thank you lovely and thank you for sharing on your Facebook page 😊 I loved taking photos oh my Bullet Journal so I’ll definitely do more posts on it 😊 oh yes I’m a bit of a perfectionist with it! I’m a lot better now, but before if I went wrong I’d just rip pages out of it lol 😂 but now I just create a pattern or drawing to hide it lol.. thank you 😊 xxx


  2. Sheryl Chan says:

    Beauuutiful! Haha I’m testing out the bujo concept for myself but for me, I think it is having an unintended, opposite effect 😁 I’ll give it a couple more months and see if it morphs! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. macfynnfamily says:

    I just stumbled across your page and am so happy I did! I also have MS with brain fog, cognitive challenges and fatigue as my main symptoms. I also just started doing a bullet journal to help keep me organized, inspired and motivated to still be crafty or creative in new ways for my new normal. I’m so excited to see how you’re tracking your symptoms. I wasn’t sure how to do that, and there doesn’t seem to be many examples I can find. Thank you!

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