Uncommon Goods Product Review

Hey everyone, how are you all doing?!

A little while ago I was contacted by this very interesting company called Uncommon Goods and I am thrilled to say that I have partnered with them to write my very first sponsored blog post.

Uncommon Goods are based in Brooklyn, USA and they have a wide range of beautiful, artistic and unusual gifts for the whole family. I’ve selected a few gifts and would love to share my thoughts about them with you all.

I would like to just say a little disclaimer. These are my own opinions of these products and if there was something that I disliked or didn’t agree with then I would write about my reasoning behind my decision.

Uncommon Goods also have a new team member called Sunny (the gift finding elephant) and is helping gift givers find the perfect present for loved ones, which I think is lovely as it makes those difficult decisions more relaxing and stress free.

So, the items that I received I would say would be perfect for teenagers, women and men.

Garlic Rocker

Now this item was the one thing my partner George would love. He loves kitchen gadgets and he’d seen this being advertised on the Telly but we haven’t been able to find it. When I came across it on Uncommon Goods I definitely wanted to purchase it for him and I knew he would love it. I feel also that this gift would be perfect for anyone who loves kitchen gadgets.

Food Huggers

I know what most of you are thinking… “What is a food hugger?” And I honestly thought the same, when I saw the name. However I thought it was such a fab idea, particularly this one for avocados! This would be another perfect kitchen gadget gift for either men or women who love keeping things fresh in the kitchen and we all know avocados go off quickly so what better idea than to have something that would help them to stay fresh for longer.

Ooma Bowls

Now this was a gift that definitely suited the title of the website as it was truly Uncommon to me. I’d never heard of Ooma Bowls before, however when I read about them I thought it would be perfect for hosting movie nights/ girly nights in. It’s basically a bowl with two separate compartments and one side you can have say like a filling and the other you could have chips, veggie sticks or whatever you’d like. Even popcorn one side and chocolate treats on the other.. how perfect is that for a movie night?! They come in a variety of colours too!

Foot Care Kit

Ladies… We all know when we have been on our feet all day/all night how much they hurt when we get home… So how perfect is this little foot care kit!? It comes in lovely packaging, perfect for a stocking filler or a friend who could do with a nice pamper. You get a beautiful foot cream which smells divine and some super cozy socks to wear too. I do think this is a perfect little item to put under the Christmas tree for that special someone who deserves a treat.

All these items which I have spoke about today I thought would be perfect for either men, women or teenagers (mostly girls) you can also find more fabulous and unusual gifts for all ages including some great stocking fillers by following these links Gifts for wifeGifts for Friends and Stocking Stuffing Ideas.
A lot of the items on Uncommongoods.com are handmade, which I also think makes such a lovely gift for someone and the best part that I loved about this website… It’s all affordable!! This time of year in particular can be a struggle for most of us and I think it’s great that there are companies out there supplier us with wonderful and affordable gifts for our loved ones.

I’d highly recommend that you check Uncommon.com out and see what treasures you can find 😊

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first sponsored blog post as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you so much for reading.

December Link Up

Hey everyone, how are you all? I hope you’re all have a lovely start to December 🙂

Yay! Another link up from the lovely Sheryl over at Achronicvoice and it’s December’s link up 😊 I so enjoy writing these and reading everyone else’s and connecting with people 😊 I just wanted to say that I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas 😊

So here are December’s prompts:-

If you’d like to read about it then click on this link December Link Up. Now I’m going to write about all five of the prompts and I look forward to reading yours 😊 


So I’m actually still recovering from this relapse that started in October this year so this prompt is an ongoing one I think at the moment. The most important thing that I do is *listen to my body* as much as I can anyway lol.. we all get caught up and forget that our bodies tell us a lot when it comes to recovering/recovery. 

I’ve been trying to do light exercises, rest and just look after myself wherever I can really 😊 having “Me Days/Evenings” always helps. 


Shopping! I love shopping! Since October however I haven’t been out shopping much really, however the other week a really good friend of mine came to visit from Australia and we went to our local shopping outlet for an actual look around (yes retail therapy!!) I wasn’t able to do much walking around due to pins and needles and fatigue but my amazing friend had arranged for me to have a wheelchair so when I got tired or needed a sit down I was able to. She’s such an amazing supportive friend and I feel very lucky to have her in my life. I was also able to enjoy the day and get a few bits that I wanted! It felt good! 😊


I like this prompt 😊 it makes you think about the positives. Even though being off with a relapse I’ve been enjoying quite a lot. The main thing has been my new Bullet Journal that my dad kindly got for me as a get well soon present.. I’ve been Bullet Journalling since 2016 and it’s been the best thing I ever started.. I love it 😊 

Another thing I’ve been enjoying is reading. I’ve never been a massive reader but when my sister gave me one of her books called “The Cosy Teashop in the Castle” I was hooked and then I found the book that in currently reading — I try and stick to one chapter a night lol cause I want to make this book last 😊 the book that in reading is called “A cat caller Alfie” by Rachel Wells. Its such a wonderful book from the cats perspective (if you are a cat lover, you will love this) and I love reading every chapter. 


This is a very interesting post. I think because when I reminisce sometimes it makes me a little sad because I sometimes think back to before I had MS and before I had a care in the world… However I then turn those sad thoughts into positives.. looking back and reminiscing how far I’ve come and how much I now listen to my body and actually try take care of my body and that makes me feel proud and happy! 


Preparing.. this again a great prompt! I’m a planner, organiser and preparer (I don’t even know if that’s a word lol) I love preparing and planning things, I helps me to manage my illness and stay in control (kind of lol) I use my Bullet Journal a lot when in preparing things and I find it so helpful. 

It’s also that time of year and preparing for me is key to limit stress — I find if things are prepared and organised then I feel a lot more relaxed.. so yes all my presents are wrapped lol. 

And that is my December Link Up prompts 🙂 I absolutely love doing these and really love reading others so let me know about your link ups and I’ll give them a read 🙂