Skin Care Routine 2018

Hey Everyone! I hope this post finds you all well and I hope you’ve had a good weekend?

I thought for this week’s post id change it up a little and tell you all about my Skin Care Routine 2018. I’ve always loved skin care and makeup, I’m that kind of girl.. I’m not the girl whose obsessed with shoes of clothes. I’m the kind of girl who loves trying out new skin care.. as we all know.. I LOVE a pamper night!

Definitely since my recent cold virus (yuck!) I’ve noticed my skin to have changed! My skin type is usually combination. My T-Zone is oily and the other parts are a mixture of dry and normal.

Since going Vegan/Plant based I’ve definitely notice that my skin is a lot clearer which is great, however I also drink a lot of water too (that’s definitely the secret to good skin!)

But recently my skin was getting dryer and I also noticed some spots appearing. So I thought I’d do my research and find something to help with this!

*I just wanted to say that this post isn’t sponsored and a disclaimer. I know I use a lot of products but I find that they work for me and I like to try and keep most of my skin care products natural, free from parabens and other nasties.*

Let’s start with – Make Up Removal

Coconut Oil

I’ve been using Coconut Oil to remove my makeup for the past month and honestly it’s sooo good! I feel like it’s a staple you can grab anywhere (I got this from Boots of all places!)

I also feel like it’s a natural product and doesn’t contain anything like parabens etc. And it doesn’t sting my eyes! (YAY!)

This massive tub has been going for the past month and I’m loving using this as a makeup remover.

What I do is get about 1/2tsp amount onto my hands and rub them together, I then apply it to my face using circular motions to remover the makeup from the day. I then use either a muslin cloth/towel or flannel with warm water to remover the excess.

And voila your makeup is removed… However my cleansing doesn’t finish there in the evenings.

I’m going to talk about my Morning and Night Skin Care Routine.

Morning Skin Care

So.. the main products that I’ve fallen back in love with are the products by a company called Avene. It’s a French company who specialise in natural skin especially for people who have sensitive skin.

They have ranges to suit all skin types as well, and I’m pretty sure they don’t contain any nasties like parabens etc.

I used to use their range when I was going through a breakout of acne a couple of years ago and honestly and can whole heartedly say that it clear my skin up lovely!

Now that my skin has turned more dry since the cold whether and getting sick, I’ve changed things up a little.


For cleansing I use the Avene gel cleanser it doesn’t contain soap and you can use this for you body as well! My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight when I use it, it just feels clean! (Funnily enough!)

I put about a penny size amount into my hand, then using warm water I partner it up until it forms a foam like consistency and then apply all over my face and neck.


For face toner I use the Avene Cleanance range (as I’ve said I have Oily Combination but going through a dry spell at the moment) and this toner is lovely! It’s cooling and nice to be applied. I mainly use this on my T- zone and around my chin/neck using 2 cotton pads.

For my eyes, as they’ve been really delicate and dry lately, I’ve been using the Liz Earle Eye Bright and I apply this to 2 cotton pads and just hold them on my eyes for a few seconds and then just wipe around my eyes gently.

It’s very cooling and soothing and since I’ve been using this plus something else, it’s really help combat have the dryness and irritation I was experiencing.


For my morning serum I use this beauty! Again by Avene the Cleanance range for acne prone skin. Again I mainly apply this to my T-Zone and neck, which is where I suffer with acne sometimes. I use a very small amount as it goes a long way!

Sun Protection

I’m going to say it! I’ve only just started using sun protection within my skin care! I’ve been reading a lot about sun protection and being that my skin tone is quite pale, I should take more care.

I got this Sun Protection from Avene and again it’s in the Cleanance range so it won’t and doesn’t make my skin oily so I apply this everywhere, including my neck every morning.

Day Cream

Lol can you see a trend yet!? Okay I kind of got the Avene range lol.. but this day cream is lovely.. it feels really hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin too oily. I just use this in the morning and mainly on my cheeks.


Evening Skin Care Routine

So.. the cleansing part is still the same, I use the same product as the morning.


So this serum from Avene I use mainly on my T-Zone and chin area. I love these products purely because they don’t irritate my skin. I haven’t noticed anything at the moment but it’s only because I haven’t been using it long enough yet.

I then apply this serum mainly on my cheeks. I love No.7 beauty products and used to use them, however some of them made my skin feel a little more oily than the Avene so I’m sticking mainly to that.

Night cream

Now this.. this is something I’ve not tried before and I can say that it’s AMAZING!! I went to work last week with my skin feeling really tight, sore and dry. She told me about the above cream and said it really helped her and omg was she right!?! It’s amazing! And I love it!

It’s really helped with my skin and I use it every night. I also use it on my hands and feet too ☺️

And the final product that I use morning and night is the Avene eye contour cream. I use this around the delicate skin around my eyes.. using my ring fingers to gently massage it in. I’ve definitely noticed that my eyes don’t feel as dry or sore as they did before which is great 😊

So that my lovelies is my skin care routine for 2018 at the moment. I hope you all enjoyed the read.

I’ve also filmed a YouTube video of this too if you’d like to see my going through my Skincare steps.

My YouTube account is Hannah Smith Youtube Channel

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! Sending you lots of love as always.

Hannah xx


3 thoughts on “Skin Care Routine 2018

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I enjoyed getting to be a bit nosy and seeing what you use! Never tried coconut in any form when it comes to skin care, but I do quite like No.7 products (when on sale or with a voucher!) 🙂
    Caz x

    Liked by 1 person

    • hannahelizasite says:

      Hey Caz, aw yes I love watching people’s YouTube videos on skin care etc lol.. it’s always so fascinating and you pick up some great tips! Coconut oil is so amazing for remover your makeup and more lol and so cheap! I use it all the time now! I hope you enjoy had a nice weekend. Aw I’m lucky with No.7 cause George works for Boots and we both get discount cards lol (that might actually be a bad thing lol!) Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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