March Link Up Party

Hello everyone ☺️ how are you all? As always leave me a comment and we can have a lovely chat ☺️

So the lovely Sheryl from A Chronic Voice has done another Monthly Link Up Party and you know I LOVE these and always like to get involved.

This months prompts are below


What I’ve decided to sort out this month is… My wardrobe!!

I’m becoming more and more excited and interested in the world of minimalism and making my home living a clutter free place.

I’ve noticed that when everything is best, tidy and the space is clear that my stress levels and overall anxiety is a lot better.

Going back to my wardrobe. I’m not a fashion expert (far from it — that’s more my sister lol) and there are corners and bags in my wardrobe that just don’t get worn etc.

So I’m going to sort them all out this monrh and the clothes that I don’t wear or don’t fit and the bags that I don’t use that often.. and going to charity!

Yes I could sell them, however giving something to charity makes me feel better and also it’s great to know that someone maybe less fortunate than myself can enjoy some of my items.


The only thing that I could think of that would fit with this prompt would be “rising earlier in the morning”

I’ve been listening to Mel Robbins – 5 Second Rule auido book recently and it’s truly amazing and is really working for me.

I’ve always been a “Morning Person” ever since I was little. However I always used to waste my mornings just “faffing or staring at social media” social decided to set my alarm a little earlier in the mornings and RISE!

I get up at 6:30am and I make the most of my time.. it usually takes me around 15-20mins to get ready for work, 10 mins to do my morning yoga and 5 mins to get some breakfast. I try now to do at least one little house chore before I go to work to “Help future me, because future me is always exhausted in the afternoons, whereas Morning me has the most energy”

I’ve been doing this for the month of March and I shall continue to practice this from now on. 😊


Since my NY motto “Not My Problem” I’ve been rejoicing most days! I always try to keep each day as positive as I can — when I’m over tired or fatigue kicks in, that can sometimes be quite hard! My mind can sometimes take control when I’m exhausted.

But rejoicing each day is what I try to do. I also feel since starting my vegan lifestyle and trying to be more mindful of what I put into my body, I feel a lot happier and relaxed mentally.. isn’t that strange 🙂

My main this I’m rejoicing is deciding this week to increase my hours at work to 5 hours a day! I feel I’m ready and I’m excited to venture to this new chapter of achievement. Yes I’m nervous but I feel more excited and ready to try.. so I shall rejoice this!


Right now I’m reading this lovely book called “A Secret Garden” by Katie Fforde. It’s a really happy and uplifting book.

The last week I haven’t read much because it’s was a very busy week resulting in me crashing out asleep between 9-9:30 most nights, but I shall keep going!


Priding. I have one thing to say about this… IM PROUD OF ME!

I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and how I’ve achieved it.

* sticking to my wholefoods plant based diet and not allowing other people’s negativity to stop me.

*Going back to work and not allowing people’s negativity to stress me out

*Becoming more minimalist and learning to love myself and giving myself more Self-Care moments.

And finally I’m so proud of ME for getting up, whacking a smile on my face and slaying each day!

I’ve decided that you have ONE life! I know there might be really hard times (I’ve definitely been there!!) But I know, truly know that we all get through them! My mission for 2018 is to not allow other people’s negativity affect myself and to have the best year by far with Multiple Sclerosis!

MS is apart of me and I have accepted that and I will work WITH my body and not against it.

This is what I’m priding on 🙂

And that my lovelies was my March Link Ups. I really hope you enjoyed the read and I hope this post finds you all relatively well or at least having a slightly good day!

I’m sending you all lots of love and hugs!

Hannah xx


5 thoughts on “March Link Up Party

  1. Sheryl Chan says:

    Thanks for participating, always good to hear from you, and I loved all the pics you included, too! Adds a real personal touch to it 🙂 Wanted to say well done on all you’ve managed to accomplish, both the little and large things, despite your pain! Also, I can’t believe you wake at 6:30am every day and that you have the most energy in the mornings, lol! I’m usually quite dead in the mornings and feel sick. Wish I could be a ‘real’ morning person too – they’re the best 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    • hannahelizasite says:

      Aw hey lovely! Thank you for your comment ☺️ I’m glad you liked it ☺️ haha I know a lot of people can’t believe it when I say what time I wake up.. but I do have to go to bed by 9pm cause I’m dead to the world lol and just need sleep.. I loose my energy from about 3pm onwards.. so I like to do things in the morning to try and help my tired self in the afternoon/evening xx

      Liked by 1 person

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