#KISSGOODBYETOMS The Final Week! & World MS Day

Hey Everyone! How has your week been? Hey guess what!? I’ve got one sleep until o can rejoin the social media world! 😊

I’m so excited to finally be back to reply to your messages, get back on Insta and watch YouTube! (Haha I’m going to binge watch on Friday lol!)

I’ve been filming everyday throughout May everything I’ve been getting up to and I’ve really been enjoying daily vlogging, maybe to the point that I’m actually sad it’s coming to an end?! I’m wondering whether I keep up with the vlogging… We shall see.

Starting the 1st June there will be daily videos on my YouTube channel so you can see what I got up to 😊 Hannahs Youtube

I have enjoyed the break and found lots of little things that I’ve been able to pay attention to, also not looking down at my phone all the time lol and actually looking at the beautiful world that we live in!

It’s also World MS Day today! I’ve been diagnosed 4 years this year and that’s just crazy! I’m now focused to push awareness in a realistic, positive way… Through my blogs and vlogs.

MS really has changed my life! And I can finally say that it’s changed my life for the better! I’ve been able to discover self love and self care, find a potential career path, which I’m so passionate about, make new friends and I got a cat πŸ˜‚πŸˆ

I’ve recently started treatment and so far so good.. I wrote a previous post about my first week so you can check that out if it interests you ☺️

This week has been good, we had a bank holiday and I went with my Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother on my very first steam train, which was totally amazing! Then I’ve been working and today (Wednesday) I went to Stamford (UK) with some friends for a little look around and lunch — not long home and I’m quite tired so having a rest and a little nap. Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut! (I’ll post a pic on my Instagram @an_ordinary_girl_with_ms

Anyway! I can’t wait to chat to you all soon! I hope you’ve had a great start to the week!

Sending lots of love,

Hannah xx

Week One of Copaxone in the bag!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you’re going to have a lovely Bank holiday weekend and if some of you are working then I hope it isn’t too hectic!

Today I’m going to chat about Copaxone, a Multiple Sclerosis therapy treatment or DMT (disease modifying therapy).

They are injections that I self administer 3x a week and there’s a 38% chance of reducing relapses and slowing down the progression of my MS.

Ina previous post Restarting MS Treatment I talk briefly about Copaxone and what it entails.

So, it’s been a week since I’ve been on this treatment and so far, so good! I feel absolutely fine, no real side effects at all, which was the one thing that I was slightly anxious about.

I got a delivery in the post that contained my sharps bin (a travel shapes bin), a diary log, my injections, an epi- style pen incase I didn’t want to actually inject, a cool bag and a rucksack to store things.

I know some of you who don’t like the idea of injecting, but honestly it’s fine. My pain threshold isn’t overly high so you can trust when I say it’s not bad, the needle is really thing and about a centimeter long.

The only part that has been a bit painful for me has been 5-10mins after the injection is over, it stings a bit (you can’t run the area lol.. which is so hard not to do!) It feels like a bee sting maybe (I’ve never had one haha!) But that does pass over 5 mins, just breath into it.

But apart from that it’s honestly been fine, I’ve not noticed anything happen, which again is great and hopefully this will be the treatment for me 😊

On one of my YouTube videos I have shown you a day when I inject but not of me actually doing it — I maybe thought people wouldn’t like to see that?! If you would like to see the whole process then please leave me a comment and I’ll do a mini video dedicated to that.

But all in all Copaxone and I seem to be getting off to a good start and I know it will continue 😊

Thank you as always for reading and let me know if you’d like to see the whole injection process and I’ll film a video.

Love to you always

Hannah xx

#KissGoodbyetoSocialMedia for Multiple Sclerosis Week 3

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? I hope you’re having a good week?

As always, leave me a comment in the comments section and when I’m back online I will reply to all of them ☺️

I can’t believe it’s week 3 with no social media! I know my last point was talking about that I was struggling, however I’m now much better now and I think I’ve climbed over that hump!

Like I’ve said before, I’m filming what I get up to as well as writing about being off social media and that’s going well, although this week hasn’t been overly exciting lol.. just normal life!

Today I’m going round to see my sister and her dog Tilly, a beautiful Dalmatian πŸ™‚ we are going to have a lovely pamper session and relax πŸ™‚

Whilst being off social media it has made me realise how much we all really depend on it (I know some of you will disagree, however most people who are on social media are dependent on it. Making friends, connecting with loved ones, managing personal issues or just to be nosy (yes I know we all do that!)

For me being off social media and not being able to talk to my friends has at times made me feel the isolation and loneliness that comes with MS — I am in no way alone, I have amazing family and George is just out of this world πŸ™‚ but not being able to connect with my internet friends and share my experiences with starting new treatment has felt lonely at times.

I have built my social media platforms on positivity and helping others, my main and ultimate dream is to be a young speaker, talking about MS as a younger person and what it feels like..

I’d also love to create a local group in my area and surround area for younger people with MS — I have contacted my MS nurse and we had a discussion about this, but it’s something I really want to achieve and do you know what… I will achieve it! 😊

For those of you who are interested in donating to the MS Society for this fundraiser I’ve taken part in then please see the link here — Hannah’s Just Giving Page I am in no way trying to force people to donate.. if you could just share this page I’d be really grateful also.

The YouTube videos that I’ve been filming will go up on the 1st June and will be in the style of daily vlogs so they’ll be one video a day πŸ™‚ “A Day in the life without social media” something like that lol.


I hope you’re all okay, sending love and hugs always,

Hannah xx

I’m Struggling. But it’s Okay

Hey Everyone! πŸ™‚

Ive been struggling today. Not with MS symptoms (I’m used to those most of the time) but with the lack of connecting with you guys.

Social media for me has been such a positive place. It’s been a place where I can connect with people in my situation, making new friends and supporting people.

Not having it for the month at first was fine, it was my birthday week so therefore it was busy, filled with seeing friends and family. This week. This week, has been harder… Starting MS treatment (Copaxone) was fine but still quite big emotionally and not having you guys on social media to chat to about it has really made me feel quite alone.

I had a small breakdown this morning. Everything just getting on top of me and feeling alone was just getting me down.. I was all ready this morning to come back on Social Media, but after a chat with George, my sister and one of my lovely Instagram friend they helped me to keep going.

I’m almost done, only two weeks to go.. I have a new series to watch (Peaky Blinders) and planning a few things to do, which will be good.

I wanted to document how I’m feeling because this is real life and I am An Ordinary Girl With MS.

I’m feeling better this evening.. going to get a nice early night.

I hope you’re all okay, I will chat to you all soon.

Much love

Hannah xx

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Mental Health. What can I say about mental health?

Guilt, depression, anxiety, sadness, numb, unworthy, pressure… These are just some of the emotions I’ve gone through since being diagnosed with MS.

Before diagnosis I didn’t know a lot about mental health and consequently didn’t understand it — I’ll be honest.

There were periods through the early time of diagnosis where I felt an overwhelming sensation of of sadness, anxiety and just uncertainty. The saddest part about it is when people around you don’t understand or just think you’re “over tired”.

It was November 2016 when it really came to light and I opened up to my Neurologist about how I had been feeling.. Anxiety to the point where I was afraid to leave the house and just general sadness.. and that I was really struggling to manage MS and continuously trying to get people to understand it.

My Neurologist decided to put me in contact with a councillor via the NHS (National Health Service) now this took 6 months to come through, however the wait was entirely worth it.. the service is called IAPT. I saw a really lovely lady who honestly helped me to become the person I am today! She really helped me to understand my demons and face them!

My biggest problem was always thinking about what other people were thinking about me.. and her reply to this…. “NOT MY PROBLEM” (remember from a previous post?!? She taught me that what other people are thinking is their problem but not mine! That… That was the biggest turn around for me.

2017 I faced 4 annoying relapses and when the final relapse came around in October I decided enough was enough… I’m now going to take care of my mind, soul and body! Look out for me for a change! And took the motto “not my problem”

I use my Bullet Journal as a release to help me manage the MS and also my mental health too! Its kind of therapy really. I journal in it every day and it really does help πŸ™‚

I also practiced in self love and self care everyday, told people how I was feeling exactly and tried not to bottle everything up like used to.

Its now May 2018 and I’m finally feeling good mentally, I’m not going to say that how I was feeling has just disappeared because it doesn’t go away that easily.. sometimes I really have to fight with my emotions but suspressing them is something I’m trying really hard not to do.

Noone can tell you to just “snap out of it” or give you tips to “cure” mental health… I firmly believe that you will find a technique that will help and hopefully work for you.

For me, coming to terms with my MS diagnosis in my own time was what I needed.. I spent the last three years either ignoring it, listening to other people and worrying.. but now.. I acknowledge my MS and listen to my body always, I eat better and I only listen to people’s advice but I chose whether to take it or not.

Even when I was at my worst and struggling, I always had a smile on.. I kept quiet about how I was feeling. This needs to stop. We must come together and support each other.

Mental Health is another hidden illness, that’s why it needs to be spoken about.

Much Love

Hannah xx

#KissGoodbyeToSocialMedia for MS – Week 2

Hey everyone! How are you all?! I so miss connecting with you all but we are officially over half way now!

I would say that this week has been very busy, great, exciting and tough (for the social media front)

The one thing I’m missing the most at the moment is YouTube. I normally watch YouTube videos daily and especially on a Sunday evening I like to catch up with my fave YouTubers… But at the moment I can’t and its definitely hard work! But still going πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Last Friday my sister and I met up with my cousin whose come over from Australia, which was so great! The weather was beautiful and we just have a lovely catch up.

We had a wander around the querky town Stamford which was fab and I got some lovely bits from Neals Yard Remedies that I’m loving! And finished off with a drink at the iconic George hotel in Stamford, which unfortunately wasn’t 100% great (customer service mainly).


aturday I was pretty much bed ridden! The last 48hours had caught up on me and I was just absolutely exhausted and just making myself lunch took it out of me. Thankfully I had no plans and could relax all day and then in the evening I may have treated myself to a cheeky vegan friendly pizza from Pizza Hut.

Sunday I was “okay” still pretty tired but a little better for resting completely on Saturday. Sunday I met up with my sister again along with my Aunt and Grandmother where we went and chose our dresses for Royal Ascott!! They are beautiful and I simply can’t wait until we go! How exciting!

Then it was back to work Monday and back to normality, which was good too.. I love the people I work with so I never have that feeling of going back to work… But.. it was exhausting and I’ve definitely had early nights the past couple of nights!

Tomorrow (Thursday) I start Copaxone so I may do a separate post on that explaining about it and telling you how it’s making me feel etc.

Anyway… Enough waffling because I would like to write another post for #mentalhealthawarenessweek so there will be a lot of reading!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read and as always, leave me a comment and I will reply when I’m back “online”

Sending much love always,

Hannah xx

My Birthday Adventures 2018

Hey Everyone!! How are you all!?

I know I said I was only going to write one post a week about my Social Media Detox to raise awareness and funds for the MS SOCIETY, however… I just LOVR writing!

I still won’t be replying to comments until after I’ve completed my month away from social media, but please do leave me comments and I will reply to them β˜ΊοΈπŸ™‚

I’d firstly like to say that I’m in no way trying to brag about my birthday nor have I been sponsored to talk about the places I visited. I just wanted to include you all in what I got up to and also to be able to look back on this as a lovely memory.

How have you all been anyway?!

In this post I’m going to take you on my adventure of what I got up to on my birthday. I noticed that not being on social media, posting things to Instagram or Twitter all the time enabled me to have a thoroughly lovely time with friends and family! I was able to take everything in and had a great time.

So I was awoken by a good morning kiss and head bang from George and Arthur (Arthur gave me the head bang lol not George πŸ€£πŸ˜‚) and was brought a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and an iced coffee

I then had a lovely relaxed morning and completed rested, having a lovely bath (one of my favourite things) washed my hair and got ready to go out with George. Last year George was poorly, so this year felt even more special that I could spend the day with him β˜ΊοΈπŸ’– we went for drinks and a little shopping (poor him!!)

We then went to mums and she cooked a replica of the “Venus” bowl that we had at Wild Food Cafe it was absolutely delicious! And I forgot to take a pic on my phone didn’t I!? I have a YouTube video going up after this social media break at the end of the month, where I think I filmed a bit of it lol.

Thursday 10th May – London Adventure

This morning I was whisked away to London with my Aunty, where she surprised me and took me to the original Cat Cafe in Shoreditch! It’s called Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium and it really was amazing!

It was set just like Alice in Wonderland (which makes sense as Alice’s cat is called Dinah) and it was all geared up for the cats. We were welcomed in, told some rules we had to follow and introduced to the cats.

They had 14 in total and they were just gorgeous! They were mainly reduced cats from people or rescued off the street and taken very good care of. If any of the cats didn’t settle or are unhappy there, then they are rehomed so they remain to have a great quality of life.

This is such an amazing place for cat lovers! Its an easy tube ride away and a short walk from Shoreditch station. With your ticket it gets you a drink on arrival which is brought to you at your table.. my Aunt as part of my birthday gift opted for the birthday package where I got a custom mug with a picture of all the cats on it and a lovely card!

I really am the crazy cat lady and it was the best present I’ve had in long time! Here are some pics of our experience and I would happily recommend this to anyone!

We then had another tube ride back to Central London where we had a delicious VEGAN afternoon tea at The Mandarin Oriental which was truly amazing!! And everything that we ate was completely vegan and so delicious!

The staff were absolutely amazing as always, we went last year and will be coming back every year! We’ve been to almost all of the hotels in London for Afternoon tea and I can definitely say that The Mandarin is now our favourite!

I mentioned that I LOVED their tea (White Apricot if you ever get a chance to visit) and they ever so kindly gave it to me as a present!! Even though I said I was going to buy it!

I had simply the best day and I’m incredibly grateful thankfully and happy! I definitely intend to go back to the Cat Emporium soon!