July Link Up Party

Hey everyone! Wow can you believe that it’s July already! This time next year me and my truly amazing George will be husband and wife (that’s mental!)

I may write a post about wedding planning with MS if any of you are interested — there might not be many pictures lol as I want to keep a lot of things a surprise hehe.

Anyway, how are you all? This post I’ve teamed up with the lovely Sheryl from www.achronicvoice.com to take part in her Monthly Link Up Party for people with chronic illnesses. It’s a way to make new friends and connect with other spoonies and I love it! Alas I haven’t written one for a while so I’m determined to get back on the horse and start doing them again!

If you click on the link about, it will take you to Sheryl’s page where she explains how the link up party works.

This month’s prompts are:

* Adding

* Spreading

* Ranting

* Dividing


This month and every month for that matter I’ve been trying to add positivity into my life every day. I’m a very positive person but let’s face it, it can be hard and we have to work on it every day!

I like the phrase Charlotte from Sex and zthe City says in the first movie when she’s asked if she’s happy in her relationship.. she says.. “I feel happy and blessed every day” the others say “you feel happy every day?!!?” Her reply “not all day, but yes everyday I feel happy and blessed” — this is exactly me.. I generally feel happy and content every single day, like Charlotte it’s not all day.. but it is every day! And that’s what I focus on to remain that way.

I’ve also added a new MS treatment to my life Copaxone and so far it’s going well.. apart from some minor injection site issues but I deal with those.. I could write a dedicated post about that?


I thought was a very interesting prompt and have to say it’s taken a while to think of something.

For me I love spreading my positivity and help to other people, I love writing, being on Instagram and filming you tube videos for you all (something exciting is coming in September stay tuned) my main passion in life is to create, share and spread content to people either newly diagnosed with MS or maybe it will help anyone with a chronic illness to hopefully make life just that little bit easier!

I’ve been researching cleaning hacks, cooking tips and general tips on how to keep life easy and relatively stress free and I can wait to share and spread that with you ☺️


Okay.. I’m not too keen on this prompt and I don’t think I have much to rant about.. I don’t want to “rant” about the weather here in the UK, but I shall just chat about it.

Everyone with MS is different when it comes to the weather, here in the UK when it gets to 30° we don’t really deal with it too well.. we don’t have AC or an outside swimming pool in our back garden (believe me I’ve really contemplated digging a hole in the garden and filling it with water 😂)

For me the heat actually makes my symptoms worse. Fatigue is a lot stronger and makes me feel like an extra from a zombie movie, my whole body feels like I’ve got sandbags attached to it dragging it along, nerve pain in the evenings gets to a point where I’m in bed (with the fan on) at 8:30pm — so this kind of heat is a real struggling for me.

What about you? Does the heat help your symptoms? Or make then worse?

With all my symptoms heightened I just try and remain calm, relaxed, hydrated (that is so important!) And more importantly j make sure we have the fan on, always and our freezer is well stocked with ice lollies! Then I just keep smiling like I usually do cause let’s face it… Noone can see how I’m feeling inside so it’s sometimes easier to whack on a smile 😂 — but I’m fine and I deal with my symptoms, I just make sure I listen to my body.


I think this is the only prompt this month that I’m actually struggling to decide what to write about. There’s nothing really that I’m “dividing” as such.

I suppose I divide my time at the moment between doing an activity and resting while the weather is hot.

I struggle to get everything done at once at the moment and if I do then I’m usually suffering for it afterwards, so I divide my time.. do one thing, then rest and so on.

That’s probably the only thing I’m dividing at the moment to enable me to save my energy and to be able to do more things 🙂

And that my lovely people is the end of this post and this month’s Link Up Party.

Thank you so much to Sheryl for always coming up with thesez they’re amazing! I’m so glad to be back doing them!

On Sunday I’m doing to be posting a blog post about all the things I loved in June.. maybe I’ll just upload them as pictures for you to see instead of writing about them? Let me know in the comments what you’d prefer 😊

Lots of love to you always,

Hannah xx


6 thoughts on “July Link Up Party

  1. Jeremy Smith says:

    What a lovely post to wake up to on a sunny Tuesday darling
    Great read keep at it can’t wait for dad & daughters day on Sunday xxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sheryl Chan says:

    So good to have you with us for July, Hannah! 🙂 I do remember that saying by Charlotte in the movie and thought it was great, too! Haha I like that you were honest about not liking the ‘ranting’ prompt! It does reflect a lot about your positive outlook and nature as seen in the rest of your post as well! Oh and if you’re struggling with some of the prompts you don’t have to do them all, just a minimum of three! Wishing you a happy july, wedding planning and hope all goes well with the new meds!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Positively Alyssa says:

    Beautiful post Hannah! Wedding planning is fun, but please do not let it cause you stress! I planned my entire wedding pretty much on my own because I did not want anyone else’s ideas in it. If you ever need anything, please know I am here for you!!!


  4. JacQueline Roe says:

    I love how positive you are and that you are looking for ways to enjoy your life even in the heat. Heat is not a problem for my illness (debilitating migraines), but barometric pressure changes are. Praying for you as you move towards your wedding date (congratulations!).

    Liked by 1 person

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