New YouTube Channel, Family Time and Nerve Pain! :)

Hi everyone, long time no speak! I know I haven’t uploaded a blog post in a couple of weeks, how are you all doing? As always leave me a comment below and we can all connect.

So… Last Sunday was the first day that my new YouTube Channel launched An Ordinary Girl With MS


I’ve got 2 official videos uploaded now that you can watch, the first one is all about “My Diagnosis” — what happened, how I was diagnosed and how I felt. The second video is all about “What is MS” — I’ve seen many videos on YouTube explaining what MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is in a rather negative way “You’re going to become disabled”, “Everything will stop working” “It’s incurable” — I mean yes, these phrases might become reality to some, however everyone with MS is completely DIFFERENT!! That’s why in my video I really try a put across the reality of MS in a positive way.

I really hope you can spread the word about my channel and I hope that it brings comfort to some of you too living with MS, or even if you’re not it can bring you some understanding about the condition.

I’ve also had quite a stressful week too — in fact very stressful which in turn has caused my MS symptoms to really flare up, I booked today off work as a holiday so that I could completely rest my body (and write this blog post obvs lol) I don’t want to go into the stresses that I’ve had but yes, I’ve had quite enough for the time being thank you.

I’ve also had some great family times too.

Last Saturday I went up to my hometown to see my dad and Nana where we met the wedding photographer to get him booked for the wedding– seriously it’s getting so close now and I’m so excited! I just can’t wait to marry my best friend in the whole world! We had a wonderful day and I also managed to grab a cheeky first class ticket on the train there and back which was amazing!

It was my little sisters birthday last week and we had a great day visiting a beautiful stately home and a fantastic antique shop (I was in heaven!) We also went to see The Nun too (relatively new horror film — The Conjuring universe) I had a wonderful yet exhausting time another reason why I booked today off.

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And finally… nerve pain! I haven’t had it for a long time and I know that due to the pressures and stresses that I’ve had over the last week, its set things off. I’m actually filming a video about ways to manage nerve pain so I hope you like that too đŸ™‚

I have a lot of hot water bottles, baths, lots of light yoga (stretching really helps), I try not to sit still for long periods because I find the pain gets worse unless I’m literally lying on the floor then that’s okay but I get dizzy after a while. I also fuel myself with lots of anti-inflammatory foods, loads of ginger, literally have so much ginger and cinnamon and dark leafy greens… I really do pump my body full of these foods when my MS is playing up and it really does help.


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this light, short blog post this week. Please check out my YouTube channel if you get the chance đŸ™‚ I’m now going to go for a little walk to try and relieve this pain. Hopefully my next blog post I shall be pain-free!

Have a wonderful week.

lots of Love always

Hannah xx