My Wedding Skincare Routine — Morning

Good Morning Everyone. Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend?

This weekend on Instagram I put up a poll about creating a Wedding Series on here and the response was great, so here is the first post ☺️

I’m one of these people who is obsessed with skincare, I would buy all sorts of products and test them out.

However, over the last few days I’ve noticed my skin becoming quite irritated (we do not want this, close to the wedding!) So I have researched products that will help sensitive skin.

And… Affordable!

I would say that my skin sensitive/combination, I’ve found products that are helping my skin and I’m really enjoying them.

My main objective for my wedding is to wear minimal makeup, this is all to reserve energy. As we all know, living with Multiple Sclerosis or Chronic illness we deal with chronic fatigue, the last thing I want on my wedding day/night is to be spending a lot of time putting makeup on and taking it off (yes I’m doing my own makeup)

So, here is my Morning Skincare Routine to prep my skin for my wedding ☺️

(Who can spot Arthur in the background!?)

So in the above picture, you see everything that I use in the morning.


Since having a bit of a reaction to something, probably over exfoliating. I have done some research into this product and since trying it, it’s really calmed my skin down and stopped the irritation.

Cetaphil — it’s for face and body, Dry, sensitive skin but I’ve also read that it’s a good cleanser for most people too. A similar one is CeraVe with similar properties. Cetaphil I found in Superdrug and for huge 473ml bottle it’s great value for money.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I apply it to my skin, I use it on my dry skin and then wash it off with warm water and use a clean dry face cloth to pat dry.

I will emphasize on the word clean — I always make sure my hands and any face cloths are clean before I put them on my face to reduce the chance of contamination.

This is very gentle on my skin and doesn’t cause it irritation.


The serum that I use next is one I purchased as a special addition — this product is more on the higher range of the price.

It’s the Bare Minerals Skinlongevity serum.

Its for all skin types and made by plant extracts. It empowers, replenishes, renews and fortifies.

I’ve not been using it for that long currently so I am yet to notice a difference, however it makes my skin feel nice and soft and doesn’t irritate it.

Bare Minerals Skinlongevity serum

Mineral SPF

Ive been readingof the importance of SPF sun protection and being fair skinned it’s even more important for me to protect my skin.

I’ve chosen a mineral SPF because I will be wearing mineral makeup for the wedding and I’ve read that these will go well together.

I’ve chosen the brand Avene because they are know for sensitive skin, a bit like La Roche – Posay.

I’m going to start trying this to help protect my skin & I could write a review about it once I’ve allowed my skin to get used to it.

Avene Mineral Fluid SPF 50+


I’m sticking with the same brand as my Cleanser for my moisturiser Cetaphil.

For the pure and simple reasons that it’s suitable for sensitive skin. It has no scents or irritants in it and the research that I’ve found is that it’s a good moisturiser — you don’t necessarily need all the expensive brands — this one if very affordable and will last a long time

Cetaphil Moisturiser – Superdrug

Again it has similar ingredients to the CeraVe brand and so far I’ve really been enjoying it and the best this that it’s calming my skin down.

Facial Oil

I can seriously rave so much about this facial oil! It’s organic rosehip oil and seriously calms my skin down!

It’s from the brand Sukin. An Australian brand that I just happened to come across in Boots a while.

I use this oil morning and night and it’s just wonderful and I rest have noticed a difference in my skin.

Again, this is affordable considering. I really enjoy using it.

Sukin Rosehip Facial oil

I’ve been using all these products in the way I have written them and I can really start to see a difference.

My skin doesn’t feel irritated or sore and doesn’t look it either. All simple and affordable. Just how I like it.

Thid picture is not filtered. Also all the products mentioned above I bought myself.

I hope you have enjoyed the start of my new Wedding & Chronic Illness series.

Next week I’ll be talking about my Evening Skincare Routine to prep for the wedding.

I hope you’re all okay and have a wonderful week.

Love and hugs. Hannah

MS Awareness week 2019

Hello everyone ☺️ it’s that time of year again… MS Awareness Week 2019.

I wanted to write a blog post sharing my advice for Newly Diagnosed people and hopefully it can help someone.

I used to blog about being Newly Diagnosed with MS and you can read some of those posts here Multiple Sclerosis & Anxiety

Now, being diagnosed for 5 years this year, I feel like I can’t class myself as Newly Diagnosed, however I still want to help people and bring awareness about it and that you are not alone.

I was diagnosed in 2015, aged 24… The peak of life.

I’m not going to ramble on about my bad times and good times because I have already spoken about this… But what I am going to say is this..

For me MS has been… Restricting, lonely, enlightening, positive, rough, painful, annoying, engaging, acknowledging, wonderful, insightful..

MS has been and still is hard to live with, however we are alive! Life is so precious and I cherish every single day.. even if I’m bed bound or my fatigue is do bad that I just can’t do anything but watch Netflix.

The advice I would give as a young person diagnosed and living with MS is this..

Social Media is your friend.. get on Instagram and come & follow me (@positive_life_with_ms) and many other wonderful humans.

You are allowed to feel bad and have bad days.

You are a badass!

Listen to your body! It is NOT a temple and will give you signs if you over do it.

You don’t have to eat Kale 24hours a day.

It doesnt matter if you can’t do a full skin care routine or even if you can’t wash your hair for a week (yes this has happened to me)

Its okay to cancel plans at the last minute, if your friends don’t get it.. they’re not true friends.

Talk to your MS Nurses or Doctors, they are there to help you.

The MS Society helpline is amazing!

Don’t give up the fight.

Keep living! Even if you were to lie in bed every single day and not move, you could still relapse… Doctor’s and Neurologists don’t know what causes a relapse entirely.

Meal plan and prep (seriously it’s been a game changer for me!)

Prioritise by using energy levels.

Research the spoon theory (this brought me comfort)

Cuddle a pet… Or just get a cat 🐈😂

And lastly… I am always here to message if ever you feel alone… Being Newly diagnosed with something you don’t know about can be hard to handle… But you’re not alone.

I hope this bring someone some comfort and a bit of a giggle.. I’m currently sat in bed, watching YouTube and eating a bit of chocolate… Life is good ☺️

Love and Hugs,

Hannah xx

Wow! Long time no speak!

Just like the title of this blog post says… Wow! Long time no speak! I can’t actually remember what my last post was!

Firstly how are you all?! What have you been up to and how have things been for you?

Secondly, I’m back! I feel settled in my new job and want to continue to write again.

So.. let me give you an update as to what’s been happening with me ☺️

It’s 22nd April 2019 and officially 2 months until mine and George’s wedding! We are behind excited and mostly everything is ready for it.. we are so grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way and I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

Last weekend we took up some wedding things to my grandmother’s in preparation and had a wedding party chat to discuss any final things that we need.

I’m also just getting over a flare up/relapse but this time I was still able to go to work 😀 and I haven’t had steroids!! My Copaxone has definitely helped my recovery too which is fantastic.

I’m back to eating good food again, really trying to cut back on processed food and eating more wholesome, anti-inflammatory foods (yes the green smoothies are back along with the tumeric tea!)

Arthur is doing really well too 🐈 being cheeky as always and my George is well too.. he has a new job and it’s so wonderful to see him so happy ☺️

Have any of you been watching Game of Thrones? Season 8 started last week and it’s been so good!

As of today also, I’m want to start turning my phone off at night and having a digital detox for 12 hours..not even having it in our bedroom.. tonight is the first night so I’ll let you know how that goes!

I was without my phone last night and I tell you, I slept so well! Not having it near me was actually good! So I’m going to be trying that.

I’m absolutely loving my new job! I’m always so grateful that I was given this opportunity because it’s right up my street. My job now involves me sitting at a desk as opposed to being on my feet, which is much better for me and I find that my fatigue is much better because of it. I’m just very grateful ☺️

Here are some photos of what I’ve been getting up to since I last blogged.