How I managed MS on my Wedding Day

Hello everyone,

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a good week and weekend?

My most recent blog post was all about my Wedding Day, if you haven’t seen it and would like to then click the link here — Our Wedding Day


Most of you who follow me on here know that I live with and manage Multiple Sclerosis. This week’s blog post is going to be about how I managed my MS during the build up to my wedding day — The Wedding Eve and the day itself primarily.

I’m not going to lie, apart of me did think that my lovely MS and all it’s wonderful symptoms would play up on the day, purely because it was such an amazing, exciting, energetic, wonderful day and I used so much energy for the build up to it. However, I made sure that leading up to the big day I would rest and relax as much as possible (Yes I know that is pretty hard for a bride to be, but I actually found it rather easy)

I went to stay at our reception venue leading up to the big day, which was my Grandmother’s house. My Aunt who also lives there, knows me very well and I told her that I just wanted to relax and keep each day as ‘normal’ as possible. I didn’t want too much excitement, or adrenaline just to have a nice, peaceful couple of days, which we did!

I’m so fortunate that she has a really relaxing field, where she keeps her horses and every morning and night I’d go down just to escape and be at one with nature. We’d sit in her summer house drinking mint tea and just talking about anything really – it was perfect because it was like a normal evening.





Each morning we’d have a nice little walk around the local woodland area where a river runs down and all you can hear are the birds. It really is the most relaxing place and really helped me to remain nice and calm.

I also made sure that I consumed good food leading up to my wedding. For breakfast, I made a super green smoothie that consisted of: banana, spinach, ginger, lemon juice, orange and coconut water — I researched foods to give me energy and along with a turmeric shot that I took everyday for a week before and my vitamins, I really feel that this helped me with my energy levels.

Combined with the excitement of the wedding, my MS didn’t really bother me too much. I started getting tired towards the end of the day, but George always looks after me when I start to get tired or when pain kicks in 🙂




Our wedding wasn’t an all day event either — for starters, I start to flag past 3pm and secondly we didn’t want a disco. We wanted our Wedding to be small and intimate, it really was that 🙂 and again I feel that really helped to keep my MS symptoms at bay during the day.

There was no stress leading up to the wedding and on the day I wasn’t nervous or anxious, just excited and because I took action to keep myself relax and calm I was able to enjoy my day wit minimal symptoms.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post — Everyone with MS is different and symptoms can affect everyone differently. I am just speaking from my own personal experience and what steps I take to look after myself.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post 🙂 next week will be all about what we got up to on our Mini moon, so stay tuned.

Love and Hugs Always

Hannah xx

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