A busy few days with MS

Hello Everyone ☺️ how are you all?! I hope you’re all doing okay. Let me know how your weekend was in the comments ☺️

Well since Thursday just gone, I have been very busy! My social life has been rather active and let me just tell you… I rarely go out and since Thursday I’ve been out everyday! πŸ˜‚

So.. Thursday, I was supposed to meet a work friend for ice cream but as I got into town she unfortunately had to cancel due to her daughter being poorly (these things happen as we all know, especially when having a chronic illness) so I popped into work (I had to go there anyway) and my other work friend had some holiday to use up so we hung out instead πŸ˜‚

We popped to the local pub (I don’t drink) but we had some food and chatted all afternoon, he was leaving the opticians we work in the next day (Friday) and I managed to convince him to have a couple of leaving drinks! I mean he’d been there for years and we all didn’t just want to say “okay bye then”

That was Thursday… Friday I saw my lovely mummy and we popped to B&M (that might be a little like Walmart) for a look around, then I went to hers for a nice cup of tea ☺️. She then dropped me into town and off I went for my work friends leaving drinks. I was home by about 8:30 so stilly managed to get a relatively early night ready for Saturday!


Saturday was busy and amazing too, George and I went to visit his mum on her narrow boat during the day and that was so lovely, so peaceful and tranquil and we were also greeted by a family of swans πŸ˜πŸ’– we had some delicious vegan soup and cake and then we were off home.

Saturday evening was another work friends retirement party πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and we went to the greyhound racing, we had a nice table that over looked the track and saw some beautiful doggies πŸ’–πŸ˜ we all had such a good night and I was a little later so I wasn’t in bed as early as I’d have liked.. but still worth it!

Sunday πŸŽ„πŸ€ΆπŸŽ…

Yesterday my sister took me to this lovely garden centre as she said it was THE most festive one she’d been to and she wasn’t wrong! It was amazing! And the best part (apart from having hot chocolate) we got to meet the man himself! Father Christmas!! πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ It was amazing and we both loved it!

Ans to end my very busy weekend/few days, George and I curled up on the sofa with Arthur and watched The Incredibles 2 whilst having a cheeky Chinese!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post.. my MS symptoms have been good and not too bothersome which is great! I’m a bit tired today, but I meal prepped yesterday so I don’t have to cook for the next few days! Bonus!

Much Love Always

Hannah xx


A very random Trip

Hello Everyone, how are you all? I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend?

Well today has bee. Very spontaneous and just amazing really so I just HAD to write about it!

So.. this afternoon I got a call from my dad to tell me that my grandmother had had a fall coming out of church and that he was going to see her.. she was okay but had a nasty cut on her head and grazed knee etc..

I told him to let me know how she was and that I’d ring her tomorrow..

As I was sat with George I just thought about how much she means to me and that one day she wouldn’t be on the planet with us.. George lovingly persuaded me to go and paid for me rail ticket and so… I was off!

I got to the train station and was about to board the train, when I saw that standard class was…. Heaving! So I went to first class & asked the driver if I could upgrade my ticket on the train to which he said “oh you could just give me those flowers if you like” once I explained where I was going a d who the flowers were for he instantly said “oh dear get on of course!”

So.. sat in first class just keeping warm and feeling grateful and then the ticket guard came round. I had purchased my to let with my disabled persons rail card & as he approached me I asked to upgrade my ticket and he said “oh no, I’m not charging you, you’re going to see your poorly grandmother” πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ and with that.. I didn’t get charged!

I arrived at my grandmothers house, my dad picked me up from the station and it was just so lovely to see her.. luckily she was okay, quite chatty and being cheeky as always.. we had a good chat and talked about Strictly in particular 😊

Then it was time to go home… As I waited for my train I met a lovely lady and her little dog called Monty, she was travelling to London.. as the train approached I helped her with her things.. again the train was packed so we got on at first class!

She was quite nervous but suddenly was reunited with friends who she hadn’t seen in a while, we all got chatting which was so lovely and the best part of it… The ticket guard DIDNT come and inspect our tickets! So I didn’t have to pay an upgrade again!

It’s been a very busy day but also quite leisurely and it was so lovely to see my grandmother and I just know she loved it!

I’m now relaxing having a lovely bath watching “Nightmare before Christmas” love that film! 😊😊


hope you all have a wonderful week!

Lots of love always

Hannah xx

1 Year….NO Relapses!

Hey Everyone, okay so… I have 2 blog posts for you today!! (How Exciting?)

As the title would suggest today is 1 year and 1 day since my last relapse last year!! So obviously I just HAD to write a blog post about it, what I’ve done that has hopefully helped me and kept me relapse free.

As we know MS is an unpredictable condition and relapses can just simply happen without warning and without cause, but I’m going to be talking about changes I’ve made to my lifestyle over the last year, which have really helped me.

Changing my diet and becoming vegan

Now I am in no way super duper healthy 100% of the time (I’m only human) however for me since becoming vegan (Mainly for health reasons) I’ve noticed a massive change, which has been fantastic. The main one for me is dairy, since cutting out dairy I feel that really has made a massive change, as we all know and study after study show that dairy products can cause inflammation in the body and once I found this out I decided to cut it out — I don’t really miss much, vegan cheese is okay once you get used to it — I also make my own cheese sauce using Nutrtional Yeast. There have been times where I have had a little dairy but I really try to remain completely vegan and thats when I notice the most benefits.

Reducing my working hours

I reduced my working hours at work at the beginning of the year to 4 days a week and have been gradually increasing my hours and I now work 6 hours a day. I’m very fortunate and lucky that my employers are very supportive and caring, which I know some employers can be a little unsupportive, however since reducing my hours especially down to 4 days a week just having that extra day to rest and relax has made a massive difference and i have been able to be a more reliable member of the team and I love that because I love all of my work colleagues.

Reducing Stress

Now this one isn’t completely avoidable… stress happens to everyone every day, however I’ve been learning and practicing to not let it consume me. I found that when I was stressed out whether that be because of people, work or MS I found that it just consumed me and really affected me.. but now with my motto “Not My Problem” I just try and let it glide over and look out for me basically. When you have a chronic illness you just have to start looking after yourself and being a bit more selfish (I hate that word because I don’t see it as selfish!) I also try and stay off my phone more, or not get involved with what other people are doing — I hate the This Morning programme here in the UK at the moment because its just debate after debate of mostly petty things! (Just my opinion!) I don’t watch anything like that anymore because in this world I do me and look out for loved ones really. With all that, I do feel having a different approach to stress I do feel its helped with my symptoms slightly and yes I still do get angry but I don’t let it fester.

Generally trying to keep healthy

Yep thats right, I’m not and haven’t been exercising a lot or eating a completely clean diet — I’ve just been looking after myself and having lots of self care days.

So… Here’s to hopefully another year relapse free.. but if a relapse comes along…. We WILL deal with it!

A massive thank you goes to friends, family and all my online friends who keep getting me through this ☺️

The Positives & Negatives of #MultipleSclerosis

Hi everyone, how are you all this week? I hope you’ve all had a good week and weekend?

I was off work again this last week due to this horrid cold literally wiping me out! But I was back at work Saturday and I was so glad to be back!

On Wednesday 10th October it was #WorldMentalHealthDay2018 raising awareness of Mental Health.

For this blog post o thought I’d talk about the Positives of MS and The Negatives of MS… During my time of being diagnosed with MS I’ve had people say to me “just ignore it” “don’t talk about it” and lots of people telling that talking about the negatives is wrong and we shouldn’t talk about them, however I firmly and strongly believe that’s the biggest problem.. people don’t talk about the hard times of having this condition, we always bottle it all up.

I again strongly feel that the only reason why I am so positive is because I talk about the negatives of MS — I express how shit if can be and how I feel like sometimes my 20’s have been robbed from me… I feel that talking about it has made me more determined to carry on the fight and to do the things that I love to do, remember “With Every Limitation Comes an Adaption” & “Not my Problem” two of my favourite quotes!

Okay.. let’s start. The Positives of MS the main one for me is creating my blog, talking about it and joining Social Media (Twitter and Instagram) and connecting with so many people with all different Chronic Illnesses and making new friends (on Instagram we have a group called #MSSquad — most of us being in our twenties having our Squad makes up feel relatively “normal” and we can express to each other how we are feeling etc.

Appreciating everything life has to offer — so many people take things for granted and I feel that only when you’re hit with a debilitating condition that your mindset changes (climbing the stairs for example) I think people really need to start appreciating the little things more, especially their body because without it.. you will cease to exist. I work very hard every day to listen to my body and look after it the best that I can.

Also side note — whilst I write this I’m Listening to David Bowie Starman — I love this song! Have a listen on YouTube.

Discovering the Bullet Journal — I think if I hadn’t been diagnosed with MS I more than likely wouldn’t have discovered the Bullet Journal (credit to my friend Katie who introduced me) The Bullet Journal helps me in everyday life! I plan my days, meals and keep a track of my MS and it just helps to keep my life as stress free as possible.

Generally I’m a happy, positive person — I just concentrate on my own life, I find that if I start thinking about what others are doing it makes me more stressed and I stop concentrating on “me”… So now.. I just let others do “them” and I do “me”.

Now… The negatives… Like I’ve mentioned these need to be spoken about.

MS is shit… There I got the worst word out first, however it’s not the worst illness out there, Christ.. there are many worse!

But with debilitating invisible symptoms that people can’t see it makes living the condition so much harder.. for me that’s Fatigue especially when people say “oh yeah I know how you feel, I’m tired too” — mate… You have NO IDEA what fatigue is like compared to tired πŸ˜‚ — don’t get me wrong everyone is allowed to feel tired, just don’t compare your tiredness with my fatigue please.

Isolation. Yep! That’s worse, especially for someone whose in their twenties and occasionally has to say no to going out because they just need to sleep. 2016- most of 2017 were probably my worst years for this, I mean 2017 I was off with 4 relapses and at home a lot. That’s when I decided I wasn’t going to feel isolated anymore and I would join social media to find others like me who I can relate to.

Trying to get people to understand… This is indeed been a negative too, especially like I mentioned above, when people compare… Let me say… Every person with MS or any chronic illness are different.. we are all going things differently.. it has also been hard just talking to people about it in general, I mean it’s very personal thing to talk about, especially when things don’t work etc…

But my passion IS to talk about it! To everyone! If I have my stick or crutch and people ask “what have you done to your leg” I always say that “I have Multiple Sclerosis” I mean their first reaction is “oh no, you poor thing” I respond, “no I’m fine, please don’t feel sorry for me, im grateful for MS”

I talk about MS to anyone who asks me and I try to educate everyone who’s willing to listen and understand.

And… Breathe! Haha! That was a long post.. but the end is this… There are positive and negatives in every situation.. it’s all about adaption and also talking about the hard times… Remember it’s okay to not be okay… Being positive ALL the time is sometimes exhausting in itself.. I think because I’m at peace with MS (Mentally) I am able to be positive and deal with it better than before.

I hope this blog post has been informative, helpful and supportive. Please let me you thoughts below.

Lots of Love Always,

Hannah XX

When a cold strikes!

Hey Everyone! Long time no see! How are you all?!

Funny story, I actually had posted a blog post last week and I must have done something wrong because it didn’t publish and everything is written was deleted!

Anyway, here I am writing again πŸ˜‚

Last Sunday I was plagued with a dreaded cold! Started off as a head cold, which then turned into sickness and then back into the cold.. thankfully after a week off work and full bed rest, I’m finally starting to feel better.

Now.. I also say caring is sharing… So I decided to share my cold with George πŸ˜‚ bless him, although it’s been kinda good because I’ve been able to look after him now that I’m slowly feeling better, like he looked after me.

MS has also had a role to play in this week with delightful fatigue, muscle weakness and some blurred vision (all slowly getting better so I know it was all because of the virus) so it was just resting as much as I could and treating the symptoms.

Arthur on the other hand has been loving having me at home this week! The last couple of days whilst George has been poorly I’ve been sleeping on the sofa bed so that he can spread out and get some sleep (my cough sometimes keeps me awake lol) but Arthur has been living his best life on it!

I also treated myself to a new Bullet Journal which I absolutely love! It’s a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook in emerald and I absolutely love it! So whilst being off, I’ve kept myself entertained by starting it.

So.. this is a short little post for you this week as I’m still resting πŸ™‚ currently watching The Hunger Games and a out to have my tea so I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I also hope it’s restful.

Lots of Love Always,

Hannah xx

New YouTube Channel, Family Time and Nerve Pain! :)

Hi everyone, long time no speak! I know I haven’t uploaded a blog post in a couple of weeks, how are you all doing? As always leave me a comment below and we can all connect.

So… Last Sunday was the first day that my new YouTube Channel launchedΒ An Ordinary Girl With MS


I’ve got 2 official videos uploaded now that you can watch, the first one is all about “My Diagnosis” — what happened, how I was diagnosed and how I felt. The second video is all about “What is MS” — I’ve seen many videos on YouTube explaining what MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is in a rather negative way “You’re going to become disabled”, “Everything will stop working” “It’s incurable” — I mean yes, these phrases might become reality to some, however everyone with MS is completely DIFFERENT!! That’s why in my video I really try a put across the reality of MS in a positive way.

I really hope you can spread the word about my channel and I hope that it brings comfort to some of you too living with MS, or even if you’re not it can bring you some understanding about the condition.

I’ve also had quite a stressful week too — in fact very stressful which in turn has caused my MS symptoms to really flare up, I booked today off work as a holiday so that I could completely rest my body (and write this blog post obvs lol) I don’t want to go into the stresses that I’ve had but yes, I’ve had quite enough for the time being thank you.

I’ve also had some great family times too.

Last Saturday I went up to my hometown to see my dad and Nana where we met the wedding photographer to get him booked for the wedding– seriously it’s getting so close now and I’m so excited! I just can’t wait to marry my best friend in the whole world! We had a wonderful day and I also managed to grab a cheeky first class ticket on the train there and back which was amazing!

It was my little sisters birthday last week and we had a great day visiting a beautiful stately home and a fantastic antique shop (I was in heaven!) We also went to see The Nun too (relatively new horror film — The Conjuring universe) I had a wonderful yet exhausting time another reason why I booked today off.

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And finally… nerve pain! I haven’t had it for a long time and I know that due to the pressures and stresses that I’ve had over the last week, its set things off. I’m actually filming a video about ways to manage nerve pain so I hope you like that too πŸ™‚

I have a lot of hot water bottles, baths, lots of light yoga (stretching really helps), I try not to sit still for long periods because I find the pain gets worse unless I’m literally lying on the floor then that’s okay but I get dizzy after a while. I also fuel myself with lots of anti-inflammatory foods, loads of ginger, literally have so much ginger and cinnamon and dark leafy greens… I really do pump my body full of these foods when my MS is playing up and it really does help.


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this light, short blog post this week. Please check out my YouTube channel if you get the chance πŸ™‚ I’m now going to go for a little walk to try and relieve this pain. Hopefully my next blog post I shall be pain-free!

Have a wonderful week.

lots of Love always

Hannah xx

An Ordinary Girl With MS – Is coming to YOUTUBE!

Hello Everyone, how are you all today!? I hope you’ve all had a good week and if you live in the UK then I hope you have a lovely bank holiday.

Image result for youtube logo

So… as the title would suggest An Ordinary Girl With MS is coming to YOUTUBE! (How exciting!!)

I have thought about creating a YouTube channel for a while relating to Multiple Sclerosis because there are a few videos out there but not many. I want people to be able to relate to my videos, find them enjoyable, realistic and also comforting.

Back in 2016/2017, I could have really done with an upbeat, supportive channel like the one I’m creating because back then I was in a rather low place. I just felt there weren’t a lot of relatable videos out there for me at that time with being reasonably newly diagnosed with MS.

So this year 2018 I have decided to create a channel for An Ordinary Girl With MS — this channel can be for everyone living with Multiple Sclerosis, people who are newly diagnosed, people who have family members living with MS or for people who would just like to know what it’s like.

It’s going to be an upbeat channel like I mentioned, however also realistic so if I’m having a ‘bad day’ or I’m not doing too great, then I may possibly film it (If I’m well enough)

I want this channel to be a place for us all to connect and most importantly a place where people don’t feel alone! I’m all about that and together we can fight this condition!

My new channel will launch on Saturday 1st September 2018 with an introduction and then my first video ‘My Diagnosis Story’ will go live on 2nd September 2018.

My channel is going to contain videos about: My Diagnosis, My Treatment, How I am today compared to when I was first diagnosed, What I eat in a day to help my MS, Evening & Morning Routine, The Positives of MS and The Negatives of MS.

I really hope you enjoy my new channel — please follow me on all of my social media platforms where I’ll be updating you each week of different videos.


Twitter:-Β HannahEliza1

I hope you have a great week, and I hope you’re looking forward to my new YouTube channel!

All my Love Always,

Hannah xximg_20180818_0734243052587947129553429.jpg