A week in my life – October 21st 2019

Good Morning everyone, happy Sunday. I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend?

This week’s blog post I’m going to talk about what I’ve been up to over the past week. I’m still incorporating a more simple approach to life and enjoying/appreciating the little things more. It’s definitely making me feel calmer and more grounded.

This past week has been quite busy (in a good way), I did have to book a days holiday though on Wednesday as I knew my fatigue was going to be bad. So, lets get into the week shall we?


After work I popped into town to visit my Aunt πŸ™‚ it was spare of the moment trip and it’s always so lovely to spend time with her, we get on really well.

We went to my local cafe in town — I rarely go into the ‘high street coffee shops’ because I love discovering the simple ones instead. We had some delicious food and coffee of course and then went for a stroll around my town centre.

We always go to the Cathedral because it’s just so beautiful and peaceful, it always makes me feel calm.

We then had a look around the shops and then I walked back to the train station with her where she left to go home. It really was a wonderful afternoon.


Now, this had been arranged for a little while. Tonight I was going out for dinner with some friends, I knew it was going to be quite late so I booked the following day off work to allow myself to recover and rest. My boss is really understanding and usually, unless it’s not possible allows me to use my holiday for fatigue days.

So, on Tuesday. My friend picked me up from work and we went to her house before the meal to make travelling easier. We had a really relaxing afternoon and she’d even made up her spare room for me in case I needed to have a rest before we went out. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

We had a lovely dinner out and had a great catch up.


Today was all about REST. My fatigue was pretty bad and I pretty much spent the whole day in bed. I did have a relaxing bath, which made me feel good and I managed to sleep a bit.

When my fatigue is bad, the one thing that I know to do is rest. I find that if I push myself further with fatigue then it just makes me worse.

Thursday -Halloween.

Another spontaneous afternoon/evening. After work today I met my sister in town, my mum and sister came over to mine for Halloween to watch scary films with me (we like horror films) and we always decorate my front room to get in the mood — it’s great fun.

When we were in town we went for a lunch at my local Pizza Express where we had an offer for free doughballs and two pizza’s for Β£10 which is so good. It was delicious.

We also had a look around the shops and I purchased a couple of little luxuries for myself and we went to our local department store to have a sneak peak at their Christmas section – I took a picture of my Christmas tree inspo.

After that, she took me home where I decorated the front room and then they both came over bringing food with them. We saw some ‘Trick or Treater’s’ and gave them some sweets, then turned the lights off and watched a scary film.


Friday or Fri-yay as I like to call it. After work today, I completely relaxed and rested at home. When George came home from work we watched a film together and just spent time together – I love that, I really love spending time with him.


Again today was a simple and relaxing day, because my week has been quite busy I wanted my weekend to be calm and simple.

Again spending time with George and Arthur too πŸ™‚ We had a Chinese take away for dinner and watched The Hunger Games together.

And now it’s Sunday, which you know I love because I love planning for a fresh new week. I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog post — also, are you enjoying the way I write my blogs now? Like Weekly Updates?

Let me know how your weekend has been.

Lots of Love Always.

Hannah xx

A trip to London with MS

Hello everyone happy Monday, I don’t normally post on a Monday however, this weekend has been all about relaxing, resting and ‘resetting’ — that makes me sound like a PC!

On Thursday my Aunt and I went to London, I had been sent tickets to visit the State Rooms after a slightly disappointing experience at The Royal Mews (we won’t go into that) so we decided to make a trip out of it like we always do.

There’s a story behind the tickets, I had told my Aunt that we were going to The Royal Mews because she loves horses (she has three ex race horses herself) and we both LOVE our Royal family so we just had to go. She got to mine and we set off for London early so we can take our time and look around, however, when we got there I surprised her and said that the tickets were in fact for The State Rooms tour and not The Royal Mews. We would go to the Royal Mews afterwards because like I mentioned, she loves horses.

Now that you know the story behind the tickets, I’ll now tell you all about how I had a wonderful day in London despite MS fatigue and nerve pain, which I deal with every day.

Firstly, the night before I made sure was restful and not too busy. I had a relaxing evening and an early night ready for our adventure the following day.

To avoid the rush hour, we made sure that we left in plenty of time and just took our time. I find that stress really triggers off my symptoms, especially fatigue so that’s why I always try and remain calm and allow myself plenty of time when I travel.

Making sure we get a seat is vital, there’s no way I could stand for the duration. Again this is why we leave with plenty of time so we can make sure we find a seat. I always carry water with me and some energising date balls to keep my energy levels up, along with nerve pain medication if the pain gets too much.

When we arrive in London the first thing we do is find somewhere for coffee/tea to relax and get ready for some walking :). We always go to Fortnum & Mason’s in St Pancras, it’s hidden out of the way and we love it, however, on this day it was not open as it’s being refurbished so we found a new place, which again was just tucked out the was and simply wonderful.

After our first pit stop (yes we have a lot of tea/coffee breaks) we ventured to the tube station. I’ve ridden the tubes a lot since being with George and we’ve now figured out how to get a seat. Firstly — don’t travel during peak time, you’ll never get a seat. Avoid the times 7:00am – 10:00am and 5:00pm – 6:30pm — I don’t know if these are the actual times of rush hour but we’ve made the mistake once of getting the tube at this time… never again!

Secondly, walk to the end of the tube, most people always seem to get on at the front of the middle so the seat are limited, however, if you can walk just a little further to the back you should get a seat.

The tubes are great and so quick, they always put you pretty much exactly where you need to be. We got off at Green Park and had a lovely walk through to Buckingham Palace.

The queue for the State Rooms’s tour was long but thankfully they had a seating area where we sat and waited to go in. We weren’t allowed to take and photos whilst having our tour but I didn’t mind, I was to busy gazing around the simply amazing rooms — yes we saw the Throne Room and it was just magnificent to imagine the Monarch’s who sat there over the years, especially our Queen πŸ™‚

It was also nice to see that there was seating throughout the palace if people needed to sit down. In the Great Ballroom I sat on a bench for a while just taking everything in, then continued on our walk around.

Once we had finished the tour, the palace had set up a little cafe in the gardens where we had another cup of tea and some cake πŸ™‚ what made me smile even more was that all the disposable cups, plates and crockery was completely compostable as they were made from plants.

After having a sit for a while we had a brief look in the gift shop and around the rest of the gardens and then proceeded to The Royal Mews. When I last visited (on mine and George’s honeymoon can you believe it!) I got my ticket stamped, which meant I was able to return all year for free! I think anyone can do this as well.

My Aunt LOVED the Royal horses and we even saw a couple being led into the riding school, which was amazing. You also got to see the Royal carriages and the breathtaking Golden carriage! There were also benches placed around The Royal mews so I was able to have a sit down and rest.

The other thing that I do when I go to London is pick no more than two things to do whilst I’m there, London is so exciting, so big and so exhausting. By making sure I don’t over do it I’m able to thoroughly enjoy my time there.

Once we had finished at the Royal mews, we made our way back to St Pancras and had a delicious lunch at the same cafe and the food was just delicious, we thoroughly enjoyed it πŸ™‚

After a delicious meal we made our way to our train, again made sure that it wasn’t peak time, got a seat and enjoyed our journey home πŸ™‚

The few days after going to London definitely took it out of me and I pretty much kept myself to myself to just rest and recover.

I think we all deserve a special trip occasionally and I believe that with every limitation, there is an adaption!

I hope you enjoy the pictures that I took of our adventure and I can’t wait to have more in the future.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll see you all next weekend.

All my love always,

Hannah xx

Sustainable shopping, Sisterly fun and family time

Good Morning everyone, happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and weekend?

It was my sister’s birthday last week and as her gift from George and I, I went to visit her and stay the night. I went Thursday just gone, I went on the train and it was a great journey.

She lives near Lincoln so we met there for a little retail therapy and some delicious lunch. I’m still trying to being low/zero waste when it comes to shopping and I decided to pop into Lush to get some zero waste beauty products.

I had just finished my usual Shampoo and face cleanser and decided that I wanted to purchase new ones that were sustainable and didn’t come in plastic. The ladies in Lush were just wonderful, they helped me select a couple of products that I was looking for and even sister got a new cleanser.

I got a cleanser called ‘Jade Roller’ which takes off my makeup and another makeup remover that was designed like a cotton pad — it was so cool and you can use it to remove makeup by getting in wet and rubbing it between your hands and it will form a balm type consistency, which will remove your makeup.

The shampoo bar is also a conditioning one too and I’ve used it once already and love it! It smells delicious and makes my hair super soft! It’s so funny how you use it too, you basically get it wet and rub it all over your head until it forms a lather and then you massage the lather into your hair (like you would with any other shampoo).

What I love about these products is that they will last me a long time and it’s my first step to zero waste beauty πŸ™‚

I also purchased this gorgeous cloth bag that is made out of pieces of material designed to help the environment. The best thing about it is that you can use it multiple ways and get a little guide on how to make different wraps and bags.

I didn’t need anything else during our shopping trip so we headed for some lunch in this beautiful vintage inspired tearoom called ‘Bunty’s’ You get to it as if you’re walking to Lincoln cathedral up the steepest hill I think I’ve ever seen! I definitely found it a struggle, but the determination side of me wanted to get there and achieve it and we did!

We had a delicious lunch and cake at Bunty’s tearoom and then continued up the hill to look at the cathedral — it was such a gorgeous building.

In the evening we had a lovely pamper session where we used our new Lush products and did a face mask πŸ™‚ it was so lovely spending time with my little sis.

On Saturday I was quite tired and resting in the morning and then I got a phone call from my pops who was surprising me by bringing my Nana to see George and I! George has just received a new job offer at work that he’s wanted so badly and he works so hard so when they accepted him, we were all so happy and proud that my pops also said he was treating us to lunch.

We went to this lovely garden centre where we had some good food and a look around. I love garden centres because I always find them relaxing and peaceful — I was also finally allowed a Bonsai tree!! πŸ˜€ George said that I was allowed on if I looked after it, so we chose one and it came with a booklet and now it has pride of place in our living room.

We had a truly wonderful day with dad and nana and loved every moment of it πŸ™‚

I’ve put some photos below of the lovely times I’ve had over the last couple of days.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Sunday πŸ™‚

Lots of Love

Hannah xx

My final Bachelorette party — 3 weeks to go!

Hello everyone, happy Monday! I know I usually post on a Sunday Morning but I couldn’t post yesterday because…. I was having my final Bachelorette party/Hen Party for mine and George’s wedding πŸ‘°πŸ˜ƒ

I cannot believe how quickly it’s all coming around! I still don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet. I was saying to my flock of hens yesterday that I think it will be the actual day when it hits me… But no matter how nervous I get, all I need to think about is George who has to wait at the end of the aisle for me πŸ˜… I think that’s more nerve-wracking lol.

Anyway getting back to my final Bachelorette party that my lovely sister organised for me.

I’m not going to write much in this post as I feel the pics say everything, but we went to this gorgeous hotel in Stamford, near where we live and had a crafting day where we painted an entire tea set! It was just amazing.. everyone did have to incorporate one item in every piece… A red balloon — see if you can spot them!

We then had a delicious afternoon tea, followed by a very funny game involving a man named… Billy! πŸ˜…πŸ˜… And finished off with a few drinks.

It was just simply wonderful and I am beyond grateful and honoured to everyone who came.. a couple of people couldn’t make it due to illness, which is sometimes as we all know unavoidable, however they were involved in spirit ☺️ — now.. enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.

The Final Month… πŸ‘°

Good Morning everyone! Happy Sunday, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? Whether it’s been a weekend full of galavanting or relaxing at home with loved ones (ice had a mixture of both ☺️

So! It’s the final month before mine and George’s wedding! We can’t believe how quickly it’s come around and I can’t believe that a week today I will be on my second and final hen party (my lovely blogger friend Caz says bachelorette party sounds better so maybe I will call it that πŸ˜…) I like bridal party too.

Everything is coming together nicely, George and I have this week off to do some finishing touches and making things for the day as well as spend time together as we haven’t really done much of that recently with him working night shifts at work.

What’s left to do?

Throughout wedding planning Ive always maintained a relatively calm and collective head (I pray to God that I haven’t been a bridezilla πŸ˜…)

Getting all the big things out of the way and booked first was essential for me to remain stress free.. I’ll never forget the day when my Aunt and I were sat in a coffee shop discussing mine and George’s ideas when a lady came over, said how excited she was for us but also went onto saying “wedding planning is so stressful”

Why does it have to be stressful? Only if you make it so.

I’ve just gone with the flow throughout the whole of this because at the end of the day… This is a marriage… Not a show. That’s my personal opinion anyway.

I like excitement and fun but I don’t like too much fuss and neither does George, which is why our wedding is going to be intimate and lovely ☺️

Most of the things like table signs, seating board, invitations were all handmade by George and I.. he’s very good with logistics and I’m very creative and we’ve both enjoyed that πŸ˜€

The main thing for me about “What’s left to do” is looking after me.. early nights, good and healthy food (I’m reducing my carb and sugar intake — don’t worry I’m not going crazy.. just reducing refined sugars, processed food and no carbs in the evenings.

Having as many self-care days as possible whether that be a full on pamper night or just enjoying my walks to and from work.

The final month in my eyes shouldn’t be stressful and manic because the main things are sorted.. I’m really enjoying all the experiences and excitement of planning and organising our wedding.. enjoy the ride and the build up to your very special day β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘°

Next week’s post will be about my second and last hen party/bachelorette party/bridal party so stay tuned for what I get up to… I have no idea by the way! πŸ˜…

Enjoying my Hen Party with MS.

Good Morning everyone ☺️

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend? Let me know what you’ve been up to.

So… Last weekend I had my first Hen Party with my amazing work friends. If you don’t know what a hen party is.. it can also be called a bachelorette party. A celebration for the bride before the bit day!

Yes… It was my “first” hen party because I’m having two πŸ˜‚ I couldn’t invite all of my work colleagues to the wedding because we didn’t have space, which is fine and why we had this party ☺️

All my work colleagues know about MS and know how it affects me. They are the most amazing and caring bunch of humans and made sure I was okay for my Hen.

One of my best friends who I worked with organised the party. Planning things in the afternoon/evening so that I could rest and prepare in the morning.

What did we do?

Because my friends know that I can’t do too many energetic activities they planned for me to go Punting πŸ˜€ we went to Cambridge, which is a city near us where they have a river going through it. There are these long boats called punts that you can hire to use yourself or have tours around the city.

The weather was beautiful and we had a touring punt. Just sat back and relaxed as we had our tour around the city, drinking prosecco and eating strawberries. I even had a little go a steering the punt! πŸ˜†

Everyone made sure I was okay and chose punting because it was restful for me.

After punting we started the exciting part of the night… Cocktail making!

That was such fun! And definitely where all my energy was used, having fun, laughing and just partying with my friends until quite late πŸ˜†πŸ˜€

So how I Enjoyed my Hen Party with MS?

Firstly the night before…

The night before my hen party I relaxed completely. I had an early night and just got as much sleep as possible (I know for some MSers or doesn’t feel like it helps but it does for me)

The morning of the hen party again I rested a lot. Making sure to just take it easy and get ready in good time.

I know this sounds hilarious but I allowed 2 hours to get ready for my hen.. outfit, makeup and hair.. I allowed 2 hours so that I could just take my time and relax whilst getting ready… Stressing out makes my Ms so much worse so I always try and reduce stress as much as possible.

Then during the hen party, if I needed to rest, I would sit down. My friends totally understood. Also I didn’t get completely drunk!

I don’t like alcohol much anyway and can party without it, but also it makes my MS worse when I do. So I had a couple of drinks but then I moved onto diet coke until 9pm and then for the rest of the night I was drinking tap water.

Water kept me hydrated and enabled me to continue to have a good time πŸ˜€

The final thing I will say and how I enjoyed my hen party with MS… For once I didn’t think about MS. I had a great time and knew that I would just deal with the consequences like most of us do.

Enjoy everything about your wedding if you’re planning one ☺️

Life with MS – Trip out, Moving Stores & time with my boys!

Hey Everyone! How are you all? How has your week been this week? And I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend too!

This week for me has been good but rather hectic too. My current job was taken over by a new company and we are moving into a shiny new store on MONDAY!

Its all very exciting, although feels ever so slightly rushed and a little disorganised (we have a lot of “stuff” in our old place and our new place isn’t as big… So trying to get things in is proving a little challenging, however I think it will be much better for business and once we all know how the systems work properly and feel a bit more settled I think we will be just fine!

I think I just feel stressed because it’s all a little disorganised and out of my control really and for me since being diagnosed with MS I like to have control and I like everything to be organised (maybe it’s a little OCD) yesterday I spent majority of the day sorting and organising the best I could and I was completely exhausted afterwards.. but also happy that I managed to help as much as I could ☺️

Our old store has had many memories and has been a lovely place to work and I’m so grateful that we are all sticking together with the move as it’s the people that make it!

I also went to visit a friend on Thursday, which was nice. Had tea and cake and played chess (I’m better at draughts personally as my Nana taught me when I was little) but it was fun none the less.

We also had a trip out with work for some training, which again was a lovely day but quite tiring come the end of it.

And my George 😍 my George got a little promotion where he works and he’s now employed as a permanent professional and I couldn’t be prouder of him! 😍 Last night we had a cheeky Chinese take away and watched a film (well half of it cause it was quite long) and just had a lovely evening ☺️ of course Arthur was with us having all the cuddles too.

So, how has this week been on my MS?

Well it’s been okay so far, yes it’s been semi stressful and tiring, however I’m so grateful and thankful that I finish at 3:30pm and not 5:30pm.. I’ve been exhausted come 2:30-3pm the last couple of days and fatigue has been playing me up in the evenings but I come home, I get changed into something super cosy.. I make a nice cup of tea and relax with my boys so I’m managing things.. I know my triggers, I know I need to relax and remember my quote “NOT MY PROBLEM” because at the end of the day… It isn’t my problem.. I’m not management.. I’m not the boss.. I’m an employee and I will do as much as I can do with this move but will NOT stress myself out! ☺️

Also one final thing, this week’s YouTube video is all about my Bullet Journal it will be live on my channel at 5:30pm UK time — if you haven’t checked out my YouTube then click on the link below and have a look at my videos πŸ™‚ chatting about MS & hopefully helping people — I’d love to reach 100 subscribers by the New Year πŸ™‚

An Ordinary Girl With MSYouTube link

Let me know in the comments how your week has been and we can chat πŸ™‚

Sending lots of love always

Hannah xx