A Hang over & MS

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? I hope you’ve had a great start to the week and feeling good!? Let’s have a chat in the comments below!

So at the weekend I went out with some friends from work.. we didn’t go “out, out” just “out” and it was lovely! We all stuck to the same drink… Prosecco and have some tasty food.

However, I don’t know if any of my lovely MSers out there have this too. When I drink alcohol (which is very rarely) I find that my symptoms flare up, either I get really wobbly on my feet or my arms and legs go really heavy etc.

I found myself when I awoke this morning, not with a traditional hangover, but just more tired than usual (fatigue is our tired right!?) Anyway so I thought about how can I make myself feel better and recover from this mini MS hangover without doing too much.

I’ve come up with some simple tips to help combat the hangover & MS symptoms and I found that these helped me 😊

1) Drinking Water! — I could tell that my body was dehydrated mainly because I had this full headache that wouldn’t budge.. so for the whole day I drank nothing but water and by the end of the night. I definitely felt much better. If you don’t like water you can flavour it with different fruits (a favourite of mine is lemon and lime)

2) Getting More Rest — When I woke up at around 7:30am I definitely felt an overwhelmingly feeling of fatigue/tiredness so I decided to not get up and make a coffee.. instead a took care of my body and gave it what it wanted.. sleep! When I woke up again at around 8:30am I still felt tired and groggy, however not as bad and I made myself get up then.

3) Eating Well Throughout the day We all know how hard this can be at the best of times, however studies that I’ve read shows that eating a good wholesome meal instead of the traditional greasy ones actually cures a hangover quicker!! Get my all the veggies and fruits please! I try and eat as well as I can, however sometimes we all fall off the wagon and land in the take away trolley don’t we? We are only human. Try sticking to good wholesome foods throughout the day and if you grace something not so wholesome in the evening. Don’t deprive yourself of it.. just have a little bit.

4) Light Exercising — There was a time when I hated the thought of exercise. When someone would say that exercise helps you to feel better… However, since doing light yoga everyday (5-10mins) I can actually say that it DOES help you to feel better. Even when you’re feeling groggy or can’t be bothered to do it.. once you have it does help a little 🙂

5) Having some “You” time — I’ve found that this is so important at any time really, not just with this mild hangover lol.. but taking time every day to do something that j love to do makes me mind and body feel better. Even if that’s just, writing in my Bullet Journal, or having a relaxing bubble bath.. anything that I love to do I try to do it every day!

6) Getting an early night — So when you’ve had a slightly late night the previous night, getting an early night seems like a great idea the following evening. I do find that when I do my evening routing and totally relax and get that early night, I feel a lot fresher the next day and I don’t really suffer with that dreaded second day Hangover lol!!

And these everyone are just some simple tips that helped me to manage this hangover with my MS symptoms and they really helped me. I hope they can help any of you out there too and I hope you enjoyed the read.

I don’t have any pics on this post, purely because I forgot to take any 🤣😂

Sending you all lots of love

Hannah xx


Things I’ve loved in January 2018

Hey Gang! How are you all doing? Let me know in the comments as always and we can connect. 😊

So… January 2018 is almost at an end and for me.. it’s been a great month! On NYE I decided to start living a more positive lifestyle. Now I know this might not be possible ALL of the time and I know things will try to bring me down, however I felt so much stronger and ready to tackle things head on!

My new motto starting at the beginning of 2018 was/is “Not My Problem” and honestly it really has changed my mentality. Not getting dragged into other people’s issues and problems was my biggest problem last year. Allowing people’s negativity to bring me down and consequently turn me negative. Now that has all changed! Yes there are times where stress and life get a bit too much, but with my new motto and being able to control my mental state a little better I’ve really been able to enjoy January 2018.

A lot of you will say “oh it’s because you got engaged, that’s why you’re so happy” and yes you’re right, I would be lying if I said that it’s wasn’t because of the engagement that I was so happy and positive, however it’s also my change in mindset and also the amazing MRI results I got too along with just looking at things differently, listening to motivational speeches etc.

So… What have I been loving in January 2018 I hear you ask!? Well, I’m going to Bullet point them down below and show you what I have been loving.

1) Getting Engaged — 01/01/18

2) Booking Our Wedding Venue

3) Getting Great MRI Results

4) Going Back To Work

5) Not Allowing Negative People Affect Me

6) Booking The Marquee for Our Wedding

7) Having A Lovely New Hair Cut

8) Having More “Me” Time

9) Getting Into Reading More

10) Listening To Motivational Speeches on Youtube

I have made sure that the start has set off to be a more positive one, mainly to not allow negativity affect me.. to take things in my stride and just to enjoy the little things.

(The pictures below are all the good times through January 2018

Sending you all lots of love and hugs!

Hannah xx

Going Back To Work & Some Great News! 

Hello Gang! How are you all!? I hope you’ve all had a great second week of January!? Let me know in the comments how you’ve been and we can connect! 

Ever since New Year’s Eve (No George didn’t propose then lol) I’ve just felt so positive and focused! It’s almost as if a light switch has just been flicked in my head because I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this! 

I have a new little motto for myself for the year and hopefully years to come and it’s… “Not My Problem!” My whole life virtually I was a people pleaser. I always cared about what others thought not just about me but about themselves. I always wanted to be friends with people and just be nice to everyone. 

Yes this has had good points throughout my life, however there’s also been a lot of negativity from it too. I found that if someone was having a bad day or in a bad mood, it would drag me down too.. making me feel low or stressed and do you know what.. it wasn’t even MY PROBLEM! 

2017 wasn’t the greatest year with 4 reasonably big relapses and having a considerable amount of time off work for each relapse.. but it wasn’t until the end of the year when that light switch flicked and I thought “do you know what.. I’m now going to concentrate on ME” I need to stop allowing myself to get caught up in other people’s dramas or problems and just focus on my own and ever since I have thought this way I have felt so empowered and strong from it! 

Today I went to the Doctor’s for a review and I was thrilled to tell her that I was ready to go back to work!!! I actually felt so happy and like I’ve said above, empowered and focused to slay it! My Doctor was also really happy for me and she too said in order for my MS symptoms to remain minimal, we needed to control my stress and anxiety levels, which again is why I have my new motto “NOT MY PROBLEM”. 

I’m going to be going back to work 4 days a week starting at 4 hours a day and slowly increasing those hours over a period of time until I’m doing 4 days a week full time.. my aim is to get back to work full time.. but I don’t plan ahead.. I live for today so each day is unique. 

My first day back at work is going to be this coming Saturday!! Everyone who I work with was really happy that I’m coming back and I can honestly say that I’m truly happy to go back and be with them all 😊

I also have another piece of great info! I received a letter from my Neurologist following my recent MRI scan aaaannnddd….. There are NO NEW LESIONS!! 😃😃😃 I’m so so happy with this cause even though my relapses were pretty nasty last year, my neurologist said they haven’t caused any permanent damage which is fantatic! 

This has given me more of a boost to continue my vegan lifestyle, to continue the anti-inflammatory foods and exercise….well…one step at a time lol. 😂 

I’m really happy at the moment and I hope I can spread my happiness and positivity around 😊 

Thank you for reading and I hope you’re all okay.

Lots of love

Hannah xx 

The BEST start to 2018!!

Hello my darlings! Long time no speak! Firstly did you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year?! 

Christmas for me has always been quite stressful I think it’s just fitting everyone in to see other the festive period because George and I usually only get a couple of days off over the period so it’s hard. Last year I wasn’t in a great headspace, I definitely didn’t feel as strong as I did this Christmas. 

I felt so much positive and strong with the MS as well and I honestly feel it’s because of all you amazing people on here, my Facebook group and Instagram (feel free to add me it’s an_ordinary_girl_with_ms) — honestly I can’t begin to tell you how much you have all made helped me through last year! Especially through my darkest times in June.. where I met some truly fabulous new people who I would just love to meet! I also found out who my true friends were and I definitely have some of the best friends! My family have been my rock also! And let’s not forget my absolutely wonderful best friend… George! 

Wonderful Christmas, feeling strong, positive and determined.. New Years Eve it was just me, George and Arthur… Chinese food and Rupauls Drag Race (if you haven’t seen that you NEED to.. it’s amazing! 

And at 12:01 New Years Day 2018 my bestest friend in the world asked me to be his wife! It was such a perfect proposal (even though I was a nervous wreck lmao) just the three of us (yes Arthur was there too) it was just so lovely 😊 

We’d chosen the ring a few months prior (well I chose it lol) so I knew what it was going to be.. and then we proceeded to let all our family and close friend know then my lovely friends on social media. Everyone has just been amazing and so lovely which makes things even nicer for us. 

New Year’s Day my random pops came down from Yorkshire to celebrate our first day of engagement and took us out for a lovely dinner which was great 😊 

Now.. the question is… When’s the date!? Lol I don’t know if anyone else has felt this but it’s quite overwhelming (in a good way) with lots of questions.. now I LOVE planning and organising and we want a lovely simple wedding, I’m also determined to not let things stress me out.. I think that’s the main thing really, especially with the MS. So the date we would like is June 2019 (we have decided on an actual date but we don’t want to mention that yet until it’s set in stone and we have things booked.) 

I’ve also enjoyed having a little break over the festive period from blogging because it was just lovely to spend time with family, however here’s a few pics of what I got up to 😊 I really hope you all had a wonderful time too.. let me know in the comments below 😊 


Uncommon Goods Product Review

Hey everyone, how are you all doing?!

A little while ago I was contacted by this very interesting company called Uncommon Goods and I am thrilled to say that I have partnered with them to write my very first sponsored blog post.

Uncommon Goods are based in Brooklyn, USA and they have a wide range of beautiful, artistic and unusual gifts for the whole family. I’ve selected a few gifts and would love to share my thoughts about them with you all.

I would like to just say a little disclaimer. These are my own opinions of these products and if there was something that I disliked or didn’t agree with then I would write about my reasoning behind my decision.

Uncommon Goods also have a new team member called Sunny (the gift finding elephant) and is helping gift givers find the perfect present for loved ones, which I think is lovely as it makes those difficult decisions more relaxing and stress free.

So, the items that I received I would say would be perfect for teenagers, women and men.

Garlic Rocker

Now this item was the one thing my partner George would love. He loves kitchen gadgets and he’d seen this being advertised on the Telly but we haven’t been able to find it. When I came across it on Uncommon Goods I definitely wanted to purchase it for him and I knew he would love it. I feel also that this gift would be perfect for anyone who loves kitchen gadgets.

Food Huggers

I know what most of you are thinking… “What is a food hugger?” And I honestly thought the same, when I saw the name. However I thought it was such a fab idea, particularly this one for avocados! This would be another perfect kitchen gadget gift for either men or women who love keeping things fresh in the kitchen and we all know avocados go off quickly so what better idea than to have something that would help them to stay fresh for longer.

Ooma Bowls

Now this was a gift that definitely suited the title of the website as it was truly Uncommon to me. I’d never heard of Ooma Bowls before, however when I read about them I thought it would be perfect for hosting movie nights/ girly nights in. It’s basically a bowl with two separate compartments and one side you can have say like a filling and the other you could have chips, veggie sticks or whatever you’d like. Even popcorn one side and chocolate treats on the other.. how perfect is that for a movie night?! They come in a variety of colours too!

Foot Care Kit

Ladies… We all know when we have been on our feet all day/all night how much they hurt when we get home… So how perfect is this little foot care kit!? It comes in lovely packaging, perfect for a stocking filler or a friend who could do with a nice pamper. You get a beautiful foot cream which smells divine and some super cozy socks to wear too. I do think this is a perfect little item to put under the Christmas tree for that special someone who deserves a treat.

All these items which I have spoke about today I thought would be perfect for either men, women or teenagers (mostly girls) you can also find more fabulous and unusual gifts for all ages including some great stocking fillers by following these links Gifts for wifeGifts for Friends and Stocking Stuffing Ideas.
A lot of the items on Uncommongoods.com are handmade, which I also think makes such a lovely gift for someone and the best part that I loved about this website… It’s all affordable!! This time of year in particular can be a struggle for most of us and I think it’s great that there are companies out there supplier us with wonderful and affordable gifts for our loved ones.

I’d highly recommend that you check Uncommon.com out and see what treasures you can find 😊

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first sponsored blog post as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you so much for reading.

Relaxing Night Routine

Hey Everyone! How are you all doing? Leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply 😊

In today’s blog post I’m going to be talking (writing) you through my relaxing evening routine to help with sleep. Now this is working very well for me and I hope it can help at least one of you to hopefully get a better nights sleep.

For my MS fatigue I was given Amantadine and I found a couple of side effects quite disruptive. The first one was crazy weird dreams at night, not nightmares just very strange that would cause me to wake up a few times in the night. Another side effect was insomnia, where I couldn’t actually sleep. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep for a couple of hours, consequently making the fatigue worse during the day.

My MS nurse told me that it will pass over a few days and my doctor gave me Amitriptyline to take at night to hopefully help me to sleep and calm my anxiety… However, since doing this routine I’ve not needed to take the amitriptyline AND I’ve been sleeping through the whole night 😊

1) When I can I put my phone away on silent and on charge at 7:30pm, I don’t look through Twitter, Instagram or messages after 7:30pm. I also put my iPad on charge at 7:30pm and try not to look at that either, I don’t watch YouTube videos after this time or anything stimulating. I’ve found this to really help me to wind down before going to bed because being off work at the moment I’m on my phone and iPad a reasonable about during the day and having a technology detox at night after 7:30pm really helps me to relax.

2) Sometimes I like to have a nice relaxing bath to help me wind down and relax. Now I don’t do this every night, mainly on the nights where I’ve felt particularly uptight, stressed or anxious or if I’m having a pamper night. Normally I do other things to help wind down but also to keep me entertained too. I do find that having a nice relaxing bath really does help me, I always have a nice cold glass of water to sip and this is when I do watch YouTube on my iPad (yes I know if said I put it in charge but I don’t do this every night) when I do watch YouTube at night then it’s relaxing, restful videos like night routines etc.

3) Herbal tea. I only try and have one cup of coffee a day and then I try and stay away from caffeine as much as possible and after 5:30pm I don’t have any caffeine at all and stick to water, decaf tea or herbal tea. My favourite herbal teas are: Lemon & Ginger, Peppermint and Camomile – I always make a cup of this every night and have it in bed.

4) Before I get changed into my pyjamas, brush my teeth,go to the toilet etc I like to do my exercises. These are the exercises that my physio gave me to do and some nice gentle yoga stretches. I find this a really nice way to relax the body and just loosen up before bed. I don’t bring my yoga mat upstairs purely because i don’t need it on the landing 😊

5) Once I’ve done my stretches I get changed into some nice cosy pyjamas, wash my face with my amazing Liz Earle cleanse and Polish with warm water, brush my teeth and then climb into bed 😊 this is when I’ll either write in my Bullet Journal, colour in an adult colouring book or on this occasion, paint my nails 😊 and whilst waiting for my nails to dry I just sip of my herbal tea of choice 😊

6) Once my nails have completely dried I then read my book of choice. At the moment I’m reading a book called “A cat called Alfie” it’s a lovely light hearted book and reminds me so much of my cat Arthur! (Any cat lovers out there, I’d recommend this!) I find that reading really helps me to relax in the evenings and during the day too if I want to read. I always make sure it’s a nice light hearted book and not a thriller or mind stimulating and I really do find that reading makes me sleepier, I always read one chapter a night (this book has fairly short chapters which I like!

7) Once the chapter is finshed and I’ve had my tea (I never manage to drink a full cup lol) I put my iPad on low light setting, low volume and out a film on that helps me to fall asleep. I’m one of those people who can’t go to sleep in silence, I don’t know about any of you guys, but I find that if I try to sleep in silence then my mind wanders and I end up not being able to sleep. So having a nice relaxing film on helps me to drift off, it’s been the best way for me 😊

And that is my relaxing night routine to help with sleep. I try and do this every night unless I’m away or out for the evening, but I find it has really made a difference with my sleep pattern and I feel a bit more refreshed when I wake up in the morning.

I normally fall asleep around 9pm and wake up at around 5:30am, sometimes I wish I could sleep for longer but I think this is my body clock at the moment which is fine cause I’m still getting 8.5 hours of un-disturbed sleep.

I really hope you’ve found this post useful and I really hope I helps just one of you 😊 the main thing I think that has helped me is not using my phone or iPad after a certain time in the evening.

Thank you for reading

Lots of Love

Hannah xx

September Favourites

Hey everyone, this is going to be a post about al the things I’ve been loving throughout the month of September! It’s definitely been a funny old month but today is officially October and I don’t know about anyone else, but I just love the start of a new month – like a fresh start almost? And I definitely think Sunday’s are my favourite days! What about you? What’s your favourite day and do you like the start of a new month?

There’s actually not that many things that I’ve been loving this month, to be fair this month has been kind of blur and I’ve just got through it as best I could.. The first thing that I’ve been loving is a cleaning device and that is my Dyson wireless vacuum – it’s just been a total godsend! We invested in it I’d say a couple of months ago but I’ve only just properly mentioned about it, it really makes life so easy and I can actually Hoover most days and I don’t find it a chore anymore… My previous Hoover was just so difficult and cumbersome so I’m so happy we invested and it’s definitely worth it, we paid £189.99 (I believe) from where I work, however they price matched with Argos.

The next thing I’ve been loving it TEA!! My favourite teas this month have been: Lemon and Ginger tea from Aldi, Tetley Immune green Tea in tropical flavour and Matcha Green Tea by M&S. Every morning before I do my yoga I make myself a green tea, I then take it upstairs and relax whilst I drink it and I’m sure it gives me that little bit of energy to go and do my yoga – after that throughout the day and always try and opt for the lemon and ginger tea as I’ve read that ginger is a very good anti-inflammatory spice so I try and drink as much as possible, I sometimes do have a normal cup of tea with almond milk but I’d say only 1 cup of that a day and the tea that I drink is always decaf (apart from the green tea)

Beauty, Beauty, Beauty really is my favourite thing!! I would rather buy beauty items than clothes!! LOL!! I wouldn’t call myself fashionable, I just put clothes that are comfortable but beauty products on the other hand are totally different! My favourite products this month have been:-

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish – original – I’ve been loving this so much!! I actually bought another bottle today lol, only a slightly larger one which will hopefully last longer – I use this morning and night and I just love the way it makes me skin feel and also the scent is so relaxing, always reminds me a having a lovely spa treatment. Also Liz Earle’s products are Cruelty Free which is great so a massive thumbs up to her!! They’re also reasonably affordable, I wouldn’t put them in the high end category although the they feel and smell high end!

Pure Clear Blemish Rescue Mask – Loreal Now I know this face mask isn’t Cruelty Free and it’s one of the items that I have which isn’t, however I just love this face mask for dramatically reducing blemishes! I use it when I have a pesky spot forming and it makes my skin feel amazing! I have seen another face mask which I believe is cruelty free so once this one has finished I shall try that one and see if it’s just as good 

No. 7 Beautiful Skin Pore Minimising Serum – OMG!! This really has been a game changer for me!! This is relatively expensive (£16.00) however it has massively reduced my pores and I haven’t found ANYTHING that has done that!! I use it morning and night and within 28 days I could notice a difference, if you have enlarged pores I’d definitely give this beauty a go!

My super amazing cosy yoga trousers (I think k they’re just lounge wear but I wear them for yoga lol.. they’re from Apricot and I absolutely LOVE them! They are so soft and comfy and if I’m not in my pyjamas then I’m most likely in those lol! 

Spending time with friends – I may have mentioned in one of my previous blog posts (Going Back to work Week 5 or 6) that I went out to a friends fancy dress party, well I just have such a lovely time and it really made me feel great being surrounded by lovely friends and for once it made me forget about having a chronic illness/Multiple Sclerosis – I just had fun which is what we all need to do I think. I also love having girly nights with my sister (we are very close) and my best friend comes over some Saturday nights for a movie night which is always great too 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, how has your Sunday been? I hope you all have a wonder week and I’ll see you next week – I’m feeling so much better than I did the other day which is great and I’m still making sure I don’t over do it but enjoy life at the same time… Multiple Sclerosis is just one big emotional roller coaster right?

Love and big hugs to you always

Hannah xx