My Final Break Away!Β 

Yes.. the title is correct.. this is my final little break away before………. Going back to work! I have been off work with this relapse for just over 8 weeks battling through and going through the recovery process. It’s definitely not all been plain sailing, in fact there have been some heavy storms throughout my recovery period.. however I can finally say that I’m starting to come into remission and feeling a lot stronger again. 

So I decided to take myself away again to my Aunt’s house to stay with her, my Nana and Uncle for a few days just to build strength further. 

I had a lovely time and was very well looked after… I also felt like I could achieve more and that I didn’t need to sit down and rest as much as I had done previously.. I was also starting to walk small distances without my crutch (in the house) and try and use it on small journeys outside the house, which was a huge step one that made me feel so happy! 

My anxiety is a lot better also, not being afraid to do nice things whilst on recovery has really calmed down and I started to enjoy things a lot more (just sitting in my Aunt’s field observing the wildlife was one main thing) we even went to a local store called Downtown and had a look around.. it was so nice to feel okay and not feel like I was being spied on etc.. I know all of my work colleagues are fully supporting me and have told me that I need to go out, which is a great reassurance.. I know I don’t have to justify myself to anyone… But us with invisible illness get judged constantly and it’s so wrong on so many levels so to feel un-judged was lovely. 

Enough rambling now lol.. I’m going to insert some pictures of what I got up to whilst away! 

Ive also really been getting back into playing the piano.. it’s really been helping my MS and helping me to relax… If you’d like to see a video on me playing then head on over to my YouTube account–

July Favourites

So… The last few months haven’t been too great for me and to be honest I’ve been struggling to find things that I was just ‘loving’. However the last couple of weeks I’ve finally found things that have really made me happy and therefore I thought I’d share them with you all. 

Flowers in the garden

Whilst I’ve been off I’ve spent a lot of time (when it’s been sunny) in the garden, just sitting admiring my beautiful flowers and silver birch tree… Whether it’s having a ice cup of tea and cheeky slice of cake of a cloudy lemonade in my cocktail glass imagining I’m having a fabulous cocktail.

My Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother brought me some beautifully colour flowers and they really do brighten my day when I’m feeling a bit rubbish.. I just look out of the window and see colour! 

Having time for myself

Now that I can do more things without help (recovering finally) I’ve been enjoying just having some ‘me time’ whether it’s having a nice bubble bath, just spending a few extra hours in bed, writing in my Bullet Journal or having a girly set up – nail varnish, mocktail and episodes of Sex and The City.

It’s really been making me feel a lot more happier and upbeat whilst being off, a lot of us with chronic illnesses feel quite low and just a bit helpless.. But when we are able. To enjoy little things to make ourselves happy… Grab it with both hands! IT’s okay to enjoy little things from time to time.

Playing the piano

This is one thing I’ve really taken up over the last month and something that I’ve been truly loving… I have mostly daily internet lessons with my Aunt via FaceTime or Skype and I’ve FINALLY almost finished learning this piece called I Giorni by my favourite composer Ludivico Einaudi who I’ve loved for years.. his pieces are so relaxing and one day I will learn them all!

My piano sits in my front room next to the kitchen door and since I’ve decided to have the lid up its just been a lot more attractive and made the room look nicer too and when friends come to visit me they always notice the piano a lot more. Next piece is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

My cat Arthur

This comes at no surprise to some of you, I love my cat Arthur! We’ve had him for over 2 years and he’s really changed mine and George’s lives for the better. 

Since being off sick he’s really been there for me and a real comfort during the days when I’m home alone.. He’s such a character as well which always makes me smile. If you have a pet I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.. they all just give you unconditional love don’t they? I love him every month, however I thought I’d put him in this month’s favourite list. 

Making new friends

Since creating our Facebook page with the lovely Natalie from  Surviving Life’s Hurdles I feel like I’ve made some truly lovely new friends who actually understand exactly how I’m feeling! I’m incredibly lucky to have some genuinely lovely friends who are so supportive, however it’s lovely to meet people who are in the same situation as you. I love connecting with them all on our Facebook page it’s a lovely group and if any of you out there have just been diagnosed with MS then come along and join us πŸ™‚

Liebster Award

Wow! What an honour to receive a tweet the other day from Sarah nominating me to for this award. 

Liebster Award is to give some blogging love to small bloggers out there which I think is wonderful and I’m thrilled to be apart of it. 

Here are the basic rules:-

* Answer 11 questions that your nominator has asked you

* Nominate 11 other bloggers (with less than 200 Twitter followers)

* Ask your nominee 11 questions 

* Let them know you’ve nominated them on Twitter πŸ™‚

Have fun! πŸ™‚ 

Here are my questions from Sarah

1) What’s your favourite place you’ve ever visited?  

For me this has to be Brighton! I’ve been there a couple of times but I absolutely LOVED it! Such a fantastic community and I loved The Lanes – full of gorgeous little shops and all the different food from meat eaters to chocolate lovers, vegetarians and vegans… Then there’s the sea.. being close to the sea was beautiful! 

2) Snow or Sand? 

Hmm.. this is tricky because I like both πŸ˜‚ I think if have to say one then I choose Sand because as much as I love the Snow, the cold affects my MS.

3) What’s your party trick? 

Lol well I can dislocate my elbow!! That’s about it haha lol! 

4) What’s your favourite part about blogging? 

Ooh this is a great question! For me it’s interacting with others and helping others with MS and also I love the fact that I can just escape any troubles! 

5) Whose your celebrity crush?

Lol I have a couple! But I’m a real Tom Hardy fan! He’s great! 

6) What’s your favourite Social Media site? 

Definitely Twitter 

7) What’s your go to source for inspiration?

Definitely the MS community.. Im quite a motivational person so I don’t need a lot of inspiration to help me.. but I love reading other blogs too and YouTube πŸ™‚

8) What’s your favourite song? 

Emeli SandΓ© – Breathing Underwater

9) What’s one thing on your bucket list

To visit Australia – I have friends and family over there.. just trying to save up for it! 

10) What’s your favourite TV show? 

Ooh I’m loving Game Of Thrones again, re- watching them ready for season 7!! 

11) What’s the best piece of Advice you’ve ever received? 

“Live for today, not for tomorrow” with my health condition – taking each day as it comes was the best advice for me! 

Great questions Sarah! I loved answering them! 

Here are my nominees:- 

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Here are my questions to you lovely lot! 

1) Who isnpires you the most?

2) Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

3) What is your favourite possession? 

4) Why did you start blogging?

5) What’s your favourite season? 

6) Do you have any other hobbies? 

7) Makeup or Hair? 

8) What do you like doing at the weekend?

9) What was your favourite subject at School? 

10) Twitter or Instagram? 

11) Who is your favourite blogger? 

Here are my questions to you all.. I hope you enjoy answering them and reading them.. I hope you’re all well and check out these lovely blogs! 

Much Love..

Hannah xx

What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Hey everyone,

I know right?! Long time no speak! Well I’ve had a birthday recently AND been poorly so I’ve had a little break from blogging to give myself time to recover… I’m feeling much better now and ready to get my teeth back into blogging! 

I was going to film a video about what I got for my birthday, however the things that I got.. I can’t really show on video (nothing rude before you start thinking lol!!) They’re just not physical objects… 

So I thought I’d write a blog post about them instead πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy the read, leave me any comments and I’ll be sure to reply…okay… Let’s get started! 

Driving Lessons

I had decided at the beginning of the year that 2017 was the year that I would learn to drive… I know I’m 27 and still don’t drive, however where I live doesn’t really require much driving… I can get to work and to my mum’s via public transport, I can walk to the shops if I need anything essential or do an online delivery shop and I can get into town easily too… 

The main reason of learning to drive is so that George and I have more freedom… We don’t have to rely on others to take us to places. Also if my MS is particularly bad one morning before work then I can have more rest in bed and drive into work that day… I’d also love to say to George one day.. “Hey, let’s go out!” It will be so much better!! 

So for my birthday my main present was money to go towards driving lessons.. my sister recommended her driving instructor and he is so lovely (I had my first lesson last week and LOVED it!!) He was really calm and funny and really made me feel at ease! 

I’m hoping in a few weeks to sit in for my theory test (I hate tests!!) So some of the money will go towards that too. 

YAY!! The other main present I asked for from George was a new Bullet Journal… The one I really wanted was a Leuchtturm 1917 dotter grid book and that is what he got for me… Also to go with it he got me some new washi tape and some colourful tabs! I absolutely love it and have already started in it! Maybe you’ll see a “Flip Through” soon 😊


Now my Aunt and I always like to “do something” for my birthday and make memories so this year she took me to London for afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Hyde Park! 

Once we got to London we obviously had to do the usual — Harrods, whenever we come to London we ALWAYS go to Harrods.. I mean.. it’s such lovely place we couldn’t possibly not go! We had a delicious lunch in the cafe upstairs, wandered around and admired all the gorgeous bedding! (I love bedding!!) And then had a look around the Harrods shop where I got a new water bottle and a Key Ring 😊

We then trotted off to the hotel for our afternoon tea, it’s currently having some renovation work done so we entered through the ballroom entrance.. it was gorgeous inside! Modern but yet beautifully elegant! The staff were absolutely outstanding and couldn’t do enough for us… When we arrived we were asked if we would like some water… THEN we were asked if we would like it “room temperature or chilled”!! That was the best part I think because I had never been asked anything like that before!! The waiters also came round a fluffed your cushions for you as you say down too which again… Impeccable service!! 

I opted for a gluten free afternoon tea because my stomach hadn’t been quite right.. and let me tell you! It was DELICIOUS! The sandwiches were lovely and moist, the scones and cakes were all delicious too.. ALL gluten free!! We couldn’t finish them all so the lovely waiter packaged up the rest and put it all in a gorgeous bag for us! We also bought some of the tea we had.. “White tea infuser with mango” it was delicious! 

All in all… This hotel is now our favourite.. we felt so relaxed and comfortable to just be ourselves here! We’ve been to The Savoy, Claridges and The Ritz… All amazing places, however Mandarin Oriental… I think tops them all!! We WILL be back!! We also went to the Ice Bar London.. and that was an amazing experience also! I’d highly recommend that to anyone 😊

(Check out my INSTSGRAM account to see more pics — hannaheliza_1990 :))


As well as driving lessons from my dad and step mum, my dad came down from where he lives in Yorkshire and took me out for a lovely lunch where I live.. we had a look around the shops and a cheeky drink before our meal.. then went to BILLS restaurant where I was greeted by a lovely bunch of flowers and a balloon on the table 😊 the food was delicious and the service was fab too! We then went back into the shopping centre and I got a lovely Superdry hoodie! I’ve always wanted something light that I could wear instead of my coat and this is perfect 😊 

My mum and step dad also gave me money for driving lessons, however my lovely mummy also gave me some vouchers for a spa that has recently opened near us and we are going to book a couple of treatments together.. I love anything spa related so I’m really looking forward to this 😊😊 

And finally my mum and sister got me this amazing Krispy Kreme doughnut cake and I absolutely LOVED IT!! I hope you enjoyed this blog post… Remember to leave me any comments and I’ll be sure to reply and I’ll see you all very soon 😊

Bullet Journal Flip Through – March

Hello everyone how are you all? I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ 

My YouTube channel

So this weeks entry is going to be a Bullet Journal one (obviously from the title!!) As you all know I am borderline obsessed with my Bullet Journal and it has helped me tremendously with managing and coping with Multiple Sclerosis. 

When I started my Bullet Journal I didn’t really know what sort of direction or plan I was going to take.. I didn’t really have any ideas of my own at the time.. I was heavily inspired by BoHo Berry (If you’re starting a Journal I’d highly recommend checking her out) 

My Bullet Journal has changed a lot Id say since March.. I’ve found a little routine and pattern and use it to help me manage my Multiple Sclerosis on a daily basis.. I also find it so therapeutic because I’m creative.. so creating pages and colouring is a great relaxer. 

So… Let’s get on with the Flip Through of my Bullet Journal.. March entry…

The lens that I use are the Paper Mate Flair Original Felt Pens, The Stabilo 88 fine liners and the Staedler (sorry if misspelt) TriPlus Fine liners… I use have a couple of plain black ball point pens that I got from The Works.. and these are great! 

I have been doing a “Gratitude Log” now since Jan 2017 when I started my Bullet Journal.. I think it’s great and really gets you to appreciate the smaller things in life… Similar to my new invention “MS Achievement Log” when I had my relapse in Jan I felt quite low and just a bit depressed by it all really… I’m a positive person and wanted to turn this negativity around.. and that’s when I created the “MS Achievement Log”, this is where I write down one thing every day what I have achieved throughout the day.. this couple be anything and so small too.. so when i look back it will make me feel more positive about my current and ongoing health situation. 

I won’t chat much about this section because most of you know that I absolutely LOVE meal planning! It’s helped me out so much even if I’m not eating super healthily.. just knowing what I’m having makes a massive difference to my stress levels and it’s so much cheaper too.. 

My YouTube & Blog post scheduler I’ve been doing since March, one of my goals this year was that I wanted to grow my YouTube channel and Blog and I’ve found writing down ideas has been great and kept me on track and to a schedule too.. even if I decide that I don’t want to do a video or a blog post on a certain topic then I just cross it out πŸ™‚ 

  So.. this page is a little different to usual.. on the left side is an actually diary entry.. it’s when I was feeling particularly low and i just decided to write down everything and write down exactly how I was feeling and I then decided to put this colourful card over the top as that was me saying “that’s finished now, you can move on” and then the other side is my “Monthly Tracker or Habbit Tracker” even though it’s every day things mainly it’s just all helped me keep on the straight and narrow really and I do this every month. 

Every other month or so I like to create some different recipes to try for lunches (dinners are quite and easy and try to be healthy too) and I love writing down and researching delicious recipes.. and then trying them.. it just gives me inspiration to continue to eat healthier. 

Exercise programme time! Things have changed now because Im doing a 30 day Yoga challenge for beginners so I don’t really do a exercise programme anymore.. but through the month of March I really stuck to this and found that I could really understand my body and learn what exercises I could and couldn’t do (e.g couldn’t go walking after work.. but I could do 20mins Yoga) 

Now this page was specially made for March… I properly came back to work after my relapse in March and I decided to create this log to see what points during the day at work that fatigue would set in.. to be honest though I hadn’t fully recovered from my relapse and zi found that there was really a pattern to my fatigue at that point.. whereas now I find that in the mornings before Breakfast and in the evenings is where Fatigue hits the most…However myself and my manager have come up with a lovely little routine so that helps a lot with my Fatigue πŸ™‚ 

Dailies, Dailies, Dailies.. there’s not much I can say about my Daily page apart from that you have them in all diaries and I like to make them as colourful as poss.. i just write down things that need completing or doing etc and then to k them off once they’re done πŸ™‚ that’s pretty much it really πŸ™‚ 

Now this part is a new addition for March.. it’s a log to “Help With Fatigue After Work” I think I may have spoken about this briefly before in a post.. but I have created little daily tasks to follow to help relax me in the evenings.. before getting the bullet journal I would panic and rush around to get everything done and even before getting changed out of my work clothes.. where as now… The first thing I do is make a nice cup of tea before I do anything else when I get it.. I just needed a little reminder that I need to relax after work not push myself further! 

And finally we come into April… I’m going to end my blog post here this week. If you would like to see a video of April in my Bullet Journal then please comment or like this post and I shall do another one… Please remember to check out my YouTube channel ( where the video version of this post will be and I shall see you all next week! 

Love you all lots and I hope you had a great weekend 

Hannah xx

Stress-Free Morning Routine 2017

Hello Everyone, so as the title would suggest… This is going to be my “Stress Free Morning Routine 2017″… Now because I work 5 days a week.. this morning routine is going to be on a day that I’m getting ready for work… Unfortunately there won’t be any pics in this blog post… So I made a video on my YouTube channel of this exact same routine and you can check that out if you click on this link-:

Right.. lets begin…

6:30am – Alarm goes off (George’s alarm or Arthur wakes me up!!) 

So I usually lay in bed for a few minutes before I get up, I’ve been putting my phone out of the way lately at night and sometimes I even turn it off before bed and it’s made a huge difference when i go to sleep..I seem to be a lot more relaxed and in the morning I don’t grab my phone straight away either… I allow my body to wake up before I get my phone. 


This is the time when I usually get up, I always need the toilet before anything else lol and then I head on downstairs. 

I always make sure before any beverages i drink 1 tall glass of cold water.. again this has been great in helping me to wake up in the mornings.. the colder the water I drink, the more awake I feel! Once I’ve had that I then usually have either a small tea/coffee — I’m obsessed with this coffee by Nescafe.. it’s called Azera and the Americano one is so smooth and fully of flavour! 

Whilst the kettle is boiling I have to give Arthur his breakfast.. he’s always demanding around 6:30am for his breakfast but I make him wait until about 7:00am (Arthur is my cat to any of you who aren’t aware)… I also make sure his litter box is clean and he has enough water. 

Also whilst the kettle is boiling (yes it takes an age lol!!) I quickly prepare my breakfast.. as you all know I usually have porridge in the mornings, so I measure out how much I’d like and combine with water, and get all the fixings to go with it.. just so when I come back down once I’m ready, I don’t have to do this!

Once my beverage of choice is made.. I then head back on upstairs and it’s time to get ready! 


This is the time when I get ready, I usually leave the house around 7:50am.. so I make sure that getting ready especially my makeup takes up as little time as possible… I’ve now got my makeup down to doing in 10mins which is fab for me lol It used to take at least 20mins!!… But now what I’ve found is that I use less products… If you’d like I may write a blog post on “My Everyday Makeup Routine” please let me know, if anyone is interested? 

So, I head into the bathroom and wash my face with Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 face wash.. and my body with Radox shower gel.. I then go back into the bedroom and complete my skincare & makeup routine.

Right at the end of my makeup whilst i let my mascara dry.. I go and brush my teeth! I know some people brush their teeth the minute they get up, but I have either tea or coffee in the mornings, so I like to have that first. Once I’ve brushed my teeth I then sort out my hair (if you’ve not seen my video/blog post “Back To Work Evening Routine” then click on the link at the top of this post and you will see that I actually style my hair (straighten) it in the evenings!!) It’s saved me such a lot of time styling my hair in the evenings as some days all i have to do is brush it and it’s good to go!! 

Once I’m dressed and sorted my life out, it’s time to head downstairs for breakfast! (Usually I would have breakfast at work because I leave the house at 7:50… But at the moment I’m still on reduced hours, so I have my breakfast at home.) 


Once I’m downstairs I make a start on breakfast.. this doesn’t take me long at all either because I had already prepared this earlier.. whilst my oats are cooking I get out my lunch things and pack them into my bag.

Before I dig into my breakfast I always make sure I take my vitamins (I’m taking Ferraglobin– it’s expensive but I think I’m noticing a difference on the FATIGUE front) and I also have a Berrocca/alternative, then I take my breakfast into the front room (remember to take a pic for Instsgram?!!??) And I catch up on Social Media (INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT — hannaheliza_1990 & TWITTER ACCOUNT — HannahEliza1) and my YouTube subscriptions until I’m finished. 

I then make sure the kitchen is nice and tidy before I leave as I like coming home to a neat and tidy kitchen. (Less mess = Less Stress!!) 


It has come to that time where I gather my things together and head out of the door to work… I know what I’ve spoken about seems a lot to do in the mornings and sometimes depending on my fatigue levels, I find it quite difficult.. however I try and maintain this routine every working day as it does get me going and keeps me focused too!! Same as my Evening Routine, which I may film & write a post if you’re all interested??! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.. I love writing entries on my blog.. I feel likes it’s an escape from the real world for a little bit!

I hope you’ve all have a lovely weekend.. catch you all next week! 

Much Love

Hannah xx

The Perfect Mini Spa Day

Barnsdale Hall Spa Rutland

*The first thing I’d like to mention is that the images produced in this blog post are from Google Images, I was unable to take photos myself, however they are genuine and I tried to look for the most recent photos*


Hey everyone,

So last week my mum thought we needed a little relaxation treat, I’ve not long got back to work after having an MS relapse and we both thought that having a little treatment/pamper session might help with things.

I managed to find a great deal on Virgin Experiences website where it was a spa day and afternoon tea for two for just Β£39.00!! There were other spa facilities available to choose from, however because we live fairly local to Rutland we chose Barnsdale Spa.

We called up the Spa and arranged a treatment for us both to have… mum had the ESPA Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage Β£26.00 (prices may change) and I had a Floatation Therapy experience Β£30.00 for 30 minutes (prices may change). We were able to book our treatments to be done at the same time, which was great.

I had a little look at some of the reviews online (I always do this) and yes there were some good ones and some not so good.. The only thing that stuck out to me was that they said that Robes & Slippers were not provided — Now we didn’t mine too much about this cause we had flip-flops, but this was specified as a ‘Spa Day’ so I would assume if that is what is being advertised then I think robes & slippers should be provided. The only other thing I noticed was that a couple of people said the towels were great, that they weren’t long enough and were hard.. so I packed our own towels from home as I like to be organised and prepared.

When we arrived we were greeted at reception by a friendly member of staff who gave us our towels (I’m glad I took my own as there were a little hard and not overly long enough) and a couple of tokens to get into the changing rooms. She explained to us that the pool area would be close between 1-2pm for maintenance/cleaning, which was fine with us because we would be having our treatments then. She took us into the little restaurant area and that was nice a spacious where we would be having our afternoon tea, asked if we needed anything or if we had any questions at which point we said no.. and then left us to enjoy our day.

We were quite hungry so decided to have maybe a pastry of some type and a cup of tea before heading into the pool area and just settle for a little.. I noticed that there was only one member of staff serving drinks etc and I felt that there could of been more to help him out.. We had a look at the menu and there was only lunch items available (Sandwiches etc) so I went up to the bar and asked if they did any breakfast type things to which he replied that unfortunately they didn’t and just showed us a few cookies they had on the counter… We reconvened and decided to go for a smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese (I love this anyway!) It came out beautifully presented and had a small salad garnish and a small (bucket/tub) of french fries lightly salted.. it was delicious, extremely filling so we definitely decided not to swim lol and by the time we had finished and relaxed it was 11:45am anyway, so we went to get changed.

The changing rooms were small but nice, luckily when we went they weren’t overly crowded as I can imagine it could get quite busy at certain times, they had 4-5 private changing rooms and then an open changing area with lockers, 2 toilets and showers, everything was clean and tidy.

The Pool Area -Photos taken from Google Images but this is what it was like!


So, we headed into the pool area and it looked nice, just a standard pool with an additional side pool, a Jacuzzi, steam room and a sauna. I would definitely call this a ‘leisure pool’ I wouldn’t call it a ‘spa’ if you’re look for a proper spa where there’s more rooms more relaxation places etc then I have a great suggestion which I may do another post about. However this was fine for us just for our little day and the price was so good we couldn’t complain.. apart from a couple of things! They only had 6 lounger chairs which were in use so we couldn’t go and sit down to relax.. They had a couple of bench type areas but didn’t really want to relax on those.. but the most important thing that I wasn’t happy about was the Health and Safety of the floor around the pool.. as you can see in the pictures above they have tiled flooring.. no problem? However there was a lot of water around which made surfaces slippery (I know what do you expect from a pool lol) however I think they need to have some sort of safety flooring etc because I have Multiple Sclerosis and I slipped on the floor a couple of times whilst walking around — I’m not walking fast at the moment and have to steady myself a little.. so I definitely feel that this should be addressed. Other than that, the pool area was fine, I loved the jacuzzi because it was nice and big lol.. and really helped my back — soon though it was time for us to get out and head up for our treatments πŸ™‚

The Spa/Beauty Treatment Area – (Image from Google Images – I couldn’t take my own photos today but this is a genuine image)


When we got upstairs to the beauty room we were greeted by more friendly staff who got us booked in for our treatments and went through health and safety, they also provided us with robes and slippers!! This is why the two areas — leisure pool and the spa treatment area are different.. this is why I wouldn’t class the whole thing as a spa. However the robes were fine and slippers too.. We mentioned that because the pool was out of use from 1-2pm if there was any chance we could have a shape and polish of out nails after our treatments? They were very accommodating and arrange the dairy I believe so that mum and I could have our nails done straight after our treatments.. It was all very nice and relaxing.

My Floatation Therapy Experience

Now I haven’t uploaded a photo of the floatation area because like I keep mentioning I didn’t take any photos of it as I wanted to relax, however there are a couple of images on Google if you type in Barnsdale Spa floatation therapy and click on images, there’s a couple and that’s what it looks like.

So I went in, the room smelt very relaxing and calming, they had a candle on and dim lighting there was also a little shower are with shampoo/conditioner and body was provided for after the floatation, which was nice. I then got into the pool and literally I just felt weightless.. it was such a strange yet amazing feeling, I had a little head pillow and the therapist turned the lights right down and closed the door allowing me to float gently into relaxation.. I saw somewhere it mentioned you could gaze up onto a star lit ceiling, however the ceiling was just dark and to be honest I closed my eyes and drifted away!

It was such a lovely experience, the water wasn’t too warm and the room wasn’t too cold.. it was just perfect for me and I felt really helped me, as like I said at the beginning a couple of weeks ago I went through an MS relapse and my family and even doctor thought this would be a nice experience to have once I had recovered.

The Benefits of the Floatation therapy are:

*Relieving Stress

*Easing Arthritis

*Improving the condition of the skin and hair

*Detox the system

*Increasing circulation and energy levels (To be honest I felt more rested the energised)

*Improving concentration

*Regulating sleep patterns (One float stimulates 4 hours of sleep)

*Relief from old injuries and much more

There are Contra-indications on the online brochure so do have a read of those before booking a float, in some cases you may need to consult your GP just to make sure it’s okay for you.

I would definitely recommend this and I will be booked back into having another float in the not so distant future – *Be Warned, the floatation therapy gets booked up very quickly so make sure you book in advance* You can also go in as a couple, however I felt that it would be a lot more of a relaxing experience if you were a lone (That’s just my personal preference)

Mum had an amazing massage and she actually said it was the best massage she’s ever had! She came out feeling stress free and relaxed and she even look so rested also and just happy she will definitely be booking that back in as well. We then had a lovely shape and polish on our nails and they did such an amazing job and we loved the colours so much that we purchased them.. they were called ‘Jessica’.

We were allowed to relax while out nails dried and then we made our way to the front desk.. we were then told that we could keep our robes for rest of the day whilst we had our afternoon tea, which was lovely.

The one other thing that was slightly annoying was that every time we needed to get into the changing rooms we had to go upstairs to reception to get tokens, which I wasn’t overly impressed with because it was just quite tiring going up and down the stairs etc.

Afternoon Tea

After we got changed we went back into the restaurant and were seated in the conservatory room overlook the beautiful Rutland lake, the sun was coming out and it was all very calming.

We had one sandwich each of each selection (ham& mustard, cheese and pickle, smoked salmon& cream cheese and Egg) they were delicious, we only managed a scone between us because we were full and I only had one slice of cake that we had, there was banana loaf, lemon, carrot (I think) and a flapjack I believe.. We waited for a while to see if anyone would come and see if we were okay or needed anything else, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough staff.. I only saw two members of staff and they were serving the bar area and us for our tea.. No-one came to see us and there was no one around to ask if we could take the cakes home as we hadn’t been able to finish the.. In the end we just decided to leave them and went to get our stuff together (Which involved going back upstairs to get another token) and then we made our way home.

Personally I really enjoyed myself, it all went smoothly we were able to relax as much as possible.. I would just like stress highly about the pool flooring and the health and safety, but my mum and I had a lovely time and for the price that we paid, which was fantastic we couldn’t really complain… Would I call it a spa… No.. I would call it a lovely little Beauticians with an added leisure centre, I feel that this needs to be addressed as I feel for some people who aren’t used to spa’s and expect more that what there is, they’ll be more disappointed.

I will definitely be back again for a treatment for sure as that was the most enjoyable and relaxing part of the day.

I’m sorry this blog entry doesn’t have many pictures and that its a little bit long… but this is my honest review, these are all my honest opinions of Barnsdale Spa.